[TP] Chapter 44: The Haunted Mansion by the Tarn (XI)

TL: Vexed

ED: Newt

TL note: I’ve been going back and forth between Madeline and Madeleine, because Poe’s short story spells it Madeline but Google refuses to spell it that way and insists on Madeleine.

ED note: I was feeling sleepy near the end, so if it doesn’t sound right… . Oh and one more thing, I think many of their problems would’ve been solved if they had watched Jackie Chan Adventures. Uncle says “yu mo gui gwai fai di zao” and it always seems to work on ghosts. :p

SnowTime: Dying from Sneezing. The skin of my nose is peeling halp (It’s late because of me as well >_>;; I was helping a friend pressure wash his floor, it was interesting xD)

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