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Chapter 11

Anton went back to continue searching for clues in the case files.

The group that traded with the local New York gang was an Asian organization that passed by. They were connected by the biggest local gang, the Collins, and they had left the US after the trade. The case had since lost all traces.

“I have read the case and put my thoughts on the back.” Recalling Rene’s words, Anton flipped to the last page and browsed carelessly.

There were only several lines of keywords:

  1. Lynch “leaving early and coming back late”
  2. The goods. Yes — No
  3. Asian gang?
  4. If making use of gang conflicts, purpose?
  5. New broker?

*** *** ***

Anton closed the case and tossed it aside. After musing for a while, he grabbed the phone.

Lynch was a furniture dealer in the suburb. He’s an asian with mixed blood. He didn’t take part in the trade, nor did he have any gangster backgrounds, but four days before the accident, one of the victims had been to his furniture store.

At the time of the investigation, it happened that Lynch was out on a business trip, but according to his staffs and neighbors, Lynch had been going to work early and coming back late for a while after the case, so he had already been excluded from the investigation.

What was Rene suspecting?

*** *** ***

However, Roger’s answer made Anton’s heart sink.

Roger reported that Lynch went on a business trip, and he hadn’t come back yet. Therefore, this man hadn’t showed up for about two weeks by far.

*** *** ***

“Roger, get a unmarked car. We are going to Lynch’s house.”

Roger grinned, “The car for our team has been taken by James this morning. Where is your car?”

Anton didn’t expect that, “Mine? It’s a pile of scrap iron in the suburb of Boston right now! Where is the other one?”

Roger curled his lip, “Harvey’s men took it! It’s been three days in a row. You don’t know that?”

Anton shook his head, “I have no idea. What about the two cars of their own? There are no unmarked cars left?”

“Nope. They said they didn’t have enough.” Roger winked, “Why don’t you ask for another one from that pussy? By the way, he was looking for you last night. It was in the middle of the night, damn, at least 2 or 3 o’clock!”

Anton frowned. He took a look at the contact list. After some hesitation, he dialed the direct line.

*** *** ***

Three beeps later, someone picked up the phone. “Rene.”

Anton briefly described what he wanted.

“When do you need it?” Rene’s tone had gone back to the apathetic, indifferent one like when he was at meetings.

“In a bit, like half an hour later.” Perhaps he made that call when he was partying in a nightclub yesterday. Anton couldn’t help thinking about it when hearing Rene’s voice.

“Wait for me.” The call ended with a clank.

“How is it?” Roger was excited.

“He asked me to wait.” Anton shrugged.

*** *** ***

After ten minutes, Rene came into their office. Anton was expecting Rene to havethe car keys, but he only carried a piece of paper in his hand.

“The cars are not in my charge. It’s in charge of this……” Rene spoke with the usual understatement, and placed the page on Anton’s table. His finger traced down along the names, “this man called Owen. Do you have the contact list?”

“Yes, I do.”

“This one is the most recent one, which will be distributed out in the next meeting. I will just leave it here for you. I have talked to him, and he will give you a backup in two days.”

Roger deliberately complained loudly and angrily behind Rene, “Then how do you expect us to go there today?!” and he smirked at Anton.

“I am going to the Linden Street later,” Rene looked at the watch, and didn’t bother to turn around. He looked at Anton, un-irritated by Roger’s comment. “Do you mind leaving 15 minutes earlier? I can give you guys a ride.”

*** *** ***

Lynch’s house was in the middle section of the street, which was a three-storied old building. There were quite a few pedestrians near the front door, so they swerved the car to the back door.

Anton and Roger got off the car on the side of the road, and a thick iron gate was blocking their way.

Anton took a look at the lock, which was a safety lock with failsafe. Then he shook the iron gate, but it was strong. There’s no way he could open it unless he cut off the the alarm and used force.

Roger saw what he was thinking. “I heard that Lynch was on good terms with his neighbors. Be aware that they will call the police if they hear anything.”

Both of them looked up on the building. There was only one half-opened window on the third floor. But then they saw the area around it was steep and smooth, with nothing to climb on to. Anton and Roger could only looked at the window in a distance and feel resigned.

*** *** ***

Just then Rene had parked the car and walked over. He shook the gate as well, looked at them two, then glanced around calmly.

Anton wanted to say something, but before he could react, he felt something dashed pass him like a fierce beast, and jump up high.

The last thing Anton heard was Rene saying “I will go up and open the door for you” by his ear, before seeing him swiftly climb on the wall. Soon he disappeared in that half opened window on the third floor, leaving Anton and Roger downstairs gaping at each other in consternation.

That burst of power in that instant astonished Anton. He was so startled that it took him quite a while to realize Rene didn’t even run up.

*** *** ***

Soon the door was opened from inside. Anton noticed that the leather gloves appeared on Rene’s hands again.

Rene frowned tightly and shook his head, indicating to them the situation was not good. “Let’s call the patrol services of this district.” Rene said.

Rotten smells could be detected upon entering the room. Without too much effort, they found the result at the back of the kitchen.

*** *** ***

This result was expected, so they were not disappointed. On the contrary, it was more of a proof for their foresight. Anton and Roger returned on Rene’s car in relief.

Roger gaped at Rene in disbelief all the way. When the car turned onto the main road, Anton, who was sitting at the front, finally couldn’t control his curiosity, “How did you get up there?”

“Has Roger never told you where I worked before going to the administrative office?” Rene smiled a bit sarcastically.

“I don’t know.” Roger leaned forward from the backseat, getting interested as well, “Where were you?”

“The E.A.G.L.E.”

*** *** ***

They went back to the office and took a short rest. 4 p.m. was the planned swoop for Matthew’s case. Matthew was from Harvey’s team, but according to the assignment, Anton also brought a backup team in coordination.

“Harvey, I will go with you guys.” When the big group was about to set off, Rene appeared in front of the meeting room.

*** *** ***

Half an hour later, three units swooped at the same time. The biggest drug trading in the history of the east coast was about to begin.

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