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Chapter 14: My Heart Beats For You (V)


Shang Ke didn’t expect that even after playing so many extreme sports he wouldn’t have a problem, but a simple push from Jiang Donglin caused his head to hit the wall. He did not remain unconscious for too long, as least he knew in the first few moments his situation. The original two years of steadiness for his condition changed, if he doesn’t undergo surgery, his condition will quickly worsen.


Shang Ke was sent to a single person sickroom. Because Jiang Donglin, Jian Chenfeng and Xu Qing were all around, he decided to continue his beauty sleep.


Jiang Donglin held his phone sitting at his bedside in a daze, he didn’t know what to say.


Jian Chenfeng looked at Jiang Yumo on the bed, the current him lost a bit of his usual energy but he was a bit more quiet. Half of his head sank into the soft pillow and a few strands of hair dropped over his eyes, he looked like he was sleeping very peacefully.


“Doctor Xu, you said Jiang Yumo knew of his condition a couple months ago?” Jian Chenfeng suddenly asked.”


“Yes.” Xu Qing nodded.


Jian Chenfeng narrowed his eyes, his expression gloomy.


Jiang Donglin suddenly raised his head, “Since so, why didn’t you inform us?” If they knew, how could he had hurt Yumo?


Xu Qing moved his mouth at the hospital bed, “Because your younger brother had me help him keep it a secret.”


“What?” Jiang Donglin turned his head to look at Shang Ke, perplexion going through his eyes as he muttered, “Such a bit thing, why did he hide it?”


“That, I don’t know.” Xu Qing turned around and while he walked out, he told him, “You guys better arrange an operation for him as soon as possible. The longer this drags out, the more dangerous it is.”


“Wait, I still have some other questions to ask.” Jiang Donglin followed Xu Qing out of the room.


Now the only ones that remained in the room were Jian Chenfeng and Shang Ke who was doing his best to sleep.


Jian Chenfeng walked to his side, and reached out to brush aside Shang Ke’s hair. At this moment, Shang Ke’s eyelashes slightly trembled and slowly, his eyes opened. He lazily smiled at him. In that split second, Jian Chenfeng felt like the world before him brighten, all the gloominess he had in him all vanished like smoke.


“Jian Chenfeng, is Jian Xin alright?” the first thing Shang Ke ask was that.


Jian Chenfeng’s face dimmed and he said, rather annoyed, “She’s fine, you should worry about yourself first.”


“What’s wrong with me?” Shang Ke sat up and rubbed the back of his head.


“Jiang Yumo, can you tell me, why even after knowing you have a brain tumor, yet you still continue to participate in those dangerous extreme sports?” Jian Chenfeng stared fixedly at him, his voice carrying greatly repressed anger.


Shang Ke said in a justifying tone, “I cannot give up what I like just because I am ill.”


“Then, why did you have to hide your condition?”


“Because if my family knew, they will not allow me to continue participating in sports.” Shang Ke gave him a “you still need to ask” expression.


“Very good.” Jian Chenfeng gritted his teeth, “It looks like you understand it quite well, from today on, you indeed, cannot participate in any intense sports.”

“so bad!”尚可露出一个生无可恋的表情。

“So bad (English)!” Shang Ke revealed a reluctant expression.


Jian Chenfeng remained unmoved as he stayed silent for a long time then suddenly asked, “Jiang Yumo, are you thinking of dying?”


He asked very seriously without any hint of a joke. After Jiang Yumo found out his situation, not only did he not tell his family, he also did not take treatment. Instead, like he didn’t want his life, he started to participate in every kind of dangerous extreme sport. Isn’t he clearly courting death?


Jian Chenfeng had confidence in his ability to make judgements, but even after interacting with Jiang Yumo for so long, he completely did not notice any pessimistic sign from him. Jiang Yumo’s life was free of worry and loved. If he was being bullied, he had his family to protect him. Such a good life, what would make him depressed?


“I am living so well, why would I think of dying?” Shang Ke unconcernedly answered, “You’re overthinking things.”


“Is that so?” Jian Chenfeng expressionlessly said, “Then for this period of time, you will obediently stay here until a specialist makes an appropriate operation plan for you.”


“My parents haven’t even said anything yet!” Shang Ke glared at him.


“Chenfeng’s desire is our desire.” Jiang Yumo’s parents and Jiang Donglin walked into the room together. Father Jian strictly said, “You are certainly ready to spread your wings, to even dare to hide this kind of matter!”


Mother Jiang pulled Shang Ke’s hand and asked in concern, “Yumo, how are you? Is there any place you don’t feel well…”


When Jian Chenfeng saw Jiang Yumo’s family was all here, he timely said his goodbye. Before he left, he gave another glance at Shang Ke comforting his parents, his eyes slightly dark. So long as he thought of how this man would one day disappear, he would feel he couldn’t breathe. This kind of fear, he had never felt before. He knew that he was done for, he can’t lie to himself anymore. That this intense throb in his heart was just a misconception…


Two days later, Shang Ke was welcomed into Jian Chenfeng’s home.


That’s right, Jian Chenfeng’s home. He didn’t know just how he had persuade his parents, to overturn all responsibility to take care of him completely to him. Shang Ke had not even been given the chance to oppose before he was packaged and wrapped by his parents and sent over.


“From today on, you will go to work with me in the morning, then in the evening, sleep with me (in different rooms?). If you want to exercise, you have to obtain my permission.” Jian Chenfeng set down all the rules to him.


“Jian Chenfeng, just what did you say to my parents? How could they agree to let me live in your house?” Shang Ke still felt it was too unimaginable.


Jian Chenfeng shot him a glance, “I just told them, my younger sister can turn you over a new leaf.”


You actually even used your own younger sister? Plus, what “turn you over a new leaf”? Just where was he evil?


However, it was fine. The purpose to worsening his condition has already been reached, as long as the operation isn’t successful, then he can dedicate himself to sacrificing his life. What was difficult now was how to delay his operation. According to the storyline, Jian Xin’s operation was a year later. However, before she even had it, she had been dragged along by Jiang Yumo to “die together in the name of love”. Shang ke wasn’t quite sure if the heart transplant would go well if the operation happened earlier.


“If I can often see Jian Xin by living here, then I will reluctantly live here.” Shang Ke held a long pillow and lied on the sofa.


When he heard him mention Jian Xin, Jian Chenfeng immediately felt unwell.


“Jiang Yumo, the one Xin’er likes is your older brother.” He had to quickly make this guy see reality.


“That’s fine.” Shang Ke confidently said, “I will have Jian Xin know that I love her more than older brother.”


“Jiang Yumo, just which part of my younger sister attracts you?” Jian Chenfeng’s tone was very dark.


Can you not ask such a brain-frying question? How should he know which part of Jian Xin attracts Jiang Yumo?


Shang Ke racked his brain over it and finally thought of an answer, “It’s just a kind of feeling, you won’t understand it.”


Jian Chenfeng: “……” He really has the feeling of throttling him. What “you won’t understand it”? Does he know just how fucking much he does understand it?


Jian Chenfeng didn’t felt like talking to him anymore for the time feeling, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to hold back the urge to just do him in.


Following that, Shang Ke started to live a leisure live. At work, he could take it easy and hang around. After work, he could research good food, when he’s free, he could play an instrument, take a walk… As long as he ignores the man that was inseparable like his conjoined twin, life was still quite wonderful.


As the operation day gradually came closer, he started to think about the next step of his plan.


However, before he had even planned anything, Jian Xin’s condition started to show problems. Because Jiang Donglin thought he was not as worthy as his brother, he continued to keep his distance from Jian Xin and did not establish his relationship with her. With Jian Xin so anxious, her disease had many onsets and her condition became worse and worse.


Seeing such a scene, Jiang Donglin finally laid down the obstructions in his heart and sincerely accepted Jian Xin. he accompanied her in the hospital everyday with the utmost care. But despite so, her situation was still not optimistic.


“When is the operation?” Jian Chenfeng asked Jian Xin’s doctor.


The doctor replied, “Miss Jian’s disease is onsetting more and more frequently, if we can, it’s best to do so within half a year.”


“Have you found a suitable heart?”


“I was just about to tell you that.” the doctor flipped through his information and said to him, “Not too long ago, a young man came to do a matching. After the matching was successful, he signed an organ donor agreement, donating his heart to Miss Jian.”


“That person came to do a matching himself? Did he get some kind of incurable disease?”


“He said he was suffering from a brain tumor and has at most two years to live. At that time, I thought he was the best choice for a donor. Two years later is about the time Miss Jian was going to have her operation. We just didn’t expect Miss Jian’s condition to worse, so the operation has to be done earlier.” The doctor did not notice Jian Chenfeng’s expression changing as he continued, “I will go contact that person later and see how his condition is. If his condition isn’t showing any sign of worsening, then we can only find another donor.”


“He had a brain tumor?” Jian Chenfeng forcefully pressed down his churning emotions as he said, “Give his information to me.”


“Alright.” The doctor handed the information to him. Because this hospital was the Jian Family’s, Jian Chenfeng could look up any ill person’s information at any time.


When Jian Chenfeng took the information, the first thing he saw in shock in the name column was “Jiang Yumo” those three characters.


In the next second, he threw down the information and crazily headed for his house.


With a bang, the door was slammed open and the sight that greeted Jian Chenfeng was Jiang Yumo doing a handstand! Doing a handstand at this kind of time!


Jian Chenfeng’s appearance clearly frightened him as his body titled and he was about to fall. Jian Chenfeng quickly rushed over and held him, then he picked him up horizontally and placed him on the sofa.


Jian Chenfeng sat by the small side table, his expression dark as he stared at him.


Shang Ke felt his mood was a bit wrong, and asked, “Did something happen over at Jian Xin’s side? I heard from older brother how her condition worsen, is it urgent? When is she doing her operation?”


“Jian Xin, Jian Xin, Jiang Yumo, do you not have any other people in your heart besides Jian Xin?” Jian Chenfeng lowly roared out.


Shang Ke looked at him in confusion, why is he so angry?


Jian Chenfeng looked at his faked tranquil expression and became angrier. “Jiang Yumo, you don’t even want your life anymore for Jian Xin?” He knew Jiang Yumo liked Jian Xin, but he never knew his love ran so deeply.


“What did you say?”


“Why did you sign that organ donor agreement?” Jian Chenfeng intensely questioned him.


Shang Ke was first stunned but immediately smiled, “I am suffering from a brain tumor, no matter how high the success rate of the operation, there is a risk involved. If something happens to me during the operation, at least I can give Jian Xin a chance to recover and live.”


“Don’t take me as a fool!” Jian Chenfeng was unable to restrain his anger anymore, “When you found out about your brain tumor, your situation wasn’t serious, you could immediately have underwent an operation. But not only did you hide your condition, you delayed your operation and even deliberately placed yourself in danger. Jiang Yumo, you fucker planned to use your life in exchange for Jian Xin’s all along!”


He did not know what he felt when he saw that organ donor agreement, not only anger, he also felt an intense jealousy! Jealous of his younger sister, that she could so easily obtain the love he wanted but couldn’t get.


Shang Ke was bit frightened by his appearance. He did not know why he was so angry. According to reason, even if he knew he was using his life in exchange for his younger sister’s life, Jian Chenfeng would either express shock, or be moved by his “selflessness”. But this kind of craziness really was beyond his expectation.


“Jiang Yumo, my sister’s life doesn’t need yours in exchange!” Jian Chenfeng stared at him, saying one line after line, “Because your life, is mine!”


He did not wait for Shang Ke to react after the said those words, he overwhelmed and pressed the body below him to the sofa, held the back of his head and deeply kissed him.


Shang Ke widen his eyes, this development is a bit wrong!

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