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Chapter 21: What Happened to Chu Yuan Jiang

As I was waiting anxiously, an unexpected call arrived.

“Jian Jun?” The voice on that side was very calm, in his usual slow, relaxed manner.

“Uncle Lin?”

“How is your friend?”

“He is still in the emergency room, but the doctor says his situation is not life-threatening anymore.”

“Good. Don’t worry too much, stay there and take good care of him. It’s fine to leave the company behind for several days. “

“Thank you for your understanding, Uncle Lin, but the hospital is not allowing me to see him.”

“Nonsense. How can they not allow you to visit a patient…”

“Thank you for taking care of this.”

“Did Lin Ye talk to you?”


“What did he say?”

*** *** ***

…I laid down the phone and released a long sigh. Soon my application was approved and I got the permission to the ward.

I hurried to the store downstairs to grab some daily necessities like towels and plastic basin. I was told that he hadn’t woken up yet, but no matter what, I wanted to stay by his side.

I entered room and saw infusion bottles hanging around the bed, and needles all over his body. His arm was in plaster, half hanging on a rack.

I hurriedly walked to him and bent down to observe him carefully. Silently he lied there with ashen face, as if he had lost the last trace of life. An oxygen mask covered his mouth and nose, under which I could see the bruised corner of his lips. Nine stitches crawled on his brow bone like an ugly centipede.

I watched him for a while before getting up and putting aside all my purchases.

I put the basin on an end table, soaked and wrung out a towel to clean his face.

A nurse asked behind me, “Sir, are you his family? Please help me lift his leg.”

I turned around and saw a nurse holding a long tube connected with a bag; another nurse was trying to take off Chu Yuan Jiang’s pants.

“What treatment is this?” I put down the towel and asked.

“We are going to insert the catheter.”

I hurriedly helped her pull Chu Yuan Jiang’s hospital pants off, and lifted one of his leg on my shoulder.


“Okay,” I crouched down using the bed to support myself, while carrying Chu’s leg, “Is this enough?”


The nurse deftly inserted the catheter in two seconds. As I was about to put down his leg, she stopped me, “Wait, I still need to apply the medicine on his wounds.”


“Sir, I need a greater angle.”

I spread his legs wider, without paying attention to the black forest in between, but the nurse slipped in a lump of salve on her glove to somewhere deeper. She emphasized while applying the salve, “The rectum was torn pretty badly, and the muscles near his anus were all necrotic. Remember, liquid food only after he wakes up.”

“Where…what were necrotic?”

“You can come see it yourself.”

She pushed aside the pubic hair and uncovered the hidden ugly scars. She pointed at them, “This is a cut. These are three stitches, which will be removed in a week.”

I felt my body was drenched in icy water, “How…what made him like this?”

“Something rigid. It’s hard to say what it is exactly. “

Something exploded in my brain.

I rushed to the rooftop and called Lin Ye right after taking care of Chu Yuan Jiang, “Who did it?”


“Han Dong.” It was DaBiao’s voice.

I was baffled for a second, “Where is Lin Ye?”

“Young Master is grounded at home. “

I took a deep breath, “Why putting Han Dong in the same place as Chu Yuan Jiang? All Han’s men are serving in the same prison, while all Chu Yuan Jiang’s have been executed. He was alone there, who else do you expect them to bully?”

“Boss Ou, the prison is not your property. Why don’t you ask how is Young Master right now?”

I baffled for a while, “How…How is he?”

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