[FLY-VR] Chapter 6 Release

Ohohoho, the next installment on FJX’s desperate search for his northern star is here! [FLY] Chapter 6 Translator: Kiseki Editor: Rawr

[FLY-VR] Chapter 5 Release

If you love reaction/outsider POV, you are going to enjoy this chapter~ The ML is trying so hard to find the MC (●´艸`) [FLY] Chapter 5 Translator: Kiseki Editor: Rawr

[FLY-VR] Chapter 4 Release

To herald the site being fixed, here is the 1st of 3 FLY releases for the week! Don’t you just love the dynamics between the MC and ML? (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) [FLY] Chapter 4 Translator: Kiseki Editor: Rawr

[MLQ] Chapter 35 (END)

Thank you for following MLQ these past 10 weeks! I hope you have enjoyed the fruits of my and Rawr’s efforts ♥ This marks the end of Male Lead is a Quilt [Virtual Reality]. If you would like to read my next translation project, please check out It’s My Turn to Take the Stage to Fly [Virtual Read More

[MLQ] (Chapter 34) Side Story: Children 1 — Do you need a spanking?!

Just a few hours late, but here is the second to last chapter! AKA the first of two side stories. Umm…. just a warning, a high suspense of disbelief is needed to get through this because let’s just say I needed two bottles of Hard Mike to get through translating this. C34 — Side Story: Children Read More

[FLY-VR] Chapter 3 Release

Last regular release of the week~ and time for you to see more interaction between our dear couple! There’s a lot of footnotes in this chapter. It’s still understandable without reading then, but they’re there for anyone who wants to see more explanations as to why it was phrased a certain way and background information that Read More

[FLY-VR] Chapter 2 Release

Come, come, join us in this wonderful tale about a frozen popsicle and his…uh…trickster? no, darkness? … I actually can’t use any nicknames from later chapters yet ANYWAYS, Chapter 2 is out~ There is a full review of the novel on the site’s novel page 《FLY-VR》 so check that out if you’re still iffy on Read More

[MLQ] Chapter 33 — Have a child?

Good morning! The main text ends today, but there are 2 more side stories to look forward to later this week~ After which, MLQ will be over. Since this project is about to reach its conclusion, I have begun releasing the other translation project I begun midway through this one: It’s My Turn to Take Read More

Novel Release! [FLY-VR] It’s My Turn to Take the Stage to Fly (Virtual Reality) Chapter 1

Hello, hello! Good morning, everyone~ As you may have noticed, Male Lead is a Quilt [Virtual Reality] is coming to an end later this week~ (Chapter 33 is out!) Therefore! I am releasing the BL/danmei novel I have been working on behind the scenes for a while. Tada~ It’s My Turn to Take the Stage Read More

[MLQ] Chapter 32 — Put clothes on!

Belated third chapter~ Three more until MLQ is officially done! Chapter 32 Translator: Kiseki Editor: Rawr