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Chapter 13

“Sorry, the traffic was bad!” Rene showed up in the warehouse with a different outfit.

“Frisk him.” Two drug dealers violently shoved Rene on the wall.

One man reached out and patted Rene’s body up and down, and took out everything in his pocket and poured them on the table. The two drug dealers looked at the pile: mobile phone, keys, cash, condoms and even a tube of vaseline. They exchanged a glance and sneered. They kicked Rene on the empty ground at the front, while several guns were still pointing at him.

“Who are you?” In a distance, the Boss slowly asked. Even Anton could sense his ferocious mien behind the monitor. His heart wrenched secretly.

“I am here to check the goods for Michael.” Rene gave him a crooked grin in an almost provoking manner. He tilted his head and faced his stare.

They looked at each other.

“Why isn’t Shar Pei coming?” Someone asked next to them.

“The police has been following us lately, and he is such an old face.” Rene still stared at the Boss smiling.

“Who on earth are you?” The Boss questioned again.

“Neil.” Rene gave him a soft smile.

“I have never seen you.”

“C’mon, I was there when Michael crashed Old Collins’ birthday party. We went to South America to your uncle’s place, and I had those barbeque together. You should know.”

The Boss was surprised.

A gangster whispered to the Boss’ ear. After a while, “Give ## a call.” the Boss finally spoke with a gloomy face. Anton didn’t catch the name.

A lackey in the warehouse started dialing.

*** *** ***

The gangster who whispered to the Boss a second ago walked over – he had been eying on Rene since he showed up. He grabbed Rene’s wrist and pinned him on a box. He cuffed Rene’s neck with one hand, and pinched his chin with another. His big face came close to Rene’s, “Kid! If you lie a single word, you won’t be able to get out of this door today, understand?”

Rene smiled at him, unmoved.

The gangster wickedly grinned at him, and his eyes were wanton. He started to stroke Rene’s cheeks with one hand, then his eyebrows, eyes, nose, before his fingers finally landed on his lips.

*** *** ***

By the monitor, Anton felt his throat tightened. He immediately subdued his breath and looked around. Some of his colleagues were grinning at the monitor screen with great interest, apparently feeling compensated by Rene’s disgrace.

The gangster suddenly stepped forward, ripped open Rene’s coat, and slid a hand into Rene’s collar.

Next to the monitor, Anton stood up instantly, putting his hand on the radio. The colleagues all got nervous too – there was a signal emitter on Rene. Matthew looked at the scene in disbelief, “No way, he’s not going to……”

“Enough! Hill,” The Boss shouted and gave a warning glare to the gangster, “can you get the business done before messing around? Get him here.”

“After the business. We have plenty of chances in the future.” Rene grinned and looked at the gangster unhurriedly, patted his coat and walked over.

After that, Anton and his colleagues watched via the monitor how Rene opened the suitcase and cut open the packaging to test the products. “Damn, he looks professional.” A colleague commented jokingly. The atmosphere around the monitor relaxed.

“Good, I think it’s all clear now.” Rene tasted the sample and looked around, “Where are my stuff?” He walked to the door and put all his belongings back to his pocket, then grabbed his phone and sent a text. He smiled back at the Boss, “Tell your man to relax and get the money.”

As Rene closed the suitcase in the monitor, Anton’s phone flashed. In less than thirty seconds, the edited text by Matthew’s undercover had been forwarded to the buyer’s phone. Then Rene and the drug dealers retreated through the back and the front door separately. In an instant, the police siren went off and the flashlights, gunshots, police cars all fused together…….

*** *** ***

Once the situation was more under control, Anton immediately searched for Rene in his sight. Finally he saw Rene walking alone to the side of the street across the bustling scene. Behind him were police cars with lights flashing, and cops running and working busily.

Rene took off the coat while walking, and threw it on the ground, along with those random objects in the pocket which he ordered from the backup team. He walked into his car expressionlessly.

“Hey!” Matthew arrived next to the car a step ahead of Anton. He had the same equipment as Anton, with bulletproof vest and a rifle in his hands. He looked into the car, “Thank you.”

Rene waved his hand from the seat. Anton came over too, couldn’t control smiling, “How do you know so much? Like the Collins stuff?”

“Anton, I was undercover for eight years.” Rene answered Anton, but his eyes aimed at Matthew across Anton’s body. Matthew understood at once that this was a reply to their earlier argument about his undercover. He nodded his head. All three men could feel that trust started slowly building up in this new team from this instant.

Rene also nodded, and turned the steering wheel around. But he suddenly stopped, “Anton,” He called back Anton who was leaving.


“I think you can check on the custom record of Asians around that time, and a gang call “Dragon Seal”, who had dealt with the Collins many years ago. I just remembered it.” Anton nodded, knowing it’s about his gunrunning case.

“Also, the hearing of your case is next week, right?”

Anton nodded, “Thursday.” This time he’s asking about the Boston thing.

“I see. Sorry, I haven’t gotten any sleep for the past two days. I am so sleepy.” He said tiredly. He waved goodbye, rolled up the window, and drove away.

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