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Translator: Kadence


Chapter 24: In That Moment Where Mu Chen Is Distracted, Take the Chance–Kiss!    


His little disciple was in the middle of the room and bullying a duck. Mu Chen’s mood was very subtle, and Gu Yunjue’s expression was also hard to tell.


Gu Yunjue concealed the deep desires in his eyes and ran over beaming, pulling Mu Chen’s hand and intimately calling out master.


Mu Chen had just thought of wanting to lecture him. Right at this moment, Guan Shan brought a plate of sugar cakes over, bowing for etiquette and then happily said, “Young Master, the sugar cakes you wanted.”


Mu Chen entered and stroked Gu Yunjue’s head, asked with a cold face, “Young Master?”


“Young Palace Master is too unpleasant to hear,” Gu Yunjue pouted, “It sounds like a little princess.”

TL note: Young Palace Master (xiǎo gōng zhǔ) is a homonym for Little Princess (xiǎo gōng zhǔ).


Mu Chen lifted his hand to swat at the other’s head and asked, “Aren’t you being taken care of like a princess right now?”


“Master,” Gu Yunjue grabbed the hand on his head and couldn’t help himself from kneading it, sensing the palms’ elegant feel. He couldn’t help himself from moving closer, facing up, he asked, “Then wouldn’t you be an old princess?”


“Old?” Mu Chen frowned. He has the urge to pick up this child and spank him. To go as far as to call him old! In what way is he old? The people that have the same cultivation as him were all old man!


“Even if master becomes old and ugly, disciple will still like master the most.” Gu Yunjue watched Mu Chen’s face and enjoyed teasing this cold faced person into making different expressions, even adding any expression to this beautiful face. Seeing Mu Chen’s complexion relax slightly, Gu Yunjue proceeded to say, “When I grow up, I will treat master like a princess and keep you inside a sumptuous palace. Master doesn’t need to do anything, you only need to watch me..”

TL note: 富丽堂皇 – sumptuous mansions – splendorous and majestic


Mu Chen’s face cooled down again. That’s a pig, not a princess.

TL note: pig = zhū猪, princess = gōngzhǔ 公主


He opened his mouth, wanting to correct Gu Yunjue’s notion. Thinking of his small disciple’s sensitive temper and using his rare vocabulary, he did not know what to say that would not hurt his feelings. As a result, his expression cooled suddenly all of a sudden, his face twisted, his brows slightly knitted, appearing somewhat irritated.


Gu Yunjue laughably looked at the other’s appearance, and a smiling expression flashed through his black eyes. He earnestly praised, “Master’s appearance right now is adorable.”


Black Egg who was shrinking away at the side to reduce his existence brought his wings to cover his face again. These actions are too shameless. His master even dared to take to take liberties with the other; only Mu Chen didn’t necessarily hear them.


Sure enough, Mu Chen eventually resumed talking, swiftly correcting Gu Yunjue and said, “When praising others, you should not only use the word ‘cute’. Tomorrow, recite one hundred proverbs. I will test you in the evening.”


Gu Yunjue cutely replied, “Master’s words are right. Disciple will remember it.”


Mu Chen took a seat and saw that the brush and ink on the desk have yet to dry. Writing down a medicinal herb, he began to ask Gu Yunjue to study it. Gu Yunjue quickly responded, saying the medicinal herb’s use word for word.


Mu Chen was pleased and nodded his head, and commended the other, “Correct. From tomorrow on, you can go to the book pavilion to pick out some books and cultivation methods that you like. With the plate that I gave you, take whatever you like.”


He spoke as if the inner sect’s book pavilion was his personal study. Only Mu Chen would dare to speak this way.


Gu Yunjue beamed and agreed. Lofty Cloud Sect’s was generous with their inside information. In his previous life, Mu Chen gave him entire access, letting him freely go in and out and find many good things.


Finishing the task, Mu Chen stood up. Before leaving, he looked back at Black Egg who was still shrunken into a ball, and couldn’t help to educate Gu Yunjue, “This Black Egg… Black Egg is also a living thing. You should bully it less.”


Hei dan: “……” living thing…


Gu Yunjue grabbed Black Egg and kneaded him, threw him up in the air and caught him. Catching him in the palm of his hand and smiling like a lively child, he said, “Disciple is playing games with it.”


It was hard for Mu Chen to see the small disciple as a normal and mischievous child, his face eventually exposed a smile, “It’s good that you know how to act properly.”


After Mu Chen left, Gu Yunjue simply flattened the corners of his mouth. Two of his fingers pinched Black Egg’s shoulder blade for punishment and lightly lifted him up. Looking at the other’s unrequited eyes, he gently said, “Black Egg, I had people make sugar cakes for you. You shouldn’t refuse them, right? Hurry up and eat them hot.”


Black Egg was almost depressed. It followed Mu Chen home because he thought that this comfortable place was safe to grow up. Waiting until he can defend himself and then return to sweep across the Devil Realm and become the Devil Monarch in a golden age. From then on, he will cross the three realms, and all phoenixes that see him will call for their father. However, dreams are very plentiful while reality is terribly bony. Right now, he has become a prisoner, taken to be a spirit pet to raise, and even eating sugar cakes? Its flat duck mouth is eating a coarse sugar cake? It sticks to your mouth as soon as you eat it! It only wants to devour souls, the more wicked, the better!


In the middle of the night, Gu Yunjue took advantage of Mu Chen entering meditation and left the boundary, taking Black Egg from the chicken coop. When Gu Yunjue realized that he looked like a fool pulling an ugly enough to explode mixed feathery dango and wandering around the mountain, he wanted to pinch this feathery dango to death.


Black Egg was once again the embodiment of an abandoned quail in the wind, shivering.


Guan Shan quietly came out of Gu Yunjue’s current room. As he respectfully bowing down, he said with a low voice, “Young Master, it’s already ready.”


Gu Yunjue nodded and waved his hand. After his Protection Soul Bell appeared from the hollow of his palm, it quietly enlarged. In an instant, three figures faded away from their positions.


Inside in the Protection Soul Bell was a personal space. Half of it was of birdsong and fragrant flowers with a spirit spring on the side while the other half had an endless gray area. The lack of the Earth Bell had severely damaged the space. Only when the other half is found will the Universal Protection Spirit Bell be considered complete. However, for now, there’s room to do some other things while keeping Mu Chen in the dark.


Gu Yunjue smiled and indifferently said, “Begin.”


Guan Shan let out a sound of agreement, raising his hands to create an array. Gu Yunjue held Black Egg and watched with a relaxed expression.


Right at this moment, Ji Qingyuan, who was thousands of miles away, suddenly felt a burst of palpitations. He stood up and had no time to react before he felt as if someone has caught his spirit soul in a corner and is firmly pulling it out. Ji Qingyuan felt terrified as he sensed his spirit soul being pulled out. His body collapsed and quickly turned into a pile of dried bones with devil qi.


His current powers were already retaken by Yu Tianyi. Thinking about the events with his fellow apprentices, only to be imprisoned by Yu Tianyi, he is fortunate to be able to leave behind something. His spirit veins have already been crippled, but his spirit soul was still there. Depending on this hope, Ji Qingyuan continued to struggle at death’s door. The people he was on good terms have all distanced away from him since he was avoiding suspicions. He was once well-regarded, but now he’s been cast away. Ji Qingyuan lived alone in a hidden chamber, naturally with no one to discover his circumstances. Even if he were found, it would be taken as a counteract from devil cultivation, his soul would be extinguished, and there was no way to verify it.


Looking at the figure that gradually formed, Gu Yunjue held Black Egg and shook it. With a smile, he gently said, “If you eat him, you can then advance. I’m not raising waste, so you better work hard.”


Black Egg’s eyes brightened, and he flapped his wings, his eyes gave off a red glow as he looked at Ji Qingyuan’s devil spirit forming before him. Flying into the air and turning, he transformed into a black crow with scarlet eyes, a gold beak and the three tufts of good feathers gradually changed into a soaring flame. His present appearance was, nevertheless, somewhat more beautiful than his regular appearance – Devil Realm’s Abyss Demon, a young Three-legged Golden Crow!


At first, Ji Qingyuan was confused, not knowing where he found himself. Once he saw Gu Yunjue, he instantly recognized him: “You’re Mu Chen’s disciple!”


Gu Yunjue smiled and waved and the hungry bird Black Egg rushed up. Starved for too long, it couldn’t wait. His sharp mouth gripped Ji Qingyuan’s spirit soul and ruthlessly torn out a mouthful as the helpless Ji Qingyuan screamed. He snorted and urgently pounced with even more craziness.


Ji Qingyuan released a mournful scream from the pain of his spirit soul being torn piece by piece. His fear and desperation made his soul even more delicious, leading the Demon Crow to bite even more fervently.


Gu Yunjue recalled Mu Chen’s angry and desperate expression when he was (GYJ) was sneak attacked. He then looked again at the desperate look of the person before him and smiled happily. His small master is still too kindhearted. To kill him with a single sword blow, isn’t it too cheap?


Returning to his room in a good mood, Gu Yunjue found a white scroll and placed it on the table with a smile. He rolled up his sleeves, dipped his brush into ink, and delicately depicted a beautiful picture of a bathing beauty. It was wonderful. The texture of the muscles and lines of the clavicle were true to life, clearly illustrating his mind’s profound memory.


It looked precisely like Mu Chen.


Mu Chen said that Gu Yunjue would become even better than him. Because of this, not only is Gu Yunjue handwriting unrestrained and impressive but also written in a forceful hand. Even more, few people can reach his level of paint strokes.

TL note: 入木三分 (rù mù sān fēn) – Written in a forceful hand – profound/penetrating


After painting, Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes and smiled. He waved his sleeves with satisfaction and dried the ink. The scroll was carefully rolled up, tied with a red string, and placed alone in a spatial ring. In the future, things that are related to his little Master must all be set on their own since other things must not soil them.


Carrying his pillow, Gu Yunjue headed towards Mu Chen’s room.


Mu Chen, who was meditating in the middle of the room, opened his eyes, seeing the small disciple who ran to find him. He opened his arms, waiting for the other to throw himself over. He wiped the sweat from the small child’s forehead and anxiously asked, “Did you have a nightmare?”


Gu Yunjue felt wronged but nodded.


After Mu Chen fell over, he drew the small child into his embrace, and gently said, “Then Master will hold you as you sleep. Don’t be afraid.”


Gu Yunjue pounced over, embracing Mu Chen’s waist tightly. Mu Chen lovingly hugged him closer, and comforted him: “Don’t be afraid.”



Early the next day, Mu Chen sat by the window reading pill formulas. Jing Ming was holding a rope and bounced as he entered, and asked in high spirits, “Where’s Black Egg? I found a new rope that even has a little bell!”


With it being so noisy already this early in the morning, Mu Chen slightly frowned.


Gu Yunjue saw this expression, faintly smiled, and walked over and said, “Last night it was it wanted to enter seclusion to advance, so I let it go behind the mountain.” A demigod spirit soul, how could it be so easy to eat it all together. At least a month was needed for Black Egg to absorb it cleanly.


Jing Ming was disappointed as he put the rope away, unable to use it for the time being.


Mu Chen beckoned Jing Ming over with his finger, and the latter quickly ran over, lowering his head to be rubbed.


Mu Chen took out a jade plate and instructed, “Accompany Yun er on his trip to the Book Pavilion and have him pick out some things that he likes. If anyone dares to snatch them, fight back.”


Gu Yunjue walked over and tidied up Mu Chen’s lapel. Filled with expectation, he asked, “Master isn’t going with disciple?”


“Since Master needs to concoct pills, let Jing Ming accompany you.”


Gu Yunjue tidied Mu Chen’s hair and continued asking, “Then at noon, this disciple will return to eat with Master.”


Mu Chen nodded and absent-mindedly said, “Go then.”


Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes, covering up the dissatisfaction in his eyes. Taking advantage of a chance, he cupped his hands around Mu Chen’s face. While Mu Chen was foolishly staring blackly, he took another opening – kiss!


Mu Chen: “……”

   作者有话要说:  不负责任小剧场:

Author’s Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.


Black Meow: “Damn it! I can’t write anymore! A pervert kissed Chen Chen!!”


Mu Chen: “It will soon be V. You can’t drop it.”


Black Meow: “But it’s having to write 10 000 characters! Once I think that he’s going to grow up, I don’t want to write anything ah!” (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻


Mu Chen: “When you can’t write anymore, look at your strong house cat that has been castrated, is wearing an Elizabethan collar, but is still able to play with chestnuts in the living room contently. On what grounds can you not continue?”


Black Meow: “……” What you say makes sense. I am unexpectedly left speechless. _(:з」∠)_


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