[Oneshot] One Day, The Author Granted A Boy The Power To Talk To Earth

Happy April Fools~ Continuing on my traditions per usual, one-shots coming up. Although it’s still the 31st on my side, other places are already on their 1st of April. I’ll just slowly trickle updates out (both edited and unedited ninja updates on pages o3o)

This is hmmm…. a thought-provoking one. The only genre in NU that I can put this one under is honestly slice of life… I won’t even bother thinking about tags… Too hard to categorize.

To be honest, Dusty had this 95% completed in Dec. of 2017 and the remainder that needed to be completed was all on me…. but I didn’t do it until this year LOL. Which, this is the perfect year for this one-shot.

Many thanks to Isalee for having this edited as well during the time Dusty had finished it. And great thanks to Cain as well for finishing the remainder in such a short time frame since it’s so long.

Chapter here

Translators: Dusty, SnowTime

Editors: Isalee, Cain

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