[Oneshot] Presence

Following our Boy and Earth Oneshot is this one~ They give off the same vibe. Genre for this would be tragedy, in the same lines as xxxHolic and Hamlet~ Chapter link Translator: LadyK Editor: Newt, Vexed, Cain Again I mainly tossed it onto Cain last minute to finish it since it was soooo much like Read More

[Oneshot] One Day, The Author Granted A Boy The Power To Talk To Earth

Happy April Fools~ Continuing on my traditions per usual, one-shots coming up. Although it’s still the 31st on my side, other places are already on their 1st of April. I’ll just slowly trickle updates out (both edited and unedited ninja updates on pages o3o) This is hmmm…. a thought-provoking one. The only genre in NU Read More

[Oneshot] Confession

This is a BL oneshot. Doesn’t have smut or the such so it’s fine for those not comfortable with the such. It is an interesting read with a twist to the end so do read to the end looool. Translator: LadyK Editor: Kidyeon A new translator, Lady K! She is completely new so we’re easing Read More

Happy April 1st~

Hello world~ Today is the day people dread/love I’m here with my usual oneshots for this day~ The lineup is a bit sad this time though, but at least one of these will have an effect! The Legend of the Big JJ Diary of a Monkey Summer Advice For Dealing With Mosquitoes After Plastic Surgery  Read More

[Oneshot] The Shameless Prince

The Shameless Prince  By: Meng Bu Lang This is a fairytale filled with things that shouldn’t be described in fairytales. It’s a crack oneshot from Dusty hahaha, it’s just mild BL Dusty’s hobbies includes transcending language barriers to bring shameless works to light. Editor: Mimosa Chapter here Read More

[Oneshot] The Rabbit Is Over Here!

The Rabbit Is Over Here! Author: Sweetie Pie Raw: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=3069116 Summary: She saved him and lost an eye in the process, but it was well worth it. The short story of a little rabbit and a retiring soldier. Tags: Romance Chapter Link It’s a cute story~ There is a hint of Alpha-Omega suggesting for the universe, Read More

Happy April Fools~!

So, my April Fools Joke is fairly simple. Jokes == Annoyance for Readers; therefore: To Be Annoying Is Enough Of a Prank I wonder how many of you all would even bother~~ Well, first to introduce two new series~   So like I said, mine is easy. I’m just not labeling the links to which Read More