[FLY-VR] Chapter 22-25 Release!



Work did not kill me…yet…so here are 4 chapters that I finally find the time to spruce up (self-edited, so if there’s any mistakes, please ping me on the discord server). I’m going to try to get back into translating now that most of my on-the-job training is over (aka sneaking time when my bosses aren’t looking over my shoulder).

Please enjoy! I’m not giving up on this novel, it’s just going to take a while (|||❛︵❛。)

I’m restraining myself from picking up any of the other novels I’ve been eyeing until I finish this translation, though, so if anything, that’s motivation to get this done.

FLY Chapter 22 》《 FLY Chapter 23* 》《 FLY Chapter 24 》《 FLY Chapter 25

* Chapter 23 is a lengthy one. 10k Characters long, 7.6k words in English Σ(TωT)

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