Cannon Fodder Update Status

So someone asked if it was dropped~ And the answer is no.

(That’s the answer to every other series… I gotta work on a chapter for Once We Come Across Love @-@ 16 is down for the count)

For some of the more feisty and stubborn readers, they have already found out I post unedited chapters unannounced quite often just by click the next button or changing the url (since my url system is simple and organized :p)

So, hint hint…

I ain’t dead… (And there are unedited goodies you haven’t read…)

Karma is still in exams though, good luck to her!

I don’t want to “formally” post chapters until they are edited, so I’m going to continue my ninja ways =w= (I always see about the same number of ninjas finding my hidden stashes, but that number is going to boost after today… if people read posts)

(Anyone feeling like giving me $15 to pay off servers for this month? *cough* My wallet is thinning a bit >_>;; I gotta try somehow…)

Oh right, for people who know this site is my project… I got a 98 XD Boosted my grade to an A


Do people even use the RSS feeds? Like… do they even work? ?-?

Well, the spring pollen, cold (my whole family went down) and lack of AC in a kitchen (family business) is screwing with my sanity. Please don’t mind.

6 thoughts on “Cannon Fodder Update Status

  1. tsuzukichan says:

    Another ninja added ^^
    And congratulations for you A grade!!!

    • SnowTime says:

      ? Thanks!

  2. halffriedchicken says:

    The rss feed does work, that’s how I read your posts ?

    • SnowTime says:

      Good to know they weren’t just for show ?

  3. yukina says:

    I hope you update it soon I am waiting for it like forever
    Thanks for listening

    • SnowTime says:

      Thise three unofficial updates aren’t enough? >.>;;

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