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Chapter 15: My Heart Beats For You (VI)


Jian Chen acted like he had not kissed in eight hundred years, his action was like wolves and tigers, he kissed his so much Shang ke almost couldn’t breath. Just when he had felt him withdraw a little, he pressed down again in the next second, his tongue going even deeper. Shang Ke’s brain was lacking a bit of oxygen while his body was firmly suppressed, he could only let him do as he wish.


Just when he thought he was going to faint, Jian Chenfeng finally let go of him. Shang Ke lightly gasp for breath, his eyes a bit misty and his swollen lip slightly open and moise, like a cherry waiting to be picked.


Jian Chenfeng’s eyes darken, his finger gently stroking those swollen lips, thinking if he should do it again. But when he saw Shang Ke open his mouth, trying to say something, he said in a low voice, “Shut up.”


Shang Ke glared at him: This lord was sexual harassed, and he told him to “shut up”?


Jian Chenfeng said in a deep and low voice, “If you dare to say a refusing line, I will do you now.”


Shang Ke opened his mouth but haven’t been able to say a single word when Jian Chenfeng interrupted him again, “Such as, ‘I don’t like men’. ‘It is impossible for you an me’, ‘I only like your younger sister’ and so on are all not allowed. Otherwise, we can do everything love related on this sofa right now, completely.”


Is there still any heaven’s law! Does this bastard often watch romance movies and memorized all the lines?! Wait, the important part isn’t this. The important part is that why can’t he refuse? Besides those aforementioned words, what else can he say?


Jian Chenfeng looked at his expression that wanted to say something but doesn’t know to say and said again, “Jiang Yumo, listen well. You best don’t let me know you still hold the thoughts of exchanging your life for anything. If you do anything out of bounds, I will immediately do you.”




Jian Chenfeng stared at him without moving, like he was just waiting for him to do something “out of bounds”.


How could Shang Ke let him win? He choked on it for a while before finally choking out a line, “I will resign tomorrow.” He can’t offend him but that didn’t mean he can’t avoid him.


“If you dare to resign I’ll do you.”


“I want to move out.”


“If you dare to move out I’ll also do you.”


Shang Ke was angered, “I’ll go back home!”


“Then I will chase you to your home and do you.”


Can you be anymore shameless? Shang Ke’s face was full of disbelief, “My parents and older brother are all at home, you dare to cause trouble for me in front of them?”


“It’s alright, it’s just the perfect time to come out of the closet and establish our lover’s relationship.”


Shang Ke was shocked by his shamelessness, “Have you forgotten that I am a patient with a brain tumor?” Even if you don’t cherish me, do you have to threaten me over and over again? You’re a beast!


“Of course I haven’t forgotten, it’s you who don’t care.” Jian Chenfeng deeply gazed at him, “Rather than you dying on the operation table, you’re better off dying on my bed, in my embrace, under my body.”


Shang Ke looked down, thinking for a while and threw out two words, “Go away.”


Jian Chenfeng stepped aside and then pulled him into his embrace, one hand around his waist.


“It…” Shang Ke had just wanted to say “It’s impossible for you and me” when he thought of Jian Chenfeng’s threat and shut his mouth again.


Table flip! He had said everything, so what can he say now?!


“Alright, don’t think anymore.” Jian Chenfeng rubbed his head and consoled him, “I’ll schedule an operation for you next month, just stay by my side honestly. You don’t need to worry about my sister’s condition, I will help her find a suitable heart.”


If a suitable heart was found by you, how else was he supposed to use himself on? Shang Ke muttered in his heart. But there is quite a risk with an operation, even if he doesn’t do anything, it didn’t mean that the operation would completely go successfully. So this plan can still continue. In case the operation really was successful, he can think of another way.


At the present time, settling Jian Chenfeng was more important. He didn’t expect for this man to fall in love with him. Now that he thought about it, from the first world, Ravel’s attitude towards him was also a bit…


While Shang Ke was lost in thought, Jian Chenfeng landed another kiss another on his lips, “Yumo, I will give you time to adapt. Until the operation ends.”


It’s not that Jian Chenfeng doesn’t know about the risks in an operation, he just didn’t dare to think about it. He will go get the world’s finest brain specialist, he will not allow anything to happen.


The next day, Shang Ke who had surrendered in face of the authority abuse still followed Jian Chenfeng to work.


After he got off work, he made a rich nourishing meal to give to Jian Xin in the hospital.


“Jiang Yumo?” When Jian Xin saw Shang Ke and the food he was carrying, she unhappily said, “I don’t need you to send any food, I have everything here.”


Jian Chenfeng pursed his brows and reprimanded her, “Xin’er, where are your manners?”


Jian Xin frowned, lowered her head and no longer spoke.


Shang Ke placed the lunchbox on the table and smiled, “This was the nourishing meal I personally made, I guarantee it’s both delicious and full of nutrients.”


Jian Chenfeng stood at the side upset. The special treatment he wished he could have was just disdained by Jian Xin.


“Where’s Jiang Donglin?” Jian Chenfeng deliberately asked.


“He’s had a meeting today, he’s probably about to come.” When Jiang Donglin wa mentioned, Jian Xin’s expression was completely different, warmth filled her eyes.


Jian Chenfeng took a peek at Shang Ke, but unfortunately he could only see his back.


Just while they spoke, Jiang Donglin walked in the room and was a bit surprised when he saw Jian Chenfeng and Shang Ke. He immediately smiled, “You two also came.”


He walked to Shang Ke’s side and asked in concern, “Yumo, are you alright?”


Shang Ke faintly smiled, “I’m fine.”


“Since Donglin is here, then we’ll leave.” Jian Chenfeng held Shang Ke’s waist and pulled a bit forcefully, taking him out with him.


“Xin’er, I will send them out and bring back some food for you.” Jiang Dongling didn’t see the lunchbox on the table and followed the two out.


When Jian Xin heard he was going to bring food for her, she didn’t mention it to her. After they left, she picked up the lunchbox, planning to throw it away. But it was too big and rather conspicuous, so she could only call for a cleaning aunt and tell her, “Help throw this away for me.”


The aunt looked at this delicate lunchbox in confusion, muttering to herself as she left the sickroom.


Shang Ke was just waiting for the elevator when he just so happened to turn his head and see that cleaning aunt carry the lunchbox walk out from the corner and threw it into the trash can.


Jian Chenfeng also saw this scene, and anger bubbled up in his mind. That nourishing food in the lunchbox took Jiang Yumo a whole two hours to carefully make. He had only tasted two bits before being ruthlessly berated to stop. He didn’t expect that his younger sister would just throw it away like that!


Although it was a good thing for Jian Chenfeng that Jian Xin didn’t like Jiang Yumo, but he doesn’t wish for Yumo to suffer any harm.


Jian Chenfeng looked at Yumo, only to see him staring at the trash can. On his handsome face was a faint trace of grief.


Jian Chenfeng tightly pursed his lips and was just about to walk back.


Shang Ke hurriedly pulled him, “What are you doing?”


“She’s too unreasonable!”


“It’s alright, it’s just some food.” Although Shang Ke’s face was clear like the wind, his heart was raging: The find food he painstakingly made was just wasted like that! They will definitely die with regrets!


Jiang Donglin looked at his dark face and asked, “What’s wrong?”


Jian Chenfeng glared at him and coldly said, “Jiang Donglin, my younger sister is very willful. Don’t always let her have her way, when she needs a lessons give her a lesson.


Jiang Donglin: “……” Wasn’t it a certain someone who pampered their younger sister beyond question? He actually urged someone else to give a lesson to his own treasured sister?”


At this moment, the elevator gave up. Shang Ke immediately pulled Jian Chenfeng into the elevator and told Jiang Donglin, “Brother, take good care of Jian Xin. We’ll leave first.”


After the doors to the elevator closed, Shang Ke kept his head down, staring at his own foot.


Jian Chenfeng really wanted to ask him, doing so much for a person who didn’t love him, was it really worth it? She didn’t even feel grateful.


On the way back, Shang Ke did not say a word. When they walked into their house, he suddenly shook of Jian Chenfeng’s hand and rushed to the bathroom like he was flying.


“Yumo!” Jian Chenfeng quickly followed him and saw him retching at the sink. He worriedly asked, “What’s wrong?”


Shang Ke quickly washed up, his hair was wet and water droplets dripped from his too transparently white face. His eyes and brows were drooping while his shoulders were slightly heaving up and down, he gave off a frail sense of beauty.


“I just feel a bit nausea, it’s a normal reaction.” Shang Ke waved his hand to tell him not to worry about it.


“Normal reaction?” Jian Chenfeng’s face gloomed, “Since how long?”


Shang Ke looked at him and didn’t answer.


“Ever since your head had been hit?” Jian Chenfeng held his shoulders and angrily said, “Jiang Yumo, damn you, when were you planning to tell me?”


“What is there to say about it?” Shang Ke shrugged his shoulders, “It wouldn’t do anything even if I say it.”


Jian Chenfeng really wanted to throttle this bastard who didn’t take his own life seriously.


“Let’s go, I’ll take you to the hospital for a check up.”


“Wait.” Shang Ke stopped him, “There’s no need, this really is a normal reaction. Didn’t you already arrange my operation? As long as the operation is successful, there’s nothing to worry about. With you watching me, even if I wanted to die, I can’t.”


Jian Chenfeng took a deep breath and slowly said, “I should just do you.”


Shang Ke: “!” Was there any connection with what we were talking about before?


Jian Chenfeng held him, burying his head into his neck and lowly said, “Jiang Yumo, take it as me begging you, cherish yourself.” He dared to compete with anyone, gender, family background, public opinion were all unable to prevent him from getting this man. But the only one thing he can’t win against is death.


“Give up on Jian Xin.” Jian Chenfeng trapped him against the wall with his arms, his voice hoarse, “I suit you more than her.”


Jian Chenfeng kissed him, passionately taking him and his hands went to explore under his clothes, caressing his skin. The burning sensation caused Shang Ke to feel a bit limp.


Shang Ke had to admit, he was a bit touched by Jian Chenfeng’s seriousness. But to a man’s affectionate care that was full of desire and strong encroachment, he still found it hard to adapt. Moreover, he was doomed to “never die in peace”. He really did not have the energy to deal with other emotions outside of his missions.


“Stop…” The man on his body was like a a block of iron, burning Shang Ke until his entire body was feverish and one he couldn’t move at all.


“Don’t be afraid. I said that I would give you time to adapt.” Two fires lit in Jian Chenfeng’s eyes, “However, don’t test my patience. As long as you have any kind of bad reaction, you have to tell me. If I find out you hid something from me, then Jiang Yumo, you will be finished.”

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