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Chapter 10: Hot Spring With Love

TL: Rosy

Editor: Sahloknir

It has to be said that Chen Yuhe and Zhang Ya really were a family. They’d always want to mess around, to show their presence and superiority in front of those who made them lose face or those they dislike.

If it were in the past, if the Zhang mother and son suffered a loss in front of Mu Yanxiao, they wouldn’t dare to retaliate. Mu Yanxiao himself had learned all kinds of fighting techniques, and he really was too strong in that regard, so they would only suffer if they messed around.

But today was different, both Zhang Ya and Chen Yuhe thought. No matter how awesome Mu Yanxiao was in the past, his eyes are now blind! A newly blinded person, let alone fighting with others, even if it’s walking, eating, or other normal activities, they are all greatly restricted, so it’s definitely a good time to retaliate.

Zhang Ya and Chen Yuhe reacted, and they looked forward to Mu Yanxiao being kicked down and slapped. At this moment, every onlooker almost didn’t dare to take a breath, and the emotions in their hearts right now are quite tangled.

Just when everyone believed Big Master Mu would fail, Mu Yanxiao suddenly sneered. He took half a step backwards and directly stretched his left hand to accurately grab Chen Yuhe’s right shoulder. He pulled Chen Yuhe in front of him with ease, and with his right hand against Chen Yuhe’s right shoulder, he pushed him forward. A loud slap was heard as it landed on Chen Yuhe’s face.

Lin You the parrot stood up at that moment on Mu Yanxiao’s shoulder and just shook his head, “Who’s stupid? You’re stupid! You and your mother are so stupid—Young Master just can’t see it—not that he can’t feel it la ~ ahaha ~ squawk squawk squawk~”

Onlookers: “— 0 — !! …OMG, it’s the first time I heard a parrot sing so arrogantly and make a rhyme!!”

Mu Yanxiao was already eighty percent immune to his parrot’s craziness. When he heard the rhyming jingle at that moment, he only twitched the corners of his mouth severely and took a deep breath.

He raised his head directly at the sluggish Zhang Ya and Chen Yuhe and said, “Aunt, and third cousin, what made you think that I am weak enough right now for you to do whatever you want? I may be temporarily blind now and need someone to follow me at all times, but even then, it will never be your place to behave like this in front of me. I won’t talk about third cousin as there will be people to take care of him later. But Aunt, this is your first time, and I also hope it’s your last time. You’re an elder now at such an old age, so you definitely know that before no foolproof preparation, even if you’re suffering from heart and lung pain and liver sores, you’ll still have to endure it first.”

After calmly speaking those words, Mu Yanxiao directly turned around and left, while Lin You stood on Mu Yanxiao’s shoulders, tilted his light blue head, and suddenly shouted, “Stupid! My master can handle you three! Pitting one against ten! Come, kneel and lick!!”

The second generation onlookers, “!!” They felt like watching Big Master Mu’s movements is already shocking, but for some reason when they look at the parrot right now, they feel even more shaken! Is that really a parrot? Is it really?! If all parrots can talk in rhyming words, add insult to injury, and so on, they also want them too!!

“…wow, Young Master will go to the flower and bird market tomorrow and take a look!”

“Hey! Are you stupid? Want the same kind bird on Big Master Mu’s shoulder? I’ll bet a Benz that you won’t find it!”

“Damn it! Young Master’s betting with you! I’m betting with a BMW! Master can definitely find such an awesome parrot!!”

Just as those rich second generation began arguing with red faces, Zhou Yue came over, still looking like a wandering ghost. He heard their argument and laughed, “Wang San, give up, you definitely won’t find a parrot like that. It robbed my silver card a moment ago. I absolutely don’t believe that there are other parrots who can do such awful things!!!”

All the rich second generation involved were stunned, and the face of the one called Wang Three turned green, “Brother Zhou, you’re saying it can rob?! Aiyou, damn it! Young Master really wants this type of parrot! I definitely have to find the same one!! Maybe I can make a pair with Big Master Mu’s!!”

Everyone around, “…” Haha.

The rich second generation walked away, arms around each other’s shoulders, while the first generation shook their heads meaningfully at the Zhang Ya mother and son and left. The show they watched today was wonderful, and they’ll be sure to talk about it when they go back. It would definitely be very interesting. But other than that, Big Master Mu’s appearance today was really brilliant and very imposing.

In fact, so what if his eyes can’t see? It’s not as if there’s no one by Master Mu’s side. The Mus(Mu One, Two, Three, Four and Five) are extremely famous in the entire circle, and they are very loyal. The Mu family also has an old master even more stable than Mount Tai, so if some believe the Mu family is unstable just because Mu Yanxiao is blind, that is being short-sighted and they’ll pay bitterly in the future!

…Eh, but how exactly did Big Mu move? Why can’t they see anything wrong?

At this time, in the resting area of a shop not far away, the old Master of the Wang family played with the blood jade walnut in his hand while shaking his head at old Master Mu and laughing, “You old fox! I knew something was up when you’re still in the mood to stroll with me even though such a big event happened to your eldest. You played around for so long just to set an example? Say, what kind of virtue did you old fool accumulate to cultivate a grandson like Yan Xiao? He’s guarding the entire Mu family, and you can die laughing now!”

Old Master Mu laughed and nodded when he heard those words, “Why, I’m just happy that I have such a great grandson. If you’re capable, you can also have one?”

“Actually, I was still a bit worried before today. After all, Yanxiao has only been blind for four days, and I’m worried he can’t stand it. But these days, after hearing Mu Two say that Yanxiao’s recovering well, I had the energy to come and take a look, and I feel relieved after seeing this.” The proud expression on Old Master Mu’s face from before was replaced by a wry smile. “Old man Wang, don’t envy me. I’d rather my Yanxiao be less skillful like your Wang Three, but as long as he’s healthy, I can wake up happy every day! My son and his wife died early. Yanxiao was only ten back then and Yanming was just five. Fortunately, Yanming can be raised with our coaxing, but there was a period of time back then when we were so worried for Yanxiao.”

“Even now, if you look at that bastard’s face before, his face is as cold as Yama. He can scare kids into crying just by looking at them! I exhausted every method back then but still couldn’t make Yanxiao gentler. I even wondered if that kid could ever find a loving partner to live with during his lifetime!” Old Master Mu let out a long breath and said, “Fortunately, his face became much milder today. Maybe that boy moved on after experiencing this incident? I won’t ask for anything else. I just hope his eyes can get better, if it really can’t get better… If there is a caring partner protecting him, it’s also good.”

Hearing this, Old Master Wang quickly patted Old Mu on the shoulder, “Look at what you said! Yanxiao was such a good baby, why did you talk about him like that? And what’s the problem with his eyes? Old pal, I have connections in Europe, won’t it be fine if I find you the best eye doctor? As for a caring partner? That one in your family is a first-class diamond bachelor! Even if he’s a little cold, there’s still a crowd of people vying for him! What’s the worry!”

Old Master Mu opened his mouth when he heard the words, but he didn’t speak again. He just looked at the distant figure of his grandson’s straight back, as well as the touch of light blue on his shoulder, and his eyes were full of hope.


Half an hour later, Lin You, the drowning parrot, stared at the cheerful man smiling in front of him with his black bean-like eyes in disbelief. He roared wildly in his heart, Your mom, where are the roasted chicken wings and the Haagen-Dazs that we agreed on?! What about the lunch that we agreed on?! The master who ran over at noon to soak in the hot springs without eating, have you gone crazy!!

And that is still not the point. The point is that the sky is still raining ah, dear! More importantly, why is that unreliable brother of yours here?!

At this moment, the second young master of the Mu family, Mu Yanming, was also in the same mood as Lin You. He couldn’t figure out why he got directly caught by his elder brother when he came here to soak in the hot spring to slack off! God knows it’s twelve noon okay, shouldn’t anyone a little normal be eating right now!!

Mu Yanxiao could sense the strange atmosphere around him even if he closed his eyes. For some reason, he could even imagine his annoying little brother and that crazy parrot staring fiercely at him right now, perhaps with the same expression on their faces—like mourning concubines.

As a result, Big Master Mu let out an extremely rare laugh while in his good mood. Lin You and Mu Yanming instantly stiffened, and then Young Master Lin You was thoroughly angered, “Your mom!! So what if you have someone bathe you!! So what if you have someone to rub your back!! If you’re so capable, you can eat, sleep and beat your cousin on your own! Young Master will wage a cold war with you!! What about this young master’s roasted chicken wings and Haagen-Dazs?!”

Mu Yanxiao laughed even more unscrupulously after hearing the words, and after laughing he beckoned at the back of the pool, “Serve it and also get the shed ready.”

Second young Master Mu now looked at his older brother who was obviously teasing the parrot and in a good mood. He slapped his face and was shocked by the pain.

“God, I’m actually not dreaming?!” Since when was his brother so expressive? And that’s not the point, the point is, what did the parrot just say? If he didn’t mishear, that guy was threatening his older brother and asking for roasted chicken wings and Haagen-Dazs?

“…I say, don’t you feel that eating chicken wings is the same as nibbling your own wings? There’s not much difference, right?” Young Master Mu Two muttered. A pair of sharp and fierce black bean eyes instantly faced him!

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