New Site: Rules/Infos

So everyone, this SnowTime has finally leveled up!

To lay some ground rules:

– I haven’t met any salty people so far on my old site, but please be courteous of the team members and other readers 😀 I’m sure we’re all part salty somewhere within us, but let’s bury that in sugar (This is pretty general)

– I can’t think of anything else for now~

Future plans:

– Because this site is also my final project (class), it is also my experimental laboratory. :v Hopefully I don’t break anything myself, but you never know… so just a heads up if you see mysterious changes.


– Ads – First, let me explain that there are two types. 1. Pay per views, this is which most sites uses. You visit their site without adblock, and after a certain amount of views, you get paid. But this is also the type of ads that causes redirects. 2. Click per ads, which people hate to do :v Because a visitor needs to click on an ad for them to get paid. But there is no fear of redirects or anything.

– Which brings to this point: I got no Ads as of right now, probably won’t for a long while unless you guys crash me somehow and I need to upgrade -> Run my money dry faster (College Students like me are very, very poor. I’m running this off of some donations some kind person gave before :D) If I do get ads, I will get type 2. And because I understand people’s data pain (Me <- Sharing 6 GB with 3 people), there won’t be more than 1 per page lmao. With type 2, getting more ads on a page is pretty useless anyway~ Well, even if I got those ads, it’s not like I’m asking you to click every page…. just one page a week is enough kek. Clicking anymore also causes troubles for myself, so those bots that autoclicks things are a No Go.

– Hm… I wanna learn how to do dark theme and stuff like that… but it’ll probably take a while before that happens…

– Since I’m not running this site for money (mainly just enough to pay for servers which aren’t that much for a tiny site like mine) I may just send out gifts once in a while, host games (or treat my team to something… making people work for free for long periods makes me feel guilty >_>;; The Asian Genes In Me Are Demanding I At Least Treat Them To Dinner)

Now, how many of you actually read that wall of text?

Staff Members~ (There are a couple that aren’t in here because they haven’t gotten on discord yet… like Dusty. Or a few you haven’t seen at all before :D)

4 thoughts on “New Site: Rules/Infos

  1. NZPIEFACE says:

    Huh… Is this a wordpress site or not?

    Doesn’t seem like one…

    • SnowTime says:

      It is one though ~

    • KitKat says:

      Must be because you’ve never seen a well-done wordpress site… aparently they run most websites on the internets….

      • SnowTime says:

        I heard youtube was too, once upon a time XD Don’t how true that is though

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