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Chapter 11: A Passionate Welcome

TL: Rosy

Editor: Sahloknir

Question: What’s the biggest difference between a parrot and a chicken?

Young Master Lin You will tell you: the former can talk!

Although parrots fly more than chickens, there are idioms such as ‘chicken flies away and the eggs are broken’(It is a metaphor for failing at both ends and gaining nothing) and ‘chicken flies while dog jumps’(It is a metaphor to describe panicking or scared, where chickens get scared into flying and dogs jump up in shock), and so on, demonstrating that chickens, in fact, can fly. The only aspect the chickens lost in, is the fact that they cannot speak.

Don’t scoff at it. If every chicken wails at you “Sir, please let me go” and “I don’t bathe at all and I’m highly cancerous” before you kill them, Lin You didn’t believe that people could still continue eating them.

So chickens and parrots are definitely different! Lin You the parrot directly laughed at Second Young master Mu, then swam over with difficulty to Big Master Mu while dragging along his soaked wet feathers—he still has to prove that in addition to talking, parrots can also swim!

Mu Yanming watched Lin You swim towards his elder brother with its wing hitting the water, while his elder brother stretched his hand out rather caringly in front of him as he waited for it to swim over. The corners of his mouth fiercely twitched and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Inexplicably, he felt that he had the least status among the three living beings present. Even a parrot can look down on him, what’s with his life?!

“Big brother, this parrot…has it always been like this?” Mu Yanming asked with some difficulty.

Mu Yanxiao sneered and nodded when he heard that, then said, “What do you think? If it had been as annoying as you, I would have stewed it long ago.”

Lin You: “…”

Mu Yanming: “…”

Both were mocked at the same time! Elder brother, you sure are a great person.

Mu Yanming sighed with resignation after being left speechless by his brother’s words. Forget it, from childhood, fighting against his elder brother has always led to a terrible death. It seems that his elder brother is in a good mood today, so he should be a bit more honest.

The spring rain gradually grew heavier and heavier. Although they were soaking in the hot springs, it still wasn’t comfortable with raindrops hitting their head. Just when Lin You was about to protest, Mu Four got Mu Five and several staff to take out the rain cover and place it around the small hot spring pool, which just about covers the entire pool. There were short curtains of water droplets forming around the rain cover frame, and coupled with the spring rain and the beautiful spring scenery outside, it really was unique.

Lin You was a little surprised when he saw it, because it suddenly became so pretty. Water vapor also appeared while he was soaking in the hot spring, he could pretend he was in paradise.

Squawk squawk~ waiting for a thousand years~ the snake demon is coming~ raining continuously on the Broken Bridge~ beauty, there you are~~”

Mu Yanming was drinking the sake that the attendant served. After hearing that hoarse and weird song, he instantly choked on the wine in his throat, and even spurted most of it out.

Cough, cough! My-my god! Is the parrot singing the New Legend of the Madam White Snake?! Brother! When did you let it watch such an old movie! I didn’t even know that you actually like that kind of TV show!”

On the surface, Mu Yanxiao looked much better than his own cheap brother right now by a great amount, But the truth is, this guy had directly swallowed a mouthful of steamed dumplings. Fortunately, the steamed dumplings weren’t too hot, otherwise he would have blisters on his mouth and throat right now! Even so, Mu Yanxiao needed to grip his hands tightly under the hot spring water to keep his expression from changing.

However, the timing of Mu Yanming’s question was very good!

Mu Yanxiao immediately sank into the expression that he already wished to and said to his second brother, “You think I have as much free time as you? Every day, apart from eating, it’s only sleeping, then whoring and gambling. You don’t do any serious work, but do bad things one after the other. If you can quietly watch the Legend of the Madam White Snake at home every day like Lin Lin, Grandpa and I can wake up laughing from our dreams.”

Lin You: “…”

Mu Yanming: “…”

Being laughed at again.

Lin You was dragged down by Mu Yanming both times. He immediately flapped his wings and made a small splash which disappeared before hitting Mu Yanming. But his ridicule won’t disappear, “Oh~Master~You’re joking~ I’ve never been whoring or gambling! I earn my money myself for my own survival and food~I’m different from that guy who doesn’t do anything at all and only know how to depend on his elderly parents~~~Ah, of course, master, you are not and elderly~but this is even more terrible~He will depend on you forever~quack!~If there’s a younger brother like this in my family, he would’ve already been kicked out of the family to survive on his own~~Just like my uncle quack!”

Mu Yanxiao: “…”

Mu Yanming: “…”

This time it was finally their turn to be laughed at.

Mu Yanxiao had long known about his parrot’s temper and secretly rolled his eyes when he heard that. He then took out a small, delicate bowl from the dinner tray propped up outside and beckoned to Lin You. There were three balls of ice cream in the small bowl, and although there was no brand, it was definitely guaranteed to be the goods a certain parrot had requested, and there was no adulteration.

Lin You had long smelled that strand of milky sweetness filling the sky and earth. He flapped his wings excitedly, and directly plunged his head into the bowl. Mu Yanming was stunned when he saw the parrot’s voracious behavior as if it wanted to swallow the whole bowl as well. In his heart, he unconsciously increased the parrot’s danger level by another level.

Cough, elder brother ah, to be honest, I’m actually not that bad…” Mu Yanming weakly defended himself, “In any case, I always visit the company every week. Fine, me visiting is equivalent to not visiting.”

Finally, under Mu Yanxiao’s stare, Mu Yanming closed his mouth sadly. Fine, even if his elder brother had already lost his sight, those black eyes glaring at him still made him shiver.

“Starting tomorrow, follow Mu Two to manage the company branch. When the company’s returns exceed last year’s by 50%, that’s when your golden card ban is lifted.”

Mu Yanming, “!!” He never imagined this! Young Master was just soaking in the hot springs and unexpectedly lost his golden card?!

Afterwards, no matter how Mu Yanming looked at Mu Yanxiao with a sorrowful gaze, the latter naturally remained unmoved, even listening happily to his parrot peck at chicken wings and ice cream. This completely different treatment made Mu Yanming endlessly sad. He strongly felt that he was worse than a bird! But in the end, he dared to be angry but dared not speak. To add on, Second Master Mu received a small agitation just now.

Although many rotten relatives around him scorned and disdained his actions, and even provoked him and his elder brother, and although Second Master Mu was a bit foolish, he never believed that his elder brother would harm him. Or else, his elder brother had a hundred opportunities to kill him seven years ago. But in the end, it didn’t happen and for this reason, his elder brother was seriously injured instead.

Now, Second Master Mu looked at the hideous scar on his elder brother’s right arm. He secretly clenched his teeth. Forget it, his gold card was gone anyway, and he was unexpectedly looked down on by a parrot. No matter what, this time he really needs to…seriously work hard for three months!

If Mu Yanxiao knew that this guy’s great determination only lasted three months, he would probably just push this guy into the water and drown him.

They ate and drank their fill as they soaked in the spring comfortably.

The two Mu family members and a parrot came out of the hot spring at about two o’clock in the afternoon, full of energy. The bitter-faced Mu Yanming was then pulled away to go to work by Mu Two, who had rushed over.As for what the Mu Five said, Second Master Mu’s status and dignity are not as good as Young Master Lin You, who has only been around for four days. Although they have to give Second Master Mu some face, everyone has already known each other for ten or twenty years at work, so there is no need to worry about saving face at all.

“Boss, go home or to the hospital right now?” Mu One, who finished handling his task, stepped forward to ask.

Mu Yanxiao thought for a bit and decided to go directly home. At any rate, Dr. Ouyang already said that he needs a craniotomy if he wants to recover his sight, and that there was no other way. He has no other serious injuries right now, just a few bruises, so he’ll go home and rest. It’s more comfortable and he can be at ease.

Hence, Big Master Mu dragged his parrot and openly violated the doctor’s orders, slowly returning to the Big Master’s garden villa.

“Boss! What do you think? I had several of these trees here newly planted! This one is a chestnut tree, this one is a cherry tree, and that one over there is an apple tree! There are also banana and coconut trees in the greenhouse! I also added a patch of strawberries and peanuts on the ground! It’s all for our Little Six! Isn’t it great!”

As soon as everyone entered, Mu Yanxiao heard Mu Three’s ear-piercing and extremely excited report. Mu Yanxiao’s mouth twitched slightly each time Mu Three announced an additional tree name. By the time Mu Three’s report ended, Boss Mu’s mouth had completely turned awry.

He would’ve never imagined how twisted his originally tidy lawn and flower garden would become right now. All he knew was that the place he was living in was no longer a garden villa, but an ‘orchard farmhouse’.

Mu Three still wanted to continue saying something, but his butt was kicked by Mu One. Mu Four wiped his sweat next to him and explained, “Boss, Little Three just wants Lin Lin to like this place more. Don’t take offense.”

A sentence Mu Four had said lingered in Mu Yanxiao’s heart. Originally, Mu Yanxiao was a little worried about whether his parrot spirit would like a human dwelling or not. Although the vegetation on his land was already good, it still can’t be compared to a ‘remote and thickly forested mountain’.

At that moment, Young Master Lin You looked at the villa in shock with two black bean parrot eyes, anxiously jumped on Mu Yanxiao’s shoulders several times, and actually began to mumble to himself, “Sitting north and facing south, purple qi from the east; great luck, great prosperity, Chinese guardian lions; fortune surrounds, auspicious light shines on all…Damn it, except for relatives and friends aspect which goes against heaven, it’s almost a setup full of fortune?! This is a show of rebellion! No, no, if this feng shui is arranged by my grandfather, he’s definitely not that kind, so it definitely boosts the growth of evil things. What about the money tree? There’s definitely a money tree!”

So after Mu Yanxiao heard his parrot say a bunch of bizarre feng shui-like words like a fake daoist master, it fluttered its wings and flew everywhere, along with Mu Four, Mu Three, and Mu Five’s startled voices.

It wasn’t until five minutes later that Mu Yanxiao no longer heard the flapping sound. He then heard Mu One say with a subtle tone next to him, “Boss, it, er, Little Six paused at the money tree. That’s the evil warding tree that Old Master Lin gave to the old Master.”

Mu Yanxiao, “…” Don’t know where to start complaining. No matter who is surnamed Lin, they’re still so annoying!

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