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Chapter 12: Confusion of Dusk

TL: Rosy

Editor: Sahloknir

Lin You stopped at the large and unusual money tree. He felt more excited than Mu Yanxiao right now.

This is clearly the feng shui pattern set by his grandfather! With the personality of wanting 30% of the fortune no matter how well their friendship is and sparing no effort in taking advantage of others, no one but the Lin family could do it!

But even so, the Lin family did not become a local tyrant. It’s also one of the things the family never understood. Of course, what Lin You was concerned with right now was not the money tree splitting away the wealth, rather, it was that the layout of the feng shui here was indeed his grandfather’s. Lin You was very excited just thinking about it. As for the tragedy that he couldn’t be more than fifty meters away from Mu Yanxiao’s side, compared with finding a reason to fool Mu Yanxiao into meeting his family, if Mu Yanxiao already knew his family members himself, then it would be the most wonderful thing.

Lin You could already imagine returning to his adult form in a few days. Aiya, don’t know how that blind master would weep bitterly after he leaves?

Mu Yanxiao indescribably felt that evil was all around him. Because he couldn’t see the surroundings, he had to purse his mouth and called back the guide parrot who had left his job without authorization, “Lin Lin, come back. No roasted chicken wings if you don’t come back within ten seconds.”

Young Master Lin You instantly became furious when he heard that threatening call. His wings flapped furiously. “Young Master does not get tempted by riches and honour—don’t think you can threaten Young Master with a chicken wing!”

Mu Yanxiao’s mouth twitched as he heard Lin You’s words, and added a few words with a sneer, “No more ice cream.”

Lin You, “…” Fine, you win!

Hurriedly flying back to stand on Mu Yanxiao’s shoulder, Lin You the parrot rubbed against Mu Yanxiao’s neck rather spinelessly with his stupid little feathered head.

Mu One and Mu Three, who were watching by the side, winced at his currying favor. Sure enough, this bird needs to be paid special attention to. In accordance with a first degree warning—not only can this parrot unreasonably taunt or curry favor, but the point is that it has a better sense of timing than some people when it comes to the time to mock or show off! Tch, just look at Boss. He was so gloomy a moment ago, but his face instantly brightened.

Mu Yanxiao was also a little bit dumbfounded over Lin You’s behavior, but he still reached out his hand to stroke Lin You’s little head and give face, “Aren’t you untempted by riches and honour?”

Lin You the parrot, “…” Don’t you know that you shouldn’t expose shortcomings when exposing people? Do you have to embarrass me so much!? No wonder you’re still single now!!

“Okay, I won’t tease you anymore. Do you like this place? Before you go home, this will be your new home.” Mu Yanxiao felt that his parrot was showing signs of being shamed to anger, so naturally he changed the subject. Lin You looked closely all around the house after hearing those words, and nodded his head to give some face.

Squawk~ Although it’s not as good as my hometown’s feng shui~ it’s just passable~”

Mu Yanxiao and Mu One winced at the same time. Oh, which remote forest on a mountain or a nature reserve is your hometown? Several thousand miles of garden villa is only considered passable? And…you’re just a parrot, alright? You live in a bird’s nest but still check the feng shui?!

Lin You actually did tell the truth this time. Before he went to live independently on his own, he lived in Lin family’s old manor.

Although there aren’t as many celestial masters in the Lin family as the Zhang family, the people born in each generation are always full of personality. Although these people would commit some crime, or maybe they’re not particularly moral, and sometimes even colluded with demons and ghosts, they all firmly support the Lin Family, and even postured to make the Lin family rise as far as possible. Before Lin You took the initiative to leave, the Lin family could already be considered as the first ranking family after the Zhang family, and with a family like this, how could they not have their own personal domain?

In fact, the Lin family always had a misunderstanding—on one hand, they complained about not becoming local tyrants, but on the other, they guard the best feng shui mountains in the Qinling mountain range and occupy the land as king.

In the words of the Zhang family’s grandfather, as long as those surnamed Lin are willing to sell their own mountains, in a few minutes they’ll be a super tyrant. But as Old Master Lin expressed, mdfk! This surname Zhang, are you trying to pick a fight? The Lin family’s ancestral tombs are all on the mountain, you think I’ll sell you the ancestral tombs?!

So, Lin You the parrot’s hometown, it really is: deep in the mountains and old forests, great air, and can even be said to carry some spiritual intelligence. Hence, compared with the forest on the mountains, the garden villa is indeed barely acceptable.

However, Mu Yanxiao naturally took Lin You’s words as mockery due to this guy’s craziness. Even if it wasn’t mockery, based on his reasoning, he also thought that this was a parrot which gained intelligence, so of course it lived in remote and thickly forested mountains. But after Lin You finished speaking, he suddenly realized that he made a slip of the tongue, so he shook his wings a few times and kept silent.

With such an intentional silence on both sides, Young Master Lin You happily moved into his new home.

Although Lin You’s hometown won in terms of a beautiful environment, Mu Yanxiao’s villa won in terms of extremely comfortable automation. After Lin You entered the living room, he felt that he didn’t have enough eyes to look around and simply flapped his wings and flew around the house. Big Master Mu sat on the sofa at Mu One’s behest and waited for his parrot’s evaluation.

Squawk squawk!! It’s pretty good here! The master bedroom is for you, the guest bedroom is mine~There’s also a small bar and a super big bathtub, and there’s also a fitness room, and there’s still a swimming pool outside~Oh~Master~You damn local tyrant~ ~”

Mu Yanxiao: “… I’ll just take those words of yours as compliments. In the future, you can move freely at home except when we have to go out together to do something…Remember not to defecate everywhere.”

Lin You the parrot immediately exploded when he heard the words, “You’re the one that poops yourself anywhere! Young Master is cleaner than you!!! Young Master can take a shower by himself!!!”

Mu Yanxiao, “You can’t apply body wash by yourself.”

Lin You: “…” Haha. You still can’t take a shower by yourself!

Hence, the atmosphere all of a sudden became strangely silent. Mu Three next to him couldn’t bear to see it and hurriedly stepped forward, “Boss, I’ve already modified most of the switches in the house to be sound-activated, and only your voice ID can control them. Other people still need to operate them physically. Of course, there are still manual controls for the important files on the computer and the safe. This, you can just ask Little Six to help with.”

Mu Yanxiao nodded when he heard the words, and gave rare praise to Mu Three, “Well done.”

“Haha, boss teached me well!” Mu Three happily touched his head, and all four in the room, including Lin You, secretly rolled their eyes. Simple minded people have their value as well, at least they won’t betray/be kicked/become cannon fodder, and so on.

It was almost four o’clock in the afternoon already, and the three, Mu One, Mu Three, and Mu Four, left, after confirming that Mu Yanxiao could move freely. They all live next to Mu Yanxiao’s villa and usually perform their own duties, but they will promptly come over as soon as Boss calls.

After the numbered Mus left, the room suddenly became quiet.

Sitting on the sofa, Mu Yanxiao felt for the first time that his house was too empty. Although the air conditioning at a constant temperature will always keep the house comfortable, it does not bring him comfort after he has lost his sight.

“Xiaoxiao~You scared?”

Suddenly a low and hoarse voice sounded in his ears. Mu Yanxiao shook, then couldn’t help laughing. For a moment, he actually had an illusion that a man was whispering in his ear.

After stretching out his right hand, a pair of small sharp claws gently fell onto his palm, and at the same time he felt a smooth feathery wing gently resting on his arm.

Squawk squawk~ there’s still Young Master~you are not alone~~”

Mu Yanxiao suddenly smiled when he heard this. Just that one sentence instantly dispelled the coldness that wouldn’t leave him. And the smile that suddenly bloomed in the twilight sunset made Lin You, who was staring at him, instantly stunned. It took a while before Lin You covered up his head with his other wing and groaned. This is unscientific, ah, he was actually fascinated looking at a man just now?! This was the cruel man who emitted a cold cold air every day and is the best at exposing people and is short of being suspected as the Mafia boss?!

“I must’ve opened my eyes at the wrong angle just now!” Lin You the parrot muttered to himself. Mu Yanxiao suddenly cut in, “Did you see something that hurts your eyes? I can take it off or cover it with a piece of cloth for you.”

Lin You looked rather sadly at Mu Yanxiao’s handsome face when he heard the words. Then with a flap, he flew up and covered Mu Yanxiao’s face with his two wings.

Mu Yanxiao, “…” 

“You’d better change your eye-opening angle again.”

One person and one bird just sat like this in the living room with French windows, quietly basking in the sun for a while. When it was half past five, Mu Yanxiao and Lin You raised their heads at the same time.

“What time is it?”

“Time to eat!”

The sound that came at almost the same time made Mu Yanxiao feel much better. Only now did he truly feel that he really wasn’t alone. Even if the one beside him was just a parrot, what did it matter? Even if it were a person, he may not be as good as this parrot. Or, let himself feel warm.

“It’s half past five! Go eat, go eat! What do you want to eat? I’m calling for takeaway! Aoao! You can cook~I can only make biological/non-biological poisons. Oh, I can only eat.”

Lin You became depressed. He almost made a slip of the tongue again. He almost talked about his job. But then it suddenly occurred to him: his shop might be blown up by the comments. He has to go look at them no matter what, hey!!

“Aiya! Squawk squawk! I actually forgot that I can still make phone calls!!”

Once Lin You thought of his own store on the Nethernet, it suddenly occurred to him that he actually has a way to contact his family without coaxing Mu Yanxiao! Although his grandfather prefers to use sound transmission talismans, and his mom and dad prefer to shout over the air, but! At least his male and female cousins still have a phone! ! And the most important thing was that he can directly get in touch with his uncle through the Nethernet! There is nothing that uncle can’t do!!

So Lin You became very excited.

Mu Yanxiao heard his parrot’s excitement and felt that it had gone crazy again. Tsk, its craziness is becoming more frequent, can it be cured?

“Believe me, your hometown either has no signal, or they haven’t installed a phone yet.”

Lin You suddenly paused and his mouth twitched. Not going to argue with this blind man. But tomorrow he could go out and buy a phone then make a phone call! Gasp…what were his family member’s phone numbers?!

“What do you want to eat? Sugar roasted chestnuts, peanuts, walnuts, or maybe pistachios?” Mu Yanxiao interrupted Lin You’s long thoughts, “Bring the phone over with your mouth.”

Lin You pecked the palm of Lin You’s hand when he heard what was said. Only then did he gloomily go to grab the phone with his mouth. He doesn’t remember anyone’s phone number, and he can only find a computer to get in touch with his uncle…And uncle who has a very unique personality… Lin You shivered and almost smashed the phone onto the floor.

“Young Master wants to eat the Manchu Han imperial feast! How could those snacks be taken as a meal!”

Mu Yanxiao paused for a while, then directly pressed the fourth button on his phone, and soon there was Mu Four’s gentle voice, “Boss?”

“Let Mu Five bring in dinner. Two meat dishes, one vegetable dish, and one soup is sufficient.”

“Yes Boss! Mu Four already prepared the meal, and there’s an extra meat and vegetable dish! I’ll bring it over now!”

Lin You looked resentfully at Mu Yanxiao, “The Manchu Han imperial feast?”

Mu Yanxiao calmly stroked the bird’s head. “Rejected. As a parrot, even if you gained intelligence, you still have to act like a parrot. Tomorrow we’ll be going to Grandfather’s place. I haven’t visited him since the accident, and even though he definitely knows all about my circumstances, he still needs to see me in person to be completely at ease.”

“Besides, I also want to ask him where he picked you up. It might help me find the general location of your home. And… to check whether you are seeking death by eating the same thing as me instead of those snacks.”

Lin You the parrot: “…” As a blind person, with no self-pity or remorse, full of domineering spirit and ridicule, you really aren’t cute at all!”

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