[TP] Chapter 26: Eerie Cinephile City (X)

Hi, I’ve just moved here and will be posting TP weekly on Mondays.
Thanks for the readers who commented on Ch25 before. I decided to go with serum instead of medicine since that fits with both reality and games

SnowTime: Some people may know, but most probably don’t, Terror Paradise was my very first (personal) project… aaaand I accidently dropped it back then hahahaha. So glad I got it back into my hands, mwuahahaha! Vexed was also one of my TLs when I had this novel… to think I would get both an old TL and the novel back! Life is amazing in some ways…

Chapters 9-25 should be blank pages because 9-24 were done by Weeboo and 25 is unedited. I’ll steadily add them when they get retled/edited for consistency’s sake.

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