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Chapter 1: To Die Yet Not Be Vanquished

Lin You had died.

And the way he died wasn’t too nice.

If we honor reality and get rid of any embellishment, he died very tragically…

Five minutes ago his body had been smashed into and sent flying by a speeding Rolls-Royce Phantom. Originally, he could have probably died with an intact corpse. But that grand car just had to gun for him like it held a personal vendetta, driving over his body after he was sent flying, then dragging him another ten meters before finally stopping.

Although Lin You died from the first impact and didn’t experience much pain, he still couldn’t help but curse the guy who drove over his body after he saw his own mangled corpse.  

But what disappointed him the most was that the high end Rolls-Royce was really too powerful. Even though it smashed into a glass wall, only the front of the car suffered damage, while the driver within also failed to die.

After that, Lin You watched with annoyance as the driver of the car staggered out with blood flowing from his head. The man’s height was around one meter eighty-five and his figure was pretty nice tool. His rolled up sleeves revealed powerful arms, and the white skin and tight muscles made Lin You resent him even more.

【Almost dead yet you’re not calling 120, just what are you thinking coming out looking for death?】 Lin You’s soul floated above the man as he shook his head in mock pity while he mentally looked down on the man’s IQ.

But a few seconds later, that expensive as hell Rolls-Royce exploded for unknown reasons. Lin You, or rather Lin You’s now wandering soul was dumbstruck for a good while before discovering a whole new level of respect for the blood-spattered driver. His IQ was below Lin You’s by just a tiny bit!

The guy before his eyes was the main culprit of Lin You’s death. Even if Lin You wasn’t angry to the point he wanted to kill the man’s entire family, even dig up his ancestral tomb… He should still be itching to beat up this guy and cuss eight generations of his ancestors. Yet Lin You’s mood was quite calm as he sighed over not dying with a whole corpse.

This was not because Lin You had a problem with his brain.

Rather, it was because Lin You knew that he would definitely die today. (…)

Cough. Lin You wasn’t a psychic.

However, Lin You’s dad, mom, grandfather, great grandfather, great great grandfather were all psychics.

When Lin You was born, he was claimed as a ‘genius that isn’t seen in a hundred years’ and his uncle had divined his fortune. It was revealed Lin You would have a death tribulation at the age of twenty-five.

Lin You was still a baby, who only knew about drinking milk, so he could not express his lack of faith in such a divination. Yet his entire family believed it without any doubt. As such, since childhood, the one line Lin You heard the most was, “My unfortunate child! Why are you destined to die at twenty-five?”

Lin You was very vexed by this statement.

Although he always held the idea that ‘my life is mine and not the heavens’, watching how all his relatives caught ghosts, divined by geomancy and told fortunes every day of his life , he couldn’t help but believe the prediction too. However, even if he already understood  it in his heart… On the outside, this young master expressed that, ‘even if this lord can really see all sorts of things floating around and even understand geomancy and do a bit of divination using trigrams…’, As long as this lord doesn’t admit it, all of these things do not exist!!

Lin You’s philosophical idealism was always put to use well. So no matter how much his family tormented him, talking to him every day about him learning metaphysics, he resisted all enticements and lived a happy and healthy life until twenty-five. He even graduated from a science and technology college and researched on how to use science to explain nonscientific things. 

But today—coincidentally April the first, no matter how calm and collected Lin You was, he was also a bit nervous.

Today was his twenty-fifth birthday, if the divination from that genius uncle of his was true, then today was the day he would die. As such, Lin You planned to be very cautious and careful about everything today, using all of his senses to react to any sudden occurrences.

He avoided the pots that fell from the sky, he jumped over the pitfalls that suddenly appeared, he even threw down a bastard with a knife who tried to rob him. With great difficulty, he managed to survive until twelve o’clock midnight. Just when he was about to heave a breath and talk trash his uncle’s psychic abilities, a car that shouldn’t have appeared at this time of the night, drove and killed him at a speed over two hundred km/hr.

After Lin You turned into a wandering soul, he was dumbstruck for a moment, then rubbed his face. 【Uncle really was a godly-annoying psychic!】

The after-death Lin You expressed that he was very calm. He averted things as best he could, but still could not escape his fate. If he died then he died, in his next life, he must be born in a family that aren’t psychics!

The only thing that Lin You wasn’t completely calm about was that it was almost half an hour since he’d died. Why has he not seen a soul reaper collecting his soul? Furthermore, it should be his misconception, but why does he feel like he’s being dragged?!

Lin You quivered, and controlled himself moving forward, backwards, left and right. After he did that, he noticed that he could only walk a certain distance and not walk any further… 

Lin You looked around him, then finally set his gaze onto the only living being on this road in the middle of the night.

Five minutes later, he watched himself being forced to move five meters, as it was the distance the man had forced himself to stagger off. He rolled his eyes. 

Damn it, was it because this guy had killed him so he must become the evil spirit tied to this guy and follow him?! Is the world even letting him live? This lord was already dead!

Lin You angrily floated in front of the man and did some kicking and punching. The man swayed, then fell onto the ground with a thud, and remained motionless.

Lin You: 【…Don’t think this lord doesn’t know that you’re just pretending to be unconscious!】

Before Mu Yanxiao completely exhausted his strength and fell unconscious, besides darkly noting down the subordinate that had betrayed him, he also thought that he saw a hallucination of another person making all sorts of strange movements in front of him… Forget it, it must be his imagination. 

Mu Yanxiao managed to gasp out a sentence. “Heh… pray that I die, cough… if I don’t die, I’ll make you guys wish for death!”

Lin You silently observed the man lying flat on his stomach like a rag doll and couldn’t help but silently look down at him. What use was it acting fierce now? This lord had acted fierce for over twenty years at home and in the end, still couldn’t beat destiny. 

Ring, ring, ring…

Suddenly, a phone dirtied with soil rang, causing Lin You to jump in surprise then look at the phone at a loss. A couple seconds later, Lin You decided to not pick up the phone and let it keep ringing. Perhaps if this guy dies, then he would also be free to be reincarnated.

A dozen seconds later, the cell phone actually automatically answered! 

Lin You: 【Damn it! This lord can’t even ignore you! There are actually idiots that use the automatic answering function?!】

An anxious and somewhat old voice came through the phone, “Yanxiao? Yanxiao?! Where are you? Why aren’t you back yet? One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six didn’t follow you? Are you okay? Yanxiao?!”

Hearing the voice, it should be an elderly man. Lin You floated by the cell phone, and thought to himself that this call came at a great time. If it came any later, this guy called Yanxiao would probably be thoroughly dead.

“Yanxiao! Even if you can’t talk, don’t turn off the phone! I will immediately send out people to find you, no matter what, don’t move!”

After the elderly man finished speaking, there were no other words. Lin You could vaguely hear some noise and other words in the background as well as cries of alarm. It should be the elderly man trying to find people to save his grandson? Or is it son?

Lin You smiled a bit unkindly, but a few minutes later, he could no longer smile anymore.

As he floated in the air, he could see five to six people wielding shiny machetes and sniper rifles from a distance. They cautiously walked over to where he lingered by the guy who’d run him over. Just from the looks of it they were not here to save anyone, it appeared more like they were here to silence people?

According to their speed, they would make their way to this unlucky Mu Yanxiao in less than five minutes. Hm, should he watch him die, or should he watch him die?


Five minutes later…

The gangsters who wore the same dark and cold expression while emitting murderous intent, and who were led by a thin and savvy-looking man, appeared at the spot where Mu Yanxiao had collapsed.

“Brother You! There aren’t people around! How could that be?”

The man called Brother You frowned and coldly stated, “It’s impossible for him to run away. Once the sedative starts working, he has at most three minutes. That person watched him consume the drugged liquid, they cannot be wrong. Look for him carefully!”

As such, a couple of the gangsters hurriedly went out to search again. After a while passed, one came back holding a phone.

“Brother You! There was a phone on the ground!”

Ling You glanced at the cell phone that was still connected and his eyes turned sharp. He raised his hand and slammed it down. A look at the phone again showed that it was crushed into pieces. The gangster that had been holding it immediately fell onto his butt in fright.

“Bro-bro-brother You!”

“Shut up, look at what you’ve done.” Ling You’s refined and handsome face was dark with anger. This blockhead’s yelling directly exposed him. The other side definitely knows who did this, if they were a bit more unlucky, then even that person would be suspected!

“You fool! Withdraw!”

The sound of a car’s engine could be heard from afar. Ling You’s face turned for the worse and he glared at the still smoking Rolls Royce, which had been blown to pieces and coldly snorted, then turned and left. The gangsters looked at each other, not understanding why their boss would be willing to leave like this without finding their target. However, a moment later, multiple speeding cars skidded to a halt near the burnt-out Rolls. The Mu Family was fast!

When Mu One raced to the scene like they were on fire with over twenty people in tow, all they saw was the car remains and the chaotic bloodstains. They only used a few minutes to find the phone that was broken into pieces. Mu One’s face turned bad. If something happened to the Boss, him and the others would have to swallow their guns and kill themselves to apologize!

“Big Bro! I can’t find the Young Master! What do we do?!”

The Mu Family’s guards looked all over the place and couldn’t find their Young Master. Each one was so anxious their eyes were turning red.

“Search around, even if we have to destroy everything in this place, we still have to find the Young Master!” Mu One coldly spoke. The guards of the Mu Family all trembled then started to search even more seriously for their Young Master, making all sorts of prayers in their hearts.

Suddenly, a cold wind swept by and the echoing clang of metal falling to the ground sounded through the night.

Mu One immediately looked over and his expression became sluggish.

Their Boss whom they had looked for and couldn’t find was actually in a huge trash can?! Looking at their Boss’s unconscious appearance, Mu One hurried over to support his Boss out, then had his subordinates quickly rush him to the Mu Family’s hospital.

It’s just that even after he sent his Boss to the emergency room, Mu One still did not understand how his family’s Boss was hiding in the trash can. It wasn’t scientific at all… Even if he ended up dead, Boss would never think of this method?!

And the one that thought of this method, and even used a lot of strength to do so, the wandering soul that defied heaven and executed the method, was currently angrily floating above Mu One’s head. He gave a vicious middle finger—Fuck you, did you have to make the car drive so fast? This lord was being flown through the air like a kite, do you want to be cursed by an evil spirit?!

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