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Side Story 9: Interest (1)

“Yize, I want to buy something over the weekend. I shall grant you a chance to be my chauffeur.”


“Hubby, you’re so good to me! Oh right. Today is Ziwei’s birthday and she asked me to accompany her for a sleepover, so I won’t be coming home tonight. I will give you a chance to experience life alone!”



Weekend. Shopping mall.

An Yize had wanted to hold Su Jian’s hand. However, Su Jian hugged his arm before he could. Feeling satisfied, he lowered his hand quietly.

Su Jian hugged his arm, half leaning onto him. Su Jian said happily, “Walking like this does seem to save me some energy!”

An Yize: “……”

Passing by a branded clothes store, Su Jian started feeling mischievous. He purposely hummed, “Hubby, the clothes over there look so pretty!”

The knowledgeable president An gave the clothes in the store a glance and said plainly, “This brand doesn’t suit you.”

Su Jian replied in dissatisfaction, “During times like this, shouldn’t you take out your card overbearingly, and say ‘buy all you want’?”

An Yize looked at Su Jian from top to bottom and said, “If you wear clothes from this brand, you will truly look like a pheasant swaying in the wind.”

Su Jian: “……”


Currently, Su Jian wasn’t here to buy clothes. Instead, he was here to buy a computer. Although his previous one was still usable, it was a little difficult for it to run more high-resolution games. This made his game experience less enjoyable.

Su Jian had already thought of the brand he wanted to buy. Thus, he rushed to the brand’s counter. When the salesperson was enthusiastically introducing the computer’s functionality to the two of them, An Yize’s phone suddenly rang. Thus, he notified Su Jian and went outside to pick up the call.

It was a brand Su Jian had thought of before. After listening to the introduction and asking a few inquiries, Su Jian was satisfied with all aspects of the computer. Thus, he didn’t dilly-dally and immediately proceed to payment.

While the computer was being set up, Su Jian happened to glance outside the store and noticed two girls who were dressed fashionably standing beside An Yize who was on his phone.

Su Jian walked closer to them, only to see the two girls approaching An Yize once he was done with his phone call.

“Sir, may we have the honor to have your phone number?” The girls looked at him without any shyness, their make up done exquisitely and their smile tempting.

Why are people so direct these days, asking for one’s phone number right off the bat? Is the trope of accidentally knocking and falling into one’s embrace not trending anymore? Su Jian stared straight at An Yize while feeling sad.

An Yize was expressionless throughout. Looking towards the girls, he said, “Sorry.”

An Yize’s temperament was too outstanding and his clothing proved that he was definitely a rich man. Since the girls were not resigned to it, they wanted to try again. Unexpectedly, someone approached from the side.

Su Jian stood before An Yize and gave him a wink, saying, “Handsome guy, may I have your phone number?”

An Yize looked at him and nodded his head, saying, “Okay.” Then, he pulled Su Jian’s hand and used his finger to write a string of numbers on Su Jian’s palm.

Su Jian’s hand felt itchy due to that and wanted to draw his hand back but An Yize caught hold of his hand and didn’t let go.

Su Jian smiled and asked, “I’ve got one more question. Handsome guy, do you have a girlfriend?”

An Yize smiled and said, “No.”

“Then, may I be your girlfriend?”


Su Jian proudly made a victory sign at the two girls. Then, he hugged An Yize’s arm and left happily. An Yize who was expressionless earlier also followed along with a gentle smile on his face. The two of them looked so matching, sweet and harmonious together, leaving behind the two girls who were staring blankly, feeling chaotic.

When they returned to the counter, Su Jian couldn’t control himself any longer and laughed.

An Yize looked at him gently and asked, “Did you have fun?”

“Yes!” Su Jian continued happily, “If we have the chance again, let’s use another plot. For example… I will throw myself onto you, saying that I’m pregnant. Even if you like that guy, don’t divorce me. What do you think?

An Yize: “……”


After buying the computer, they got back to the car. An Yize asked Su Jian, “Where else do you want to go?”

“I can go anywhere?”


“Hmm? You seem to be on a good mood today?”

“…After having a baby, we rarely came out on our own.”

“Oh.” Su Jian came to a realization. “It seems like we didn’t have many dates previously! Today’s weather is great and suitable for a date!”

An Yize looked at Su Jian dotingly and said, “Do you have anywhere you wish to go? I will accompany you.”

“Let me think.” Su Jian held his chin and fell in thought. Then, he said, “Oh right, last time when Mingfei came to see the baby, he recommended a restaurant. Let’s go there and eat!”



The restaurant’s customer service and food were indeed excellent. Su Jian ate with satisfaction.

When they were leaving, Su Jian hugged An Yize’s arm as usual and said, “Ugh, I think I ate too much.”

An Yize hold onto him and asked in concern, “Is it uncomfortable?”

Su Jian: “Suffering but happy.”

An Yize: “……”

Ji Yan came from the side and saw An Yize’s figure.

The distance between them was quite close. If it was in the past, even if it was just a glimpse of her hair fluttering by, An Yize who looked at her wholeheartedly would not have missed it.

But now, she was right next to him yet he didn’t notice her at all. His sight was totally focused on the girl clinging to him.

The sight of An Yize’s gentle and doting eyes pierced Ji Yan’s eyes.

Su Jian tilted his head and leaned on An Yize while An Yize hugged her waist. The two of them were snuggling together affectionately. At some point, Su Jian said something while looking up and giving An Yize a bright smile. An Yize who was looking downwards towards Su Jian also smiled. The smile was faint, but his eyes showed that he was happy inside.

The “Xiao Ze” that was on the tip of Ji Yan’s tongue had to choice but to be swallowed back.

Recently, her work and relationship hasn’t been smooth. She was currently shooting for a movie. Because she wanted for her work to improve, she had been working hard. Therefore, although her make up was exquisite, it couldn’t hide her tired eyes.

However, since it a public area, she was wearing sunglasses. Therefore, she still looked charismatic and eye-catching.

There were already quite a number of people who were secretly glancing at her in the restaurant. Some had recognized her identity and were discussing whether to come forward for a signature.

Unfortunately, the person she was paying attention to never spared her a glance. And with another woman, he walked passed her without noticing her.

Ji Yan stiffened. At that moment, she suddenly recalled an ending song she sang for a movie. For some reason, two sentences of the song’s lyrics suddenly played in her heart——

So what if the whole world loves me? You wouldn’t even look at me.

You lived with her till an old age, leaving me to stand alone.

The manager by the side saw her stop. Following her line of sight, she also recognized him. She said, “Isn’t that Mr. An?” After saying so, she wanted to walk up to greet An Yize.

Ji Yan held her back and said softly, “Let’s go.”

Then, she left quickly with her head raised.


After a day of dating, Su Jian was in a good mood and carried both the item and good mood home. Su Jian immediately hugged the baby and said, “Baby, did you miss Mommy today?”

The baby waved her small hands around, obviously happy to see Su Jian. Su Jian saw the baby’s jade-like figure and his heart melted. He lamented, “Why are my genes so wonderful?” Then, he couldn’t help but lightly bite the baby’s soft and white little face.

The baby felt taken aback by his bite, her big eyes looking wronged. Then, the baby opened her arms towards An Yize who was by the side, asking for a hug. Her little mouth called happily, “Daddy! Daddy!”

Su Jian was burning with jealousy. He stared at An Yize and asked, “I’m the one who gave birth, why did she learn to call you first!”

An Yize smiled and said, “You will have to ask the baby.” After receiving the baby, he gave the baby’s cheek a rub.

Su Jian felt helpless as he thought in his heart: Vocally, isn’t it normal to call ‘Mommy’ first? But very quickly, he got over it. After all, he was different from other women. Thinking about it, aren’t I also the baby’s father inside? The baby calling ‘father’ is equivalent to calling me. After thinking in such an Ah Q[1] way, he immediately cheered up.

While they were having dinner, Su Jian noticed that mother An had a new hairstyle. Su Jian had wanted to comment on it. However, after thinking about mother An’s temper, he changed his mind and pretended not to see.

After their meal, mother An sat haughtily beside Su Jian, touching her hair from time to time. However, seeing Su Jian having the same expression as usual and not noticing her new hairstyle, she felt angry. She started being unhappy with Su Jian’s hairstyle and said, “In any case, you’re our An family’s third young mistress. Why don’t you know how to present yourself at all! Always having the same disheveled hair, you’re a disgrace to the An family!”

Su Jian touched his own hair and said, “I don’t think it’s bad.” Sister Su has good hair quality. It was black and straight, the neat long hair matched sister Su’s face. It looked obedient, even he himself liked it.

Mother An replied unhappily, “I don’t like it! You’re already a mother. How can you not know how to present yourself! Change to a new hairstyle tomorrow!”

Su Jian was speechless. Isn’t mother An too controlling? She even wants to control my hairstyle!

Su Jian was about to reply when he herd An Yize saying, “Mother, I like Jian Jian’s current hairstyle.”

Mother An: “……”

Seeing mother An’s fuming expression, Su Jian chuckled and said, “Hmm? Mother, did you change your hairstyle?”

Mother An gave him a glance before ignoring him. However, she looked calmer.

Su Jian knew that she was now feeling proud. Looking around, he asked father An, “Father, is mother’s new hairstyle nice?”

Father An looked at mother An with a smile and said, “Of course. Any hairstyle would look good if it is on your mother’s head.”

An expert! Su Jian admired his skill as he silently gave father An a thumbs up in his heart.

Mother An was indeed placated. Her eyes shone brightly.

Su Jian laughed smirked and said, “Mother, the skirt you’re wearing looks pretty!”

Mother An’s eyes were visibly happy, but she continued looking proud as she said, “Really?”

“Really! I will vow with the Tangbao I wish to eat tomorrow morning. The skirt you’re wearing today matches well with your hairstyle!”

“…At least you have taste.”

After Su Jian and An Yize went upstairs with their baby, Mother An called the housekeeper and instructed, “We will have Tangbao for breakfast tomorrow.”


[1]Ah Q – Ah Q is a character in a novel. According to Wikipedia, Ah Q is known for deluding himself into believing he is the victor every time he loses a fight.

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