After Plastic Surgery

The mosquito said, “If I turn into a firefly, I’ll be able to boldly approach humans.”

The fly said, “As long as I turn into a bee, I’ll be able to taste fine food of the highest level.”

As such, both of them went to the beauty salon and, after several hours, a firefly and a bee flew out.

A few days later, the “firefly” broke one of its legs, while the “bee” lost half a wing.

They went back to the beauty salon for compensation, but the doctor told them, “The plastic surgery was very successful, but you guys have forgotten: A firefly will never attempt to suck blood from a human, and a bee will never wait greedily by the dining table. I can change your appearances, but I can’t change your habits.”


9 thoughts on “After Plastic Surgery

  1. library rocker says:

    The wisdom! ! ! !


  2. Deena says:

    Hail snowy sama??☺️?

  3. Nadywing says:

    Ohhh wow that is wisdom…

  4. smarshum says:

    Wow… wisdom….

  5. onefallenleaf says:

    Wow, such a profound one shot owo

    Thanks for the translation, Snowy!

  6. Pk says:

    Sounds like a good bed time story to tell my lil bro😁

    • SnowTime says:


  7. Luna12 says:

    hello sorry for bothering you
    I want to ask for your permission to retranslation after plastic surgery and summer advice for dealing with mosquitoes to my language, Burmes in wattpad
    I love this stories.I’ll give a credit to you
    Thank you❤

    • SnowTime says:

      Go ahead

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