[New BL] This Lord is Everywhere

Here’s a new series~ This one is sorta, kinda modern cultivation/psychic stuff. The level of papapa is either once or none at all, I can’t remember.

I love how snark the MC is~

I did chapters 1-4 I think but the main translator for this series is Rosy~ and the editor is Sahloknir.

Tentative update schedule is once a week (Friday) until we’re out of stockpile?

This Lord is Everywhere

Raws: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=2092144

Author: Fighting Zombies

Status: 111 Chapters + 6 Side Stories (Complete)


Despite being born into a family that practiced Daoism through many generations, Lin You naturally didn’t like learning about Daoism. Unfortunately for him, it was confirmed through a divination that he would not live past the age of twenty-five. From that point on, he hid himself near that tyrant who had killed him with a car. 

He used all sorts of methods to make his existence known. 

He turned into a macaw, then a guinea pig, then a lynx, and then a husky. He changed into different bodies with no end. 

Meanwhile, his relationship with Mu Yanxiao deepened with each change. 

Chapter 1: To Die Yet Not Be Vanquished

Chapter 2: A Robust Patron

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