[FLY-VR] Chapter 28 Release

Our dear Film Emperor Nephew has encountered a ghost! Oh what ever shall he do?

On another note, I’m lowkey burnt out so…. going to take a week or two off of translating. I also have these courses I gotta get done for work >.> Finished one this week instead of translating, have 4 hours left on the other one + a test for certification. See you in 2 weeks for the next update?

[FLY] Chapter 28

Translator/Editor: Kiseki

2 thoughts on “[FLY-VR] Chapter 28 Release

  1. White Head Ice Prince says:

    *waiting patiently* Thank you for all your hark work. Jia You !

  2. CandyWind says:

    Will this ever be updated?

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