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Chapter 4: Xiaoqi’s Recollections

They chose to hold the class reunion at an international hotel run by the ex-class president, who had rich parents[1]. Although it was supposedly for everyone to enjoy themselves more, Mi Xiaoqi knew that this was simply a method to flaunt their wealth.

Rich people tend to be like this, and Mi Xiaoqi held a tinge of resentment against them. If this Wangye lived in the same era as her, he would undoubtedly have been a callous and extravagant President as well.

A simple glance at his workroom easily proves it. Even the edges of his paper screens[2] were beautiful carvings of dancing heavenly fairies that could probably cost a city just from estimating it at a glance.

And looking at those brushes made of wolf hair on the desk. Bro, you only have two arms, why did you need to spend such a large sum of money on these things?

Hu~ Mi Xiaoqi gloomily hung her head and continued to recall her memories.

It really was nothing much, as everyone was drowning themselves in wine during the gathering for some reason. Mi Xiaoqi drank quite a lot in a haze before someone eventually escorted her to one of the hotel lounges before…

Mi Xiaoqi’s entire body bristled in indignation and anger, furs standing on edge.

Bei Gongyan looked down at Mi Xiaoqi and saw her staring out with shiny eyes, tears threatening to spill over. It was as if her turbulent emotions, bordered on the tragedy of being wronged, her entire being was visibly and utterly miserable.

His heart softened for a moment.

Lifting a hand and gently placing it on her back, he patted her twice in an attempt to placate her.

“Miaowr.” Mi Xiaoqi sounded utterly aggrieved.

“Now that you’re following me, whoever dares to bully you next time will die.” Bei Gongyan spoke from above, his magnetic voice dropping by an octave.

To Mi Xiaoqi at this point in time, his words were full of warmth and security. For a person who was bullied frequently to suddenly come face to face with someone righteously saying that they would defend and beat up their aggressors, the bullied person would most definitely feel touched.

“Miaowr.” Mi Xiaoqi docilely rubbed against Bei Gongyan’s leg and closed her eyes.

Seeing that she felt better, Bei Gongyan picked up his books to continue reading.

Mi Xiaoqi continued to review her memories.

In the lounge.

Mi Xiaoqi immediately widened her eyes and noticed a guy molesting her! Your sis ah, trying to take advantage of me!

Under these kind of conditions, Mi Xiaoqi forcibly opened her eyes fully while lying on a bed. The person’s features came into focus, and it was none other than that rich ex-class president!




Mi Xiaoqi exerted all her strength to push him away, swaying in her drunken stupor as she escaped.

The man quickly chased after her, while Mi Xiaoqi stumbled across the building in a blur, not knowing where she was going till she opened an obsidian black door that was emitting rays of white light that stole her consciousness.

Aima, this is magical transmigration!

Mi Xiaoqi furrowed her eyebrows. Why was she so unlucky? She’d almost fell into someone’s lap to be taken complete advantage of, and become Wangye’s pet soon after.

She whimpered.

Your sis ah! What pet?!

This old lady[3] don’t want to be a pet, I want to leave. Leave!

Mi Xiaoqi snapped open her cat eyes. Despite coming here through an unorthodox method, it was about time for her to leave. She used her sharp pair of cat eyes to thoroughly scan her surroundings.

Moving shadows appeared in the distance.

These people wouldn’t be the guards and sentries spoken of in the history books right? Bro ah, you really won’t be pulling all-nighters right? Don’t you need to sleep ah, bro.

Glancing at the man diligently looking through his accounting books, Mi Xiaoqi was weighing her chances of escaping from his clutches.

Oi, wai did she not become someone important when she transmigrated? If not a Wangfei nor an Empress and not even a pampered concubine, at least she could turn into a famous beauty! But nooo, she became a CAT!

Hu, such an unlucky life. Mi Xiaoqi ah, you should just change your name into Mi Daomei![4]

Xiaoqi’s mum, Xiaoqi’s dad, did you ever think about me? Will be worried that you can’t find me? Miaowrrr, dear dad and mom, Xiaoqi really misses you.

Mi Xiaoqi rubbed her little nose sadly and started to cry.

Bei Gongyan tilted his head down and saw the small white cat perched on his leg using a paw to wipe away tears, abandoning the pitiful look from earlier.

To even know how to be angry and sad, such a troublesome cat…

Something suddenly flopped in his belly. By some supernatural force at play, Bei Gongyan gently carried Mi Xiaoqi.

Embraced in a warm hug, the sound of a steady heartbeat pulsing strongly entered Mi Xiaoqi’s ears, allowing her to calm down. She blinked her large eyes as she got closer to her Adonis.

“There really is someone bullying you?”

Mi Xiaoqi nodded her head without thinking.

“Tell me who it is, and I’ll take revenge for you.”

“Miaowr.” Even if I said it you won’t be able to understand. Even if you understood, you also wouldn’t be able to come with me to get him. Even if you came with me, you won’t be a Wangye anymore, and if you’re not a Wangye how are you going to fight against a rich brat?

Looking at how much the cat jabbered on meowing and vocalizing in purrs, Bei Gongyan felt frustrated for the first time for not learning how to speak cat all those years ago!

After ‘talking’ for half a day, Mi Xiaoqi suddenly realized she no longer felt as sad as before.

She lifted her head to rub against Bei Gongyan’s cheek lightly to express her own affection.

Bei Gongyan’s entire body trembled slightly at the light contact. He had never allowed a single woman to touch his face, ever, even to the extent that he had never even kissed anybody either.

At this moment, although he did not reject Mi Xiaoqi’s closeness, his pupils narrowed closely resembling a hawk. A dangerous aura slowly surfaced.

His killing intent flashed, while Mi Xiaoqi remained completely oblivious to the sudden change. She did not discover just how closely she had brushed with death.

Ah, but isn’t it just a pet.

Bei Gongyan’s murderous gaze faded away.


[1]富二代 – literally means ‘rich second generation’, often used as an insult. Due to China’s sudden rise and expansion, many Chinese really got rich overnight, and their children (1 child actually – One Child Policy) inherits all their wealth. So yeah. Filthy rich. And spoilt. Completely and utterly spoilt (a LOT and I wish I was kidding).

[2]屏风 ping feng – traditional paper screens used to separate living room sections or for privacy.

[3]老娘 – This old lady, how a female might address herself when cursing. The female version of the I, your father

[4]米小七 (Mi Xiaoqi) -> 米倒霉 (Mi Daomei) 倒霉 = unlucky

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