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Chapter 16: My Heart Beats For You (VII)


Under Jian Chenfeng’s guarding and strict gaze, Shang Ke movingly and tragically welcomed his operation. In this period of time, he had tried to fall off the stairs, step on soap in the bathroom, fall from the bed to the floor… But reality proved that trying to hit the back of his head was also a skill. The places he injured when he fell were mostly his butt and back, he would be injured all over but the back of his head survived until the day of the operation even under his numerous “murder attempts”.


Of course, he didn’t forget to fight for his right to participate in extreme sports, but the result was that he was caught and dragged back by Jian Chenfeng every time. It was as if he had placed an informer in every single club and did not leave any crack for him to squeeze through.


Despite all that Shang Ke has done, Jian Chenfeng was not suspicious of his at all. He only knew that Shang Ke’s condition was becoming worse, not only would he frequently feel dizzy and nausea, his limbs would also become numb and weak, evening walking was difficult sometimes. Afterwards, Jian Chenfeng had simply moved into Shang Ke’s room and personally attended to him with the utmost care.


Although he had a mean mouth, when he did things he was unexpectedly patient.


Shang Ke couldn’t help but think, if he was a woman and had this kind of boyfriend, a life of happiness without trouble would be a simple thing. Finally, he also stopped tormenting himself. If he dies, he will just die, there was no need to torment the person by him, he really couldn’t bear to.


He can die, but those that cared for him will feel grief and sad because of that over him. His mission was just his mission, Shang Ke didn’t want to turn himself into a heartless madman who courted death.


On the day of the operation, the entire Jiang Family came, along with Jian Chenfeng and Jian Xin.


Shang Ke said to his parents, “Dad, mom, I want to say something to Jian Chenfeng alone.”


The Jiang Family gave a few looks at Jian Chenfeng, then left the sickroom with a bit of worry.


After only the two of them were left in the room, Shang Ke started to speak, “Jian Chenfeng, if anything happens to me…”


“Nothing unexpected will happen!” Jian Chenfeng half squated by the bed and tightly gripped his hand, “As long as you don’t suddenly snatch the doctor’s operation knife during the operation and stab it into your own neck.”


Shang Ke was speechless, “Anesthesia is used during the operation, just where will I have the energy to snatch the doctor’s operation knife?”


Jian Chenfeng narrowed his eyes, “So if they don’t use anesthesia you really were going to snatch it?”


Shang Ke stopped talking. He wondered, was he really was such a self-harming person in Jian Chenfeng’s eyes? Alright, from other people’s point of view, he really did look like someone who likes to harm himself…


At this moment, sounds of knocking came from the door. Jiang Donglin reminded from outside, “Yumo, your operation is about to start.”


“I’ll be done in a second.” Shang Ke shouted outside then said to Jian Chenfeng, “Jian Chenfeng, promise me, if the operation isn’t successful, the transplant my heart to Jian Xin. you know her situation is becoming worse.”


“Can you not forget her for a moment?” Jian Chenfeng gritted out, “I can feel that you aren’t completely indifferent to me. Is it because we are both man, so you don’t wish to accept me? Jiang Yumo, after your operation, we can try being together.”


Shang Ke gazed at him, thousands of words seemed to be hidden in his eyes before he finally said, “Let’s talk about it after the operation.”


Jian Chenfeng’s heart suddenly jumped. He didn’t directly refuse, he didn’t directly refuse!


However, in the next moment, Shang Ke was pushed into the operation room by the doctor and nurses, all the others could only wait outside.


Jiang Donglin walked in front of Jian Chenfeng, “Chenfeng, come with me for a minute.”


The two walked to the window at the end of the corridor and Jiang Donglin asked, “What was that about the heart?”


“What?” Jian Chenfeng raised his head to look at him,


“I vaguely heard you two mention something about a heart outside the room.” Jiang Donglin said, “Is there something else Yumo is hiding from us?”


Jian Chenfeng looked out the window, faintly saying, “This matter really shouldn’t be hidden from you guys. Yumo, signed a heart donor agreement, donating his heart to Jian Xin.”


Jiang Donglin was alarmed, “When was this?”


“From around when he found out about the brain tumor.”


“What?” Jiang Donglin’s face was completely in shock now, he didn’t expect his younger brother to be hiding such a thing from them. “Wait, you said from around when he found out about his brain tumor, he just signed the donor agreement like that?” If memory serves him right, Yumo’s condition worsening was all because of him. Before that, his situation was much more steady, the success rate of the operation was three times higher than now. Yet, he had already prepared to donate his heart back then.


Jiang Donglin also thought of how Yumo not only didn’t tell him about his situation after he found out, he also deliberately delayed treatment. If it weren’t for him accidently knocking him against the wall that he, was he planning to keep delaying it?


Jiang Donglin’s face turned ugly and he turned his head in the direction of the operation room, his face filled with worry.


“He will be fine.” Jian Chenfeng’s tone was certain.


“Yes, he will be fine.” Jiang Donglin closed his eyes and bitterly smiled, “Are you thinking that I, this older brother is really such a failure? I feel as if I never truly understood him.”


He looked frivolous, yet his emotions ran so deeply. For Jian Xin, he could even throw away his life.


Jiang Donglin had always thought he loved Jian Xin a lot, but compared to Yumo, just what level was he at? Yumo’s illness worsen because of his, his beloved woman was snatched by him. According to his nature, he should be causing all sorts of trouble for him yet he had been exceptionally calm. Now that he thought about it, he was afraid it was because Yumo had already made the decision to sacrifice himself, preparing to help him and Jian Xin. Meanwhile, he knew nothing about it.


If something unexpected really does happen to Yumo, how would he be able to stay together with Jian Xin with a clear conscience?


The operation continued for seven hours. When the operation light went out and the doctor declared the operation a success, everyone cried tears of joy. But the doctor specially reminded them to take care to not hit his head as much as possible so that nothing new would pop up.


Jian Chenfeng’s mouth slightly curved up, also revealed a long time no see smile


【Congratulations to Host for completing the main mission, from now on, Jiang Family will never suffer any retaliation from Jian Chenfeng and ride on Jian Family’s coattails to advance successfully.】


The main mission was completed? Within his hazy thoughts, he heard the System’s voice. Why was it that the main mission was completed by him just doing an operation?


【With Host’s situation, the operation failure rate percentage was at 80%. But this world’s main character requested the number one brain specialist in the world for Host, so the operation success rate rose to 65%. In addition to Jian Chenfeng’s main character halo (plot armor), Host’s certain death destiny was fortunately turned.】


Shang Ke: “……” So there really was such a fate defying thing like the main character halo.


【Host gloriously survived the main mission, so System shall present you two years of detained time. If Host completed two more near-death missions during this time and does not die, Host can choose to stay in the current world and live life freely without restrictions.】


Two years of detained time? Is it not too long?


【Because this world is peaceful, the difficulty of doing a heroic death is higher, so System specially gave more detained time.】


Shang Ke: ….Should he say thank you?

【You’re welcome。】

【You’re welcome。】(English)


Damn, it even used english!

尚可:Fuck off!(#‵′)凸

Shang Ke: Fuck off! (#‵′)凸


The next day, Shang Ke was sitting on the bed while staring in a daze holding a mirror.


Within the mirror was a bald man in bandages, the head was completely free of any hair and sort of cold, completely overturning his handsome looks. What happened to the Perfect Expression Package? Why isn’t it doing anything now? It should at least give his bald head a blinding light.


At this moment, Jian Chenfeng opened the door and walked in. When he saw Shang Ke solemnly staring at the mirror, he involuntarily smiled, “You don’t need to look anymore, you’re still very handsome.”


Shang Ke gave him a glance of despise: So you say, but having it done is one other matter. If you have the ability, why don’t you get a shaved head now and let’s see if your overbearing Director aura turns into a prisoner’s.


“Do you wish for me to also shave a bald head?” Jian Chenfeng hooked up his lips, “As long as you say so, I will go have my head shaved right now.”


Shang Ke put down the mirror and his lips curled in mirth, “Forget it, just one bald head is shiny enough, another one would be enough to blind.”


“I brought some congee for you, drink it.” Jian Chenfeng’s expression was very gentle and his mood was obviously bright.


Shang Ke took the bowl and did not meet Jian Chenfeng’s eyes, his heart jumping.


Jian Chenfeng had once said to him before the operation, after his operation, they can try being together. Although he did not direct agree, he also did not refuse. What should he do now?


If he refuses, the next two years would make him sink into a complicated entanglement of feelings, playing out a “you love me but I love her” dog blood (melodramatic) program. Deceiving himself, yet also deceiving others.


If he agrees, then Shang Ke has to do his best to complete the two additional mission, then stay in this world and live freely with Jian Chenfeng. But Shang Ke did not have the confidence that he would survive the other two missions. Once he dies, the harm to Jian Chenfeng would be even bigger.


This really is such a hard choice! Should he just abandon the additional missions and just look for a chance to die?


Forget it, let’s play dead and see when will System release another additional mission.


Shang Ke held the bowl and started to concentrate on drinking his congee.


On the other side, Jiang Donglin was sitting by Jian Xin’s side, quietly walking her eat, his expression dull.


“Dongling, what’s wrong?” Jian Xin asked.


Jiang Donglin returned to his senses and replied, “Xin’er, my work is a bit busy recently. I might not have much time to accompany you.”


“Ah? You can’t come accompany me everyday anymore?”


Jiang Donglin silently nodded his head/


Jian Xin’s face turned sad, gloomily saying, “Then you should finish up work as quickly as possible. I’ll wait for you every day.”


“Hm.” Jiang Donglin smiled, his mood heavy. When he found out just how deep Yumo’s emotions ran for her, he had decided to withdraw. Whenever he thought of how Yumo would give up his life for Jian Xin, he was unable to interact with Jian Xin.


Although Jian Xin always carried bias against Yumo, once she knew just how much Yumo did for her, she would change her opinion of him.


It’s just that this wasn’t time to break up with her yet. Jian Xin’s heart wasn’t well and he didn’t wanted to upset her. So he decided to slowly drift apart from her.

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