[FLY-VR] Chapter 28 Release

Our dear Film Emperor Nephew has encountered a ghost! Oh what ever shall he do? On another note, I’m lowkey burnt out so…. going to take a week or two off of translating. I also have these courses I gotta get done for work >.> Finished one this week instead of translating, have 4 hours Read More

[FLY-VR] Chapter 27 Release

Happy Children’s Day! Happy Belated Memorial Day! Hope everyone has a great weekend (◕ᴗ◕✿) Please enjoy the gorgeous new official art for FLY (and the reveal of it’s official English translated name LOL but I’m still keeping it FLY bc it sounds catchy) Isn’t it so lovely??? Darkness (FJX) is in the back with his Read More

[FLY-VR] Chapter 26 Release

|´∀`●) Please enjoy this self-edited chapter~ Tis the end of the first Hidden Plot Arc — now, a quick (to you, not me) filler chapter with rewards galore (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*✲゚*。⋆ [FLY] Chapter 26 Translator/Editor: Kiseki

[FLY-VR] Chapter 22-25 Release!

Hahaha….. _(:3」∠)_ Work did not kill me…yet…so here are 4 chapters that I finally find the time to spruce up (self-edited, so if there’s any mistakes, please ping me on the discord server). I’m going to try to get back into translating now that most of my on-the-job training is over (aka sneaking time when my Read More

[FLY-VR] Chapter 16-21 Mass Release! Merry Xmas~

Merry Christmas from Rawr and I~! Here are six chapters we’ve been working on for your enjoyment (˶◕‿◕˶✿) sneaking this update in because it is still half an hour before midnight and thus half an hour before xmas is over where I’m at Releases are probably going to continue being haphazard. Rawr has her laptop Read More

[FLY-VR] Chapter 12-15 Release

Rawr got some more time to edit during her computer-less days, so here are the four chapters she was able to get done! [FLY] Chapter 12 [FLY] Chapter 13 [FLY] Chapter 14 [FLY] Chapter 15 Translator: Kiseki Editor: Rawr

[FLY-VR] Chapter 11 Release

Rawr is still suffering from a lack of computer access T^T Here is the chapter she was able to finish during infrequent trips to the school library. [FLY] Chapter 11 Translator: Kiseki Editor: Rawr

[FLY-VR] Chapter 9 & 10 Release

Double release today~ as one is a belated chapter from last week and the other is the first chapter of this week! My editor, Rawr, does not have access to a computer at home right now (undergoing repairs I believe) and can only edit on a public computer (aka at school). Releases will be wonky Read More

[FLY-VR] Chapter 8 Release

Time for the BOSS to show off his stuff (๑ゝڡ◕๑) [FLY] Chapter 8 Translator: Kiseki Editor: Rawr

[FLY-VR] Chapter 7 Release

Just an FYI, as more game mechanics are introduced, I’m going to pick and choose which ones I keep more literally (for the comedic effect. You’ll see. It just fits a whole lot better) and which ones I will translate into more traditional “gamer lingo.” Aka health bar is still going to be kept as Read More