[FWB] Chapter 36: New Life

Translator: Summerx

Hi! I am back! Volume 2 of FwB is here! As I have promised!

It seems I can’t add a volume to the story on Wattpad, so I will just continue volume 2 here as Chapter 36 and so on.

I have kidnapped a new editor, Peter, from a collab project I am doing with Dusty and Syzc from Snowy Codex. Peter is a very aggressive editor >.> I like fighting with him.

The project is still a secret but I promise it will be one of the most unique stories you will ever encounter >.<

*** *** ***

Editor: Peter

“btw Summer, I love you. Working with a translator that does not know what they want, but feels that what you edited for them is “weird” is hell on earth. I prefer violence ;]”

Chapter here

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