[News] Friends with Benefits + Chapter 21

Someone New Moving in~ For the info… it’s BL. So people who don’t like it can run away right now xD

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Friends with Benefits

Author: Ou Jun Cheng

Translator: summerx

Tags: danmei, POV from the top’s perspective, business world, modern, fighting for dominance, Haraguro!Seme x Manipulative!Uke

Warning: non-traditional HE, non-consent sex, r15

Main Characters: Ou Jiang Jun, Lin Ye, Chu Yuan Jiang

Length: 52 chapters including 4 chapters side stories


We used to be friends. Although he’s flirtatious, he fúcked around, I just couldn’t let go of him.

And when we could no longer be friends, it was already too late. What was done could not be undone.


hOI cuties

Nice to meet you! I am Summer, a rotten fujoshi who loves twisted stories.

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Yes, a new novel joining us~ It’s about halfway done too~

The old place she used to be at got deleted so all old links in NU are currently not working (Tony my man, when are you going to wake up)

The table of contents is here though

Chapters 1-20 are on this site. I just haven’t finished making footnotes and stuff but it is perfectly fine!

I’ll finish up formatting it tomorrow~

For people who are reading it:

Chapter 21 is here

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