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Chapter 2: A Robust Patron

On the top floor of A City’s biggest private hospital, Lin You watched the rising sun in silence.

Lin You was more miserable than happy about his current situation—that he, a wandering soul, did not get annihilated by the rising sun. 

Starting from when that guy named Yanxiao was pushed into the emergency room, Lin You had exhausted any means he could think of to leave this place. But in the last six hours, nothing had worked. It took him three hours to get over the initial anger to come around to accepting his fate. He finally started doing some rather boring tests with how far he could move from Yanxiao.

The next three hours Lin You spent going through all sorts of physical obstacles. After going through a lot of precise calculations and measurements, he discovered that no matter how his wandering soul moved, he could not go further than fifty meters from the guy who’d killed him.

Don’t think that fifty meters is a lot of freedom! He might not even have the chance to use the bathroom! …Alright, even if he didn’t need to use the bathroom as a dead person, fifty meters really was too short. It’s just a dog leash that’s a bit longer than average… 

For this reason, Lin You remained depressed for two hours until the sun of April second rose. 

Watching that yellow, round disc slowly rising up while emitting dazzling rays of light, Lin You softly clicked his tongue. He was overthinking things, no matter what, compared to those people that directly died from a car accident, at least he was still living beyond the grave in soul form. This was the same as getting first prize from the lottery. Furthermore, Lin You had full confidence that his family of psychics would not just watch him become a wandering soul, they would definitely do something. Hm, definitely! 

While Lin You was thinking of such, in the mountain villa of A City, a silver-haired, somewhat low-spirited old man was nervously staring at the old man across from him. The second old man looked at the other old fellow with eyes full of expectation, but the old fellow just shook his head and sighed.

“Big Brother Lin, Yanxiao could be considered your younger generation, the two of us have gone through three life-threatening events together, no matter what, you have you help my grandson this time!”

The old fellow called Brother Lin secretly rolled his eyes, causing his ancient immortal presence paired with his tang suit to disappear.

“Little Muzi, all the problems over at your family are man-made disasters, I don’t need to deal with it at all. And your grandson’s matter—this time it has to do with his life, although it has it’s dangers—misfortunes will turn into blessings at the end. And you want me to do what? Just calm yourself, calling me over so early in the morning, I haven’t even eaten yet. If it were other people, I—” 

“Big Brother Lin! Even if you call down lightning to strike me it doesn’t matter! Yanxiao’s medical report has already come out! We can forget about the burns and scrapes on him, they don’t matter! The more important issue is that he lost his eyesight! A piece of glass directly pierced into his brain and inhibited his sight nerve! I am afraid that he will fall into a vegetative state if he undergoes surgery to take out the glass!” Mu Tianqiang spoke until his emotional state was in turmoil, his right hand that pressed forcefully into the sofa cushion showed his veins.

“Doctor Ouyang told me before, if we were to do surgery to take out the glass, the success rate of taking out the glass and not harming Yanxiao’s brain only has a probability of 0.09%!! This kind of surgery, how could I let Yanxiao do it?! It’s the same as directly killing him!!”

“Big Brother Lin, my son and daughter-in-law already died, I only have my two grandsons left. Do you really have the heart to see me once more send off a child before me? If something happens to Yanxiao, I really won’t be able to continue on anymore…” 

Mu Tianqiang spoke until he was almost in tears. This frail appearance caused Lin Chensheng to sigh. Although this tribulation of Mu Yanxiao’s isn’t a death tribulation, however the misfortune caused by it was almost the same as a death tribulation. In the teachings of Daoism, one cannot change their life and resist calamities as they wished. However, if they are able to find the one set ‘variable’ of their predestined fate, then perhaps they can change their fate for the better.

Musing on these thoughts, Lin Chensheng ended up divining. But after the end of his divination, his face changed from being worried to twitching with a twisted expression. Mu Tianqiang saw Lin Chensheng’s facial expression and thought that some kind of major bad event was going to happen and was so frightened he directly stood up. The loud sound pulled Lin Chensheng back to his senses and he said with some helplessness, 

“Little Muzi, I actually do have a way for your grandson to smoothly pass his tribulation, however, it might not be that good of a way either.”

Mu Tianqiang’s first reaction was happiness, then his face went rigid. However, not long after he bitterly smiled, “As long as Yanxiao can live healthily until old, no matter what happens I can accept it.”

Lin Chensheng sighed and finally spoke, “After Yanxiao is discharged from the hospital, have him raise an animal.”


“Yes, animal. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal it is, you can even choose one for him.”

“What about after that? Is there anything else I should do?” Mu Tianqiang continued to question him closely but all he got from Lin Chensheng was him rolling his eyes. “The mysteries of heaven must not be revealed, everything else is up to your grandson! As long as he doesn’t mistreat the animal it’s fine.”

After he finished speaking, Lin Chensheng did not plan to stay any longer to mooch foodr, so he directly got up and left. Mu Tianqiang wanted to chase after him and question him some more, but the other old fellow walked especially fast, so no matter what, he couldn’t catch up.

“Tsk, having my grandson helping your grandson pass his tribulation, what else do you want? If it weren’t for that youngster being the opportunity for my family’s Little Linzi, how could this lord let my darling grandson be bullied by your family’s gloomy zombie-face! …I really want to hit that youngster with five lightning strikes…” 

While Lin Chensheng gnashed his teeth and harped on, he was also calculating when his darling grandson would break away from his death tribulation.


April 2nd, nine in the morning…

Mu Yanxiao has already been transferred from the emergency room to a VIP ward. 

Although Lin You could randomly float all over the place in the ward for fifty meters, it was the hospital, not some A-class entertainment room. The only thing he could see as far as his sight goes was all sorts of sad expressions. Rather than looking at those expressions, he would rather just stay by Yanxiao, this now blind man’s side.

That’s right, a blind man. 

When Yanxiao was pushed out of the emergency room, Lin You saw that everyone accompanying him, but most especially, the doctors and nurses, had extremely ugly faces on. It was reasonable to say that the doctors that took care of this richie that drove a Rolls-Royce should have seen every aspect of society as well as patients in all sorts of terrible conditions. Yet for all of their faces to be so ugly, it can only be explained that this wealthy boy’s situation wasn’t good.

Mu One’s thoughts were the same as Lin You’s, except he had directly asked them, 

“Doctor Ouyang, how is Young Master’s situation?” 

Doctor Ouyang was approximately forty years of age, he had a refined and elite appearance, but the expression he wore right now was not good.

“…Mr. Mu’s condition is very stable, although there were some anaesthetic drugs found within his body. The car hit a glass window instead of something more solid, which could have caused terrible results, so his body itself is not seriously injured. A patient in his state would usually be fine for the most part after spending another five days in the hospital.

Mu One’s tense body somewhat relaxed at Doctor Ouyang’s report, however, his eyes were still staring fixedly at the doctor.

“Although there isn’t really a problem with Mr. Mu’s body, there is a small piece of glass embedded in his brain that is inhibiting his sight nerve. As such, before the glass is taken out, Mr. Mu will be blind for the time being.”

Mu One’s body went stiff again, and when he spoke again, it was very stifled, “Then when will you do surgery?”

Ouyang Ming replied to his question with a very helpless and bitter smile. “We won’t.”

“What is the meaning of this?!”

“…the success rate of the surgery is very low. It is very easy to injure the brain and have the patient become vegetative.”

Mu One exhausted almost all of his strength to not fly into a violent rage. But his face was very sinister and beyond recognition as he spoke, “Do you know… if you don’t fully heal Boss, what kind of consequences you will suffer?!”

“Mu One.”

The deep and somewhat hoarse voice echoed in the quiet corridor, “You’re too noisy, I want to rest.”

Mu One pretty much straightened his body on reflex once he heard this voice and quickly replied, “Yes! Boss.”

Only when Mu One had taken over the nurses that were pushing Mu Yanxiao’s wheelchair into the VIP ward did Ouyang Ming and the other doctors and nurses secretly heave a sigh of relief.

Ouyang Ming shook his head with a bitter smile, he thought that his entire family would be threatened just then. However, it really was unexpected that the eldest Young Master of the Mu Family would have this kind of accident. His future will become much harder now.

Lin You floated right above Mu Yanxiao, narrowing his eyes as he went into thinking mode. He could finally see this Yanxiao’s face clearly after the events of the last few hours. A very straight nose, thin lips, and although his pair of pitch-black eyes were declared blind, when he opened them, they were still dark and bright, able to catch the attention of anyone. 

…Tsk, this young master was actually a hottie.

Lin You curled his lips, but after thinking for a bit he nodded. Although this guy was the criminal that killed him, after learning everything from yesterday night to now, he knows that this guy was also an unlucky person who was set up. So Mu Yanxiao can be pardoned for his involvement in Lin You’s death… Furthermore, from how he had stopped his subordinate threatening or beating up the doctor, Lin You has a pretty good opinion of this guy… for now.

Although his identity is a bit savage, his character… Hm, it’s pretty decent.

Lin You’s train of thought was about to fall deeper into these conclusions when he suddenly heard Mu Yanxiao’s deep, manly voice: 

“Mu One, go check where I had my accident…I remember hitting someone.”

Mu One immediately stood up. “Boss, do you want us to find that person and deal with him?

Wandering Soul Lin You: 【……】

Mu Yanxiao closed his eyes and shook his head, “Find him. If he’s alive give him some money, if he’s dead…give his family some money. Anonymously.” 


Wandering Soul Lin You: 【I will hehe your family.】 This lord had thought you were a good person for a moment! You’re just a damn richie that believes that money can solve everything?! And even anonymously? You think you can escape? You can keep on dreaming! Watch how my Dad, Mom, Uncle, Brother-in-law, Grandfather, and Great grandfather deal with you! Five strikes of lightning would be light! Wanna see if we can curse you to never leave descendants this life?!

*Cough* Wandering soul Lin You was simply expressing that the development of everything was too fast. He was not deliberately forgetting that he had already become a tattered body.

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