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Side Story 8: Visiting New In-Laws (8)

When Su Jian woke up the next day, he was still in An Yize’s embrace.

He could feel that An Yize was already awake. However, An Yize was probably scared of waking him up, so he continued hugging Su Jian without moving.

Staying in bed with someone he liked and was familiar with was a wonderful thing. Hence, even though Su Jian woke up, he didn’t open his eyes.

As a result, he was able to hear An Yize whispering softly to him, “I love you.”

It’s rare for uncle An to be so expressive! Su Jian opened his eyes in pleasant surprise. Hugging An Yize’s head, Su Jian kissed him happily and exclaimed, “I love you too! Here, a lip kiss!”

The two of them haven’t been so close together for many days. The small flame quickly became a raging fire.

Su Jian felt satisfied after finally getting An Yize to open his underwear. He laid naked in An Yize’s embrace and they chatted idly.

Remembering his parents’ request, Su Jian brought up the topic of visiting his godparents with the baby to An Yize. Naturally, An Yize had no objections. However, he specially asked about Su Jie, “That brother of yours seems to treat you very well?”

Su Jian said, “Godfather and godmother wanted daughters but they only had sons. Now that they found such a wonderful daughter like me, of course they would dote on me! Ah Jie doesn’t have a sister, so it is a fresh experience for him. To add on, he is dating Xiao Rou. It’s natural that we are close!”

An Yize slowly said, “He seem to treat you especially well.”

“Of course! We are…” Su Jian almost blurted out “We are real siblings”. Fortunately, he managed to stop himself in time. However, he soon felt that something was odd. Receiving a sudden enlightenment and linking it to An Yize’s recent behavior, Su Jian came to a realization. He asked, “Hey, don’t tell me you’re jealous because of Ah Jie?”

Unexpectedly, the usually awkward uncle An wasn’t being awkward this time. He nodded his head and said, “Yes.”

Su Jian was shocked. The heck! He actually admitted it? What happened to your awkward and quiet personality?

Su Jian who got hold of the main clue and quickly thought of the explanation for everything became Mouri Su. He said, “Recently, I’ve been close to Ah Jie. You thought that there was something between us, so you got jealous. Afterward, you ran away overseas and did not call me on purpose. You ignored me and got angry at me secretly?”

“Unexpectedly, I took the initiative to come and find you and expressed my deep love for you.” Happily arranging the plot, he continued, “Then, you finally realized that it was a misunderstanding of your part and decided to treat me well for life?”

An Yize smiled and said, “I’ll admit only to the last sentence.”

“I don’t believe!” Su Jian asked with a grin, “Say, were you heartbroken or did you cry when you thought I was abandoning you?”

“……” An Yize was silent for a moment before he asked, “Were you unhappy when I didn’t contact you?”

Su Jian stopped smiling and admitted honestly, “Of course I was unhappy. I was very unhappy. You didn’t call me. Yet, you asked the housekeeper about the baby, mother and Xiao Rou every day. You didn’t ask about me at all. I’m very angry.”

An Yize: “Afterwards?”

Su Jian: “Afterwards, I washed my face with tears every day. Like a woman in a stereotypical drama, I even silently brought home a brick from the construction site.”

An Yize stopped smiling and whispered, “Actually, I’ve asked about you. You just didn’t know. When I call mother, I would always ask about you.”

Su Jian’s eyes became brighter. He said, “Great. You actually used the housekeeper to mess with me!. Oh right, what did mother say?”

An Yize repeated mother An’s words: “Your wife is doing great. Every day, she looks like a pheasant swaying in the wind.”

Pheasant… swaying in the wind… Su Jian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. As expected of mother.

“Looks like communication is very important!” Su Jian sighed, “If you have any thoughts next time, just ask me directly. Getting all angry on your own was quite… quite cute haha.”

An Yize was silent for a moment. Then, he said, “If it was real, our relationship would be irrecoverable. But if it was fake, I would hurt your feelings.”

Su Jian’s heart felt warm. He asked, “Yize, if I really fell for someone else, would you still try to recover our relationship? You are very resolute.”

An Yize looked at him and said, “You’re different.”

Su Jian stared blankly. A sense of sweetness spread out in his heart. Su Jian raised his hand and hook onto An Yize’s neck. He said, “Dear, don’t worry. Even if I were to fall for someone else, that person would never be Su Jie!”

An Yize: “Why?”

Su Jian: “Uh… He’s too soft! I don’t like young fresh meat. I like old preserved meat like you!”

An Yize: “……”


Since they were talking about this, Su Jian asked about the woman on the phone that day openedly.

“Woman?” An Yize was surprised. After listening to Su Jian’s description, he thought back and said, “That’s probably An Qi. She’s a friend of mine who lives here.” Then, he explained to Su Jian that he had met An Qi that day and he accidentally dirtied his clothes, so he had returned and take a bath.

“If you’re willing, we can meet up with her.” said An Yize.

Su Jian thought for a moment and asked, “Is she pretty?”

Nodding his head, An Yize said with a smile, “Don’t worry. She already has a boyfriend.”

Su Jian: “……” I’m not worried about her falling for you dear. I just want to see a beauty!

After clarifying all the doubts and misunderstanding, Su Jian felt much more relaxed and comfortable. Coincidentally, there was a pause in An Yize’s work. Hence, the two of them took the chance to go sightseeing.

The two of them were relaxed and carefree as they held hands and walked on the streets of a foreign country. Looking at the person beside him who was smiling very brightly, a thought came to An Yize’s mind.

“Jian Jian.”


“Let’s go on a honeymoon soon.”


“Yes. We never had the chance to go on a honeymoon. Let’s take the chance to do so now. Do you have anywhere you wish to go?”

“Haha, I have plenty!”

“Choose the place you wish to go the most.”

“The place I wish to go the most, South Pole!”

“…A place suitable for a honeymoon.”

“Brazil then. Let’s watch football!”

“….Another one.”

“God, stop being so picky! Do you perhaps dislike going overseas? Fine, let’s go domestic traveling. Let me think. What about Tibet? Is that refreshing enough? I felt very envious when I saw pictures of people climbing Everest. I have to climb it at least once in my lifetime!”

“….Alright, let’s reconsider.”


After having a few days of fun overseas, Su Jian returned with An Yize, who had a fulfilling work and love life.

After returning, Su Jian started planning a family reunion. Since mother Su’s(Girl Su Jian) health was currently well, Su Jian also invited her and uncle Li. The two good friends mother Su(Girl Su Jian) and mother Su(Guy Su Jian) would able to meet up, so they were naturally very happy.

Picking a weekend, Su Jian brought An Yize and the baby, and accompanied mother Su(Girl Su Jian) and uncle Li to the Su family(Guy Su Jian).

Although they already knew that their eldest son has a husband, father and mother Su were still not used to it when they saw An Yize. Fortunately, An Yize looked good and has a good temperament. Although he was quiet, he spoke gracefully. He was polite and treated Su Jian well, so the two elders were quite happy. Mother Su(Guy Su Jian) adjusted her mindset and looked at An Yize as a son-in-law. She gradually became the wife’s mother looking at her son-in-law. The more she looked, the more she was fond of him.

The one who gained the most attention was An Ran the baby. The baby inherited the best of Su Jian’s and An Yize’s looks. The baby looked tender and exquisite, almost like a porcelain doll. The few elders were immediately smitten. Even Su Jie was attacked by the baby’s cuteness and couldn’t help but stroke the baby’s face.

Su Jian said proudly, “Isn’t she cute? Quickly capture Xiao Rou so you guys can give birth to one too!”

Su Jie didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. He said, “Isn’t it still too early for us to talk about this?”

Su Jian said, “Not really. Look, I’m only older than you by two to three years. I still had the baby didn’t I?

Su Jie replied, “You had an early marriage and pregnancy, of course I can’t compete with you. Xiao Rou and I have already discussed. After graduating from college, we still want to further our studies.”

Su Jian said, “You can still marry first. Then, you can work hard together. Both of you can be straight A students as a couple. This is so exciting and intense!”

Su Jie didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. He asked, “Is there really a need to rush this?”

Su Jian wished to change his mindset very much. He exclaimed, “Stupid! Xiao Rou is such a good girl, you should definitely get her fast. What if she is snatched away by someone else?”

“If she really chooses someone else, I will naturally respect her choice.” Su Jie continued, “I don’t wish to make such a hasty decision with her. I wish the both of us would make a decision when we are mature. I’m willing to wait for her to think it through and be willing.”

“Ay,” Su Jian raised his brows and looked at his brother, saying, “Not bad!”

Su Jie asked him with a smile, “How is it between you and brother-in-law? You two seem fine now.”

“Of course we’re fine!” Thinking of the reason behind their trouble, Su Jian was amused. He said with a smirk, “Do you know why your brother-in-law, ugh, do you know why your sister-in-law was angry with me? Because he was jealous! Do you know who he was jealous of? I bet you won’t know!”

Su Jie thought for a moment before he asked in surprise, “Don’t tell me it was… me?”

“Ya!” Su Jian said amusedly. “I thought he was quite a reasonable person. I’ve never expected that he would have such an empty-headed moment. No matter who I was with, that person would have never been you!”

Su Jie’s lips also lifted to a smile. He suddenly asked, “Brother, are you happy now?”

Su Jian asked with a bewildered expression: “What? Is this a CCTV interview? What do you mean by ‘if my surname is Fu’? I’m not Erkang. Isn’t my surname Su?”[1]

Su Jie: “……”


All the elderlies and Su Jian were crowding around the baby. An Yize was by the side, skillfully preparing the baby milk.

Seeing An Yize’s experienced movements, Su Jie was surprised. He now looked at the fresh new brother-in-law with deeper eyes.

“Brother-in-law.” Although he had often used this term in private, Su Jie still felt strange and awkward calling out to An Yize directly with it.

An Yize turned around to look at him.

Su Jie said, “Previously, when you were angry at my… sister, she was very upset.”

An Yize was silent for a moment before he said calmly, “She won’t be upset again.”

Su Jie asked, “Brother-in-law, can I be assured with you?”

An Yize glanced at him and said, “Don’t worry about Jian Jian. You should only care about Xiao Rou alone. I hope Xiao Rou didn’t choose the wrong person.”

“Of course.” Su Jie replied confidently and calmly. Looking at An Yize whose appearance clearly said ‘top quality tall, rich, handsome, tough and elite man’ from top to bottom, Su Jie was suddenly curious. He couldn’t help but ask, “Why do you like my sister?”

An Yize’s hands stopped and he looked at Su Jie with slightly knitted brows. After a moment of silence, he spoke with a calm tone, “Because she’s cute.”

Su Jie choked immediately. He really couldn’t associate the word “cute” with his brother, although he admits that his brother’s current appearance was indeed cute.

“She does look cute, but her personality…” Objectively speaking, although he didn’t think that his brother’s personality was bad, Su Jian’s personality still carried it’s previous manliness. An Yize looked like the type who would like someone exquisite, be it appearance or personality. Su Jie found it weird that he would actually fall for his brother who had such personality.

An Yize: “Her personality is very cute too.”

Su Jie: “……” Brother, An Yize’s love for you is probably true love.


Mother Su(Girl Su Jian) was asked to stay overnight by mother Su(Guy Su Jian). Mother Su(Girl Su Jian) was happy to do so. Su Jian was also happy to see the two mothers being happy and close. However, it was getting late. Even though the elderlies couldn’t bear to part with the baby, Su Jian had to leave with An Yize and the baby.

The baby slept in the afternoon and is very energetic now. Su Jian carried the baby and felt her weight. Looking at An Yize who was driving, he said happily, “The baby seems to be heavier again!”

An Yize replied, “A child is always growing.”

Su Jian kissed the baby’s little face and the baby giggled happily.

An Yize turned his head and looked at the big and small figure by his side who had similar eyes and brows. His eyes, reflecting the neon lights, were filled with warmth and happiness.

Next to him, Su Jian played with the baby while softly humming a song.

Su Jian’s singing ability was unforgettable to An Yize. If it was a usual day, An Yize would definitely try to stop this out of tune melody from continuing. However, he didn’t stop it this time but instead raised his lips to a smile.

Thus, the song which lyrics was changed by Su Jian sounded unhurriedly by the ears of the family of three:

“By the mountains and by the sea, there is a Su Jian Jian.

He is lively and bright,

He is witty and brave,

He has a happy family, a cute baby and his other half,

He feels very happy and satisfied…”[2]

—Side Story “Visiting New In-Laws” Complete—


[1]In the previous sentence, Su Jie asked Su Jian if he was happy. Happy(幸福) is pronounced as ‘Xing Fu’ in Chinese, which also sounded like Su Jie asking if Su Jian’s surname was ‘Fu’(姓福). Su Jian is being punny. Fu Erkang is a fictional character from the TV show called ‘My Fair Princess’.

[2]He and she sounds the same in Chinese. Even though Su Jian is singing ‘he’, An Yize would just think of it as ‘she’. This is the original song:–cE6w

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