Happy April 1st~

Hello world~ Today is the day people dread/love

I’m here with my usual oneshots for this day~ The lineup is a bit sad this time though, but at least one of these will have an effect!

The Legend of the Big JJ

Diary of a Monkey

Summer Advice For Dealing With Mosquitoes

After Plastic Surgery 

If you’re further bored, I also made a game~

Survival of All Kinds

4 out of 7 are playable, since I’m forever working and working on it~

(Maybe there’s reward if you get to the end first I haven’t  decided)


4 thoughts on “Happy April 1st~

  1. Cookies n' Cream says:

    Holy shiz the audio in that game is scary! I did the Yandere and Null (null as in nothing because he/she can’t remember anything right?), Yandere as expected was very creepy and the Null one was sad.

    Thank you~ going to check out the one-shots now~


    • SnowTime says:

      Do enjoy XD


      • Cookies n' Cream says:

        I tried all of the 4 options and I just realize that they’re connected ? (except for the Yandere one)


        • SnowTime says:

          (There is a connection with Yandere, but you won’t know it until Yandere 2) XD


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