[TUP] Prologue – Chapter 13

Translator: Summerx *** *** *** Sorry, this chapter is unedited! I have been very busy recently, so I will start posting unedited saved chapters and I can’t guarantee updating on time. I live in New York city now. Every time I see the NYPD cars……I can’t stop thinking about Rene and Anton….. Chapter here 1+

[FWB] Chapter 33: The Appliances Incident

Translator: Summerx Editor: Anike *** *** *** You are encouraged to read the little threesome fanfic that pijon and me did in the comments in Ch31 😉 :  http://snowycodex.com/translations/novels/fwb/chapter-31/#comment-3859 *** *** *** There are actually hints about the ending in previous chapter hoho. If you can connect the dots you will know what will happen. Read More