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Chapter 12

The money transaction would be completed in the suburbs 12 miles west, while the goods would be traded in two separate batches in the harbor and the freight house.

Matthew would be patrolling the freight house. The boss leader would take care of the shipment in person, trading a box of crystal meth and a box of high purity goods on the spot.

Harvey would bring a team to the south of the town aiming at the buyers in a trading center.

In a garage not far from the freight house was the central control. Anton was there with the backup men, eyes focusing on the monitor screen.

Matthew’s undercover arrived on a wheelchair too.

Rene firmly sat in the center of the scene, watching the screen unmoved.

*** *** ***

At 6 p.m., Group A reported that the representative of the buyer had set off on a red scooter.

At 6:30 p.m., Group C reported that the buyer had arrived in the west suburb with the seller, waiting for the trading signal.

At 6:30 p.m., Group B reported that there was a traffic jam. There was some mechanical issue on the highway. The red scooter from the buyer was still 20 minutes away from the freight house.

At 6:35 p.m., Group D reported that both the buyer’s and the seller’s men had showed up in the designated spot, waiting for the signal.

At 6:35 p.m., Group A reported that the boss of the buyer was still having dinner in a restaurant, waiting for the product inspection result from the freight house, as planned.

The trading was scheduled at 6:40 p.m..

The entire team was waiting quietly.

*** *** ***

Ten, twenty minutes passed, and there was still no action at the scene.

“‘Puppy’ has got on the highway.” Group B reported the situation via the radio from time to time.

20 minutes past the designated trading time, the seller was making calls in the freight house. It could be seem from the monitor that they was very nervous.

“‘Puppy’ was pulled over at the turn at the exit by the highway patrol for traffic violation. They are negotiating.” Group B called out from the radio.

The entire room froze.

“Damn it!” Matthew jumped up from the seat. They didn’t notify the highway patrol for fear of plan being leaked. Now a carefully planned action that he had been following for a long time was about to be spoiled.

“All stay still and wait for the order.” Harvey’s voice came through the radio, “Group B, notify the highway police to let him go.”

“James, prepare something for me, I am going down.” Rene, who had been remaining in the seat next to them, suddenly spoke. He jotted down several lines on a notebook and tore it off and passed it to James who’s in the backup team, then turned around to Anton, “Anton, let me take another look at the materials.”

*** *** ***

After some more time.

“Team B, Team B, the traffic police officers have let him pass!”

“f*ck, boss, it’s not gonna happen. It’s too late. The snake is going to retreat now!” Matthew yelled in a hurry.

They could see the men in the freight house had begun to pack up. The armed guards around the spot were on high alert. “What do we do? Swoop or not?”

“Wait a minute. How’s the situation, Team D? Team C?”

The replies from both teams were buried in Matthew’s yelling.

“Boss, Rene say he’s going down……”

“f*ck! Who let him to do that?” Harvey immediately understood in the radio.

“Rene himself. He’s higher in ranks……”

“Put him on the radio!” Harvey couldn’t wait for Matthew to explain.

“He’s already out!”

“f*ck! The seller has met ‘Puppy’ before. This is too dangerous! Group B, tell the highway patrol to control ‘Puppy’! Right now! Damn it!……” He cut off the conversation while swearing.

Soon Harvey’s voice came again from the intercom, “Matthew, is your man there?” “Your man” referred to Matthew’s undercover.

“He’s with me.”

“Group E, Matthew, listen up, Group B has got ‘Puppy’ mobile phone. Immediately ask your man to send their password to Puppy’s phone once you get back from Rene, and Group B will forward it to ‘Shark’! Matthew, pay attention and get ready to back him up at any time!”


On the screen, Anton saw Rene appear in the freight house.

The curtain of night had quietly enveloped down.

*** *** ***

The EAGLE is the most famous anti-terrorism special forces in the east. It is an operation unit for special assignments in the police system. Because of its exceptionally strict admission process, it had enjoyed a high reputation in the police. However, since several years ago, it had declined from its peak.

Anton had been wanted to get into the EAGLE himself, and applied twice, but got rejected both times.

Remembering Rene’s words, Anton focused his attention on the screen.

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