[TP] Chapter 52: OP Garlic (VI)

Vexed: Sorry for the super delay, life is a butt and I’m really just super lazy. Also ch 53 is done but in the middle of editing, editor has exams so don’t get your hopes up

Chapter here

Translator: Vexed

Editor: Newt


5 thoughts on “[TP] Chapter 52: OP Garlic (VI)

  1. Malik says:


    At this rate Qidian will be uploading its chapters in two weeks and might have a few dozen if not hundred posted within the first week. I enjoy the quality of these releases but they are so slow. I’d already mentally prepared myself to read a poor translation of TP on Qidian. Hope there is another novel of similar quality for you to pick up from a different publisher if this doesn’t maintain its viewer base. I don’t wish this to be the last two releases of a great TL


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