[TP] Chapter 50: OP Garlic (IV)

I do apologize for the lateness~

Vexed was bogged down by finals for her summer classes (I’m so glad I didn’t take any)

School is too important unfortunately xD But she’s free now!

May anyone else who is suffering summer classes survive~

Vexed: “Thanks for waiting. Responsibilities suck. I’m working on the next chapter right now. Hopefully you guys won’t have to wait a month for it this time. XD.”

Chapter here

Translator: Vexed

Editor: Newty


5 thoughts on “[TP] Chapter 50: OP Garlic (IV)

  1. marvoch says:

    O: I thought you dropped this, I’m very happy to see I was wrong, it’s one of the best Chinese web novels I’ve ever read together with Jiang Ye (:

  2. Saint says:

    And don’t worry about it. Hope you did well on your finals!

  3. thebornloser81 says:

    Great to get the summer finals out of the way, Vexed 🙂

  4. Vexed says:

    Thanks lol, Aced them 😀

  5. Vexed says:

    Now I only have work to deal with….

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