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Chapter 37: Let Me Protect You (V)

第37章 让我来守护你

Chapter 37: Let Me Protect You (V)


Feng Juan quietly detoured around those two passionate and fiery male pair and quickly returned to the living room. He found with astonishment that by Shang Ke was another young man, who was acting coquettish while his eyes flashed ambiguously.


The scene he saw from before in the corridor float back up in his mind and he could only feel his blood rise along with rage. He rushed over and pulled Shang Ke up, coldly stating, “Let’s go.”


“Hey, the party just started.” The youth held Shang Ke’s other arm.


Feng Juan moved quickly and almost dislocated the other’s wrist.


“Ah!” He cried out in pain and let go.


Feng Juan pulled Shang Ke trying to leave, but then a group of people blocked their way out.


“Get out of my way!” Feng Juan coldly shouted.


“Boys, since you guys came, play with us.” A brown hair boy evilly smiled.


“Get out of my way!” Feng Juan repeated himself.


“You guys don’t know what kind of party this is?” One of the others laughed. “It’s a love party, made specifically for you kids who never seen anything before.”


A couple of the older ones all started to laugh while the other children had different expressions. Some were excited, others were filled with anticipation, some were shy and uneasy. But it was clear that they all knew in advance and accepted the silently.


Shang Ke was simply speechless, the youngest was only twelve! Do they really have to play so hard?


A trace of loathe flashed through Feng Juan’s eyes and he pushed aside the boy, trying to forcefully go through.


“You guys will all stay here today.” The youth whose wrist was almost broken by Feng Juan walked over, putting on a tough manner to order.


“If we don’t stay?” Feng Juan expressionlessly looked at them.


“Then don’t blame us for being too rough.” He made a gesture to one of his companions.


Feng Juan did not wait for them to surround them and kicked out, over turning a table. He then waved his fist at the one closest to him, directly causing his nose to bleed and scream.


Shang Ke also did not idle around, he held another by the arm and did a strong twist, then heard a “kacha” sound. The arm was gloriously dislocated.


They were like two delicate tigers, a “massacre” unfolded as they rushed into the group of robust sheeps.


Daisy and the others all panicked and retreated away, watching dumbstruck at the chaotic scene.


The fight only lasted three minutes before it ended. On the ground were everyone else while Shang Ke’s and Feng Juan’s clothes weren’t even messed up.


Shang Ke took out his cell phone then took a couple pictures and smiled, “We had a lot of fun today, perhaps we can play another day.”


Another day? Feng Juan glanced at him from the corner of his eye unhappily.


Shang Ke then looked over Daisy and the others and warned her, “Daisy, don’t try to hold this kind of party anymore. Otherwise, I will call the police. You guys too!”


The final line was directed at those kids who do not know their own limits.


“f*ck…” Someone’s profanity hadn’t even completely made its way out when Feng Juan stepped down on his neck.


Under the moans of pain, Feng Juan held Shang Ke’s hand and left.


“sh*t! You guys just wait!” That same youth from before that tried to hook up with Shang Ke bellowed at their backs.


Daisy walked to his side and said in a soft voice, “Clyde, I’m very sorry. I forgot to tell you guys that Bruno and Ian are both very good at Chinese martial arts…”


Clyde: “&%[email protected]


“Juan Juan, you aren’t injured are you?” Shang Ke saw that Feng Juan’s face was dark and asked.


“I’m fine.” Feng Juan angrily said, “You’re not allowed to participate in this kind of utterly worthless party anymore!”


“Of course.” He did not want to lose all of his integrity.


Feng Juan still wore a dark face.


“Juan Juan, what’s wrong?” Shang Ke felt that his mood was a bit strange.


“Did that person do something strange to you just now?” Feng Juan asked with a long face.


Would asking him for a one night stand be counted as something strange?


“He didn’t.” The world of adults was too complicated, it was best to not pollute the pure hearts of children.


“Really?” Feng Juan eyed him sharply with his face that still carried the innocence of childhood and managed to stiffly assert some domineering atmosphere.


Shang Ke calmly nodded.


Feng Juan pursed his lips and did not speak anymore. Matters like men being together did not need to be told to Shang Ke, so he won’t pollute his pure heart. (Shang Ke: Eh?)


When they returned home, Shang Ke took off his coat and went to the bathroom.


Feng Juan was called away by Mr. Ferrg to go play chess with him. So when he returned, Shang Ke had already finished his shower beautifully. His half-wet hair dropped over his forehead and his fair skin was still somewhat glossy from the water. He only wore a single T-shirt as two long legs were slightly raised. On the deep blue bedding, they appeared even more fair and delicate.


Feng Juan’s gaze darken and he walked over then sat by Shang Ke. He picked the right leg a bit and asked in a low voice, “Do it hurt again?”


Shang Ke gave him a smile, “Yeah, a bit.”


“Leave all the fights to me in the future. I am not the child from before that needs to be protected all the time.” Feng Juan skillfully helped massage him, he would never forget how Ke Ke obtained his leg injury because of him. If it weren’t for his protection back then, he likely would have lost his life already. For him, Ke Ke was an existence that couldn’t be replaced.


Then, what is he to Ke Ke? What is he?”


“Hm, okay.” Shang Ke lazily replied.


Feng Juan raised his eyes to look at him. He was lying on the pillow and hugging that ugly bear, his eyes were narrowed looking very extremely comfortable. The T-shirt on his body somewhat rose, revealing his white stomach and black underpants. His left leg was propped up on the bed frame, faintly swaying while his right leg was arched, letting Feng Juan massage it.


Feng Juan’s gaze uncontrollably started to wander on his body. The scene he saw before over at Daisy’s place once again attacked his mind, but this time, the two people in it were him and Shang Ke…


Feng Juan swiftly stood up and rushed into the bathroom like he was running for his life.


Shang Ke opened his eyes and looked weirdly at the direction of the bathroom. He thought: If he wanted to use the bathroom so much, he should had just went. There was no need for him to hold it that much?


Feng Juan’s back leaned against the bathroom door while he panted. His lower body seem to have swell up and felt a bit pained, his body felt like a fire had been ignited in it and burned until his entire body was scalded.


Feng Juan quickly took off all his clothes and turned on the nozzle, using cold water to rinse himself.


He looked down at the proudly standing object below and his face turned a bit embarrassed. He knew what this meant, it merely happened a bit too suddenly and caught him unprepared.


Damnit! Isn’t he maturing a bit too early?


Feng Juan stayed in the bathroom for almost half an hour, when he came out, Shang Ke had already fell asleep wrapped in blankets.


It’s better that he felt asleep, otherwise, he was really worried that Shang Ke would make out something. Feng Juan quietly climbed on the bed and carefully laid by him. He turned on his side to look at his sleeping face and a hint of passion passed by his eyes.


“Ke Ke…” In the darkness, Feng Juan made a depressed sigh.


The next day, when they had just walked into the classroom, Daisy immediately ran over to them. “Clyde came to me to ask for information on you two yesterday, he might do something against you two. Be careful, Clyde’s family is very rich, he is a famous playboy around all the schools here.”


“Since you know he’s a playboy, then why did you still involved the other children?” Shang Ke’s tone had a rare trace of strictness.


Daisy felt wronged, “They were all voluntary.”


“Then we were voluntary too?” Shang Ke said with displeasure, “When you invited us, you didn’t explain what kind of party it was!”


Daisy lowered her head, mumbling to herself, “I was afraid you guys weren’t going to come.”


“Very good, as long as it’s a party held by you in the future, we won’t attend it.” Shang Ke no longer paid her any heed after his words.


Feng Juan did not even look at Daisy the entire time, his eyes were on Shang Ke’s body the entire time. He felt that his Ke Ke was truly! Someone no one else could compare to.


Daisy pouted and left sulking.


After being notified by Daisy, Shang Ke and Feng Juan were both on guard against Clyde.


Of course, the two divided up the worked and used the internet to gather information on him.


Shang Ke was in charge of investigating Clyde’s family background while Feng Juan was in charge of hacking into Clyde’s computer.


A short time later, Shang Ke started to speak, “His father is the CEO of Star Technology while his mother is a famous pianist. Their family wealth is over one hundred million and are rather influential in Banatch County.”


Following that, he started to introduce Clyde’s information in detail. After he spoke for a moment, he noticed that Feng Jueng was using both hand to press down his laptop, his expression stiff.


“Juan Juan?” Shang Ke looked at him in confusion.


Feng Juan returned to his senses and his fingers quickly pressed a couple keys down on the keyboard before he finally spoke. “His identity isn’t important, what’s important is how we should deal with him.


“What?” Shang Ke scooted next to him and looked at his computer screen.


Feng Juan clicked open a folder and inside of it were hundreds of pictures. They were all nude pictures of Clyde together with different women. On that scale, it really is beyond common recognition, even Shang Ke who had more life experience had his face redding.


He quickly switched the page and turned to Feng Juan, “Just save it for now, don’t look at them too much.”


Feng Juan was mindful of his reaction the entire time. When he saw his reddening cheeks, his expression dimmed a bit and answered with a low “Ok.”


Shang Ke could finally calm his heart and he patted Feng Juan’s shoulder, giving him some sincere and earnest words. “We are still small, these dirty things isn’t suitable for the young and ignorant us.


Feng Juan: “……”


After Shang Ke finished speaking, he closed the laptop and tossed it on the bed before cheerfully going to the bathroom. With blackmail on hand, no matter what Clyde does they were fearless!


After Shang Ke left, Feng Juan clicked open another page and inside, was a folder named “Playgay”.


Within Playgay wasn’t pictures, but videos! Real, live action doing all sorts of movements, everything was detailed to the the smallest detail.


He had accidentally clicked open one and it had his blood racing, giving him an intense reaction. He had almost punched through the laptop. But luckily for him, the laptop quality was sturdy, so it did not cause him to lose face on the spot. What made him rejoice even more was that he had his headphones inserted. All those moans from the video and other sounds did not make it out into the open.


While Shang Ke had not come out yet, Feng Juan swiftly hid all the videos behind encryptions. He then also added a super virus among the contents before finally using a document called “Human Action Education Investigation Report” to hide it.


Feng Juan silently looked at his computer screen: Wasn’t this damn motherf*cking making things worse trying to hide it? He really was stupid beyond belief!


But he could also faintly sense that he might really be gay, and he held those kinds of thoughts toward Ke Ke.


When he thought to that point, Feng Juan felt that he could no longer look straight at Ke Ke…

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