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Side Story 10: Interest (2)

After settling the baby, Su Jian and An Yize returned to their room.

Su Jian sat down with crossed legs and used his laptop. After scrolling about on the internet, Su Jian visited the forum he often frequented. Seeing a post recommending a movie, he clicked onto it.

The original poster was recommending a porn film to everyone very enthusiastically and even attached a screenshot. Su Jian took a look at it. Feeling that it suited his taste, Su Jian cheerfully thanked the original poster for the download link. Then, he downloaded the film.

With a selfless mindset of ‘why not watch together than watching alone’, Su Jian invited president An to watch with him.

“Movie? What’s the title?” asked An Yize.

The original title was translated as “Snow White”. However, Su Jian renamed the title of the movie based on the original poster’s description of the plot to: “A Story Between a Married Man and a Married Woman”.

An Yize: “……”

The plot of the movie wasn’t very complicated, but it was very bold and unrestrained. They were only five minutes in and an exciting scene appeared. Seeing the tangled man and woman on the screen, Su Jian lamented, “This position is a little difficult!” After saying so, he even tried to learn it subconsciously.

An Yize: “……”

Su Jian leaned onto An Yize and commented, “The girl’s waist is pretty good, it’s slim and flexible. As for her voice, although it’s loud enough, it’s not moving.”

An Yize was silent for a moment before he asked, “Moving?”

Su Jian recalled an action movie he watched before. Copying the voice of his favorite actress, he said, “Something like this: Hnnn… No… Ah…”

Usually, Su Jian doesn’t like making much noise. At most, he would call out An Yize’s name while panting. Now that he was suddenly groaning so movingly, An Yize’s expression changed instantly.

Naturally, Su Jian who was leaning on him realized his changes. He said blankly, “It has only been five minutes…” This is just a porn firm. No matter how bold and unrestrained it was, it wasn’t real. Why was uncle An so excited?

Thinking for a moment, Su Jian came to a sudden realization. Softening his voice, he tried another round of “moving voice”. Seeing An Yize’s terrible expression, he laughed. He moved towards An Yize and whispered, “Dear, so you liked this type!”

An Yize held his face and kissed him strongly.

Subsequently, the two of them were like the man and woman on the screen. The started doing things that a married man and a married woman did.

During the process, Su Jian remembered the rare interest of uncle An and decided to play his part. However, he was ultimately inexperienced at it. In the beginning, Su Jian was trying to moan seriously. However, Su Jian got addicted to it afterward and it gradually became vocal training.

Hence, An Yize who started full of lust gradually became hesitant. When Su Jian started humming “Tan Te”, he finally stopped in defeat.


Su Jian felt a little guilty as he watched An Yize shifting away from himself with a cold and uninterested face.

He could only blame himself for being too engrossed in pursuing the arts and neglecting the feelings of his partner. Su Jian decided to compensate uncle An.

Since it was compensation, he should naturally pick something An Yize like. Thinking for a moment, Su Jian put on the sailor suit gifted by An Yirou previously. Then, he stood in front of An Yize who was cooling down at the terrace.

Although An Yize didn’t say anything and only looked at him, Su Jian could tell that An Yize liked that way he dressed from the look in An Yize’s eyes.

How can he not like it? This outfit looks so pure and cute on when worn on this body. I looked just like a sixteen year old high school student, yet somewhat alluring. Even I like it so much when I saw myself in the mirror!

“Senior.” Su Jian’s voice was soft and somewhat nervous as he continued, “I… I like you!”

An Yize still didn’t say anything and only stared at him.

Su Jian was possessed by an actor’s spirit and completely acted like a young girl confessing shyly to her senior. He said, “Senior, I’ve li-liked you for a very long time! I really like you…”

An Yize finally made a move. Stretching out his hand, he lifted Su Jian’s chin and said, “Does your sincerity only amount to this?”

His voice was low and magnetic, and his eyes were deep and intense. Being stared at by An Yize, Su Jian was suddenly at a loss and his body lightly trembled.

An Yize leaned over and whispered slowly by his ear, “Take off your clothes.”

Su Jian gulped down his saliva and he slowly moved his hands to the buttons. He and An Yize have already faced each other naked numerous times. Yet now, he had only undo one button and already felt his face heating up when facing An Yize’s dark and deep eyes.

He felt like covering his face very much: I actually feel shy. Just what is going on ahhhhhh!

Su Jian’s movement was very slow. An Yize’s eyes darkened when he saw Su Jian’s reddened face. He said calmly, “Continue.”

Su Jian could only steel his heart and continue. Throughout the whole process, An Yize only stared at him. He neither spoke nor moved, making Su Jian feel very pressured. Finally, Su Jian who was almost naked stood in front of the neatly dressed An Yize. A rare sense of shame dyed his body with a faint shade of pink.

Undeniably however, although he felt nervous, there was also a sense of thrill. He was somewhat looking forward to what will happen next.

What will uncle An do? Will he continue being a domineering senior or will he change into an evil yet charming husband? Or perhaps he will change into a beast?

“Stop.” Just when Su Jian was clenching his teeth, preparing himself to remove the last few pieces of clothing, An Yize suddenly spoke.

Su Jian froze.

“You don’t have to remove any more. I’m not interested in you.” An Yize gave him a glance before turning around to leave.

Su Jian was stunned. Your mom! What kind of flow of events is this? The plot is wrong!

Seeing that An Yize was really leaving, looking truly uninterested in him, Su Jian felt depressed. He threw himself forward and hugged An Yize tightly from behind.

“Sir, do you really not want to?” Su Jian invited enthusiastically.


An Yize remained unmoved.

Su Jian didn’t want to admit defeat and stretched his hand underneath An Yize’s clothing. Lightly rubbing his face on An Yize’s back, he said coyly, “Sir, come on!”

An Yize suddenly moved. Su Jian had yet to react when he was carried by An Yize and thrown onto the bed.

Although the bed was large and soft, Su Jian still felt dizzy after he fell on it. He sat up dazedly and looked at An Yize who was expressionless as usual. Then, he lowered his head.

Seeing that Su Jian not moving and his head was down, An Yize sat beside him subconsciously and called out, “Jian Jian?”

Su Jian still didn’t speak but moved his head slightly away.

An Yize felt that something was odd. Holding Su Jian’s face, he looked at Su Jian and froze.

Su Jian’s eyes were shining brightly due to his tears and his eyes were red. Seeing An Yize looking at him, he pursed his lips and lightly pushed An Yize away. Then, he got off the bed, picked up his clothes and started putting them on.

“Jian Jian?” An Yize furrowed his brows and pulled Su Jian into his embrace. He was no longer cold like before. His eyes were full of concern and his voice was gentle as he asked, “Did you knock into something? Let me take a look.”

Su Jian still didn’t speak. He looked at An Yize with a hurt expression. Blinking his eyes, a teardrop flowed down from his eyes.

An Yize didn’t know what to do. He called out, “Jian Jian?”

Su Jian said softly, “It hurts…”

“Where does it hurt?” An Yize looked at him regretfully.

“Here.” Su Jian raised up his knees timidly and pointed it out to An Yize. Seeing An Yize’s concerned expression, he lightly pulled An Yize’s hand over and asked, “Big brother, won’t you help me rub it?”

An Yize stared blankly. Looking up at Su Jian, his concerned expression soon returned to calm.

Su Jian snickered in his heart: Why are you acting? An Yize oh An Yize, so you liked this type. I know now!

However, his expression didn’t change and still looked naive and innocent: “Big brother?”

An Yize raised his hand to wipe off the tear on the corner of Su Jian’s eyes. He asked with a gentle voice, “Does it still hurt?”

Su Jian shook his head and looked at him with clear eyes.

Usually, Su Jian was very lively and bright. He had never looked so obedient and innocent before. To add on, he was currently dressed very untidily. As a result of this pure yet alluring visage, An Yize’s eyes darkened. He raised his hand to hold Su Jian’s face.

Su Jian felt proud in his heart. However, he appeared naive and innocent as he asked, “Big brother, what’s your name?”

An Yize cooperated and answered, “An Yize.”

Su Jian caught his hand and light hooked onto his pinky. Raising his little face, Su Jian asked, “Brother Yize, when I grow up, can I marry you and be your wife?”

Facing Su Jian’s obedient and innocent look, An Yize’s looked at him warmly.


“Hehehe!” Su Jian changed back to his original demeanor and pushed An Yize backward. Then, he pressed An Yize down with a smirk.

An Yize didn’t resist and fell backwards according to Su Jian’s wishes. With a face full of indulgence, he let Su Jian press down on him.

As Su Jian evilly stretched his hand into An Yize’s clothes, he put on an innocent expression and said, “Brother Yize, I’ve grown up. Can you marry me tonight?

A smile could be seen in An Yize’s eyes. Raising his hand, he held Su Jian and answered, “Okay.”


When Su Jian woke up the next day, he rubbed his aching waist. Although he was grimacing in pain, he was secretly pleased.

Hehehe. Last night, uncle An was very…

However, Su Jian soon felt hateful. He remembered that when he pretended to cry, An Yize’s face was so full of concern. However, halfway through the ‘process’, Su Jian couldn’t control himself a let out a tear. An Yize then went on beast mode and actually made Su Jian cry for real.

Damn it. It was so shameful being forced to say “Brother Yize, don’t…” while crying!

However, doing this once in a while seems strangely fun. As the saying goes, a couple needs an interest. However, I can’t depend on uncle An to fulfill the two of our interest. I’ll have to depend on myself!

Fortunately, An Yize was rather cooperative with Su Jian’s strange ideas. Hence, when they were alone, there was a slight change to the daily lives of the couple.


Struggling, Su Jian asked, “Brother Yize, why are you removing my clothes? Ah, you mustn’t!”

An Yize held onto him and said, “I must.”

Su Jian pouted, “Brother Yize, you’re so bad!”

An Yize said with a poker face, “Jian Jian, change your lines.”

Su Jian said shyly, “Brother Yize, you’re so good!”

An Yize: “……”


Su Jian said teasingly, “President, please sign on this document.”

An Yize asked calmly, “Where’s the document?”

Su Jian said as he removed his clothes, “Isn’t it right in front of you? President, I’m your document.”

An Yize continued speaking calmly, “Give me the next document.”

Su Jian pounced at him and said, “President, why are you so disobedient! Quickly sign!”


Su Jian exclaimed fearfully, “Ah, who are you? What do you want?”

An Yize: “What do you think?”

Su Jian struggled and said, “Ah, no! Brother, please let me off. I’m still a virgin!

An Yize: “You will no longer be after tonight.”

Su Jian: “……”


Su Jian said shyly, “Handsome prince, thank you for saving me. In order to thank you, I can only offer my body!”

An Yize, “Princess, you’re too kind.”

Su Jian: “Not at all! Prince, which position do you prefer?”

An Yize: “……”


Su Jian said in dissatisfaction, “Husband, do you not like me anymore?”[1]

An Yize: “How can that be?”

Su Jian pouted and said, “Then why didn’t you visit me recently? Everyday, I yearned to see you. I’ve yearned so much my heart is aching now!” He pulled An Yize’s hand and placed it on his chest. “Can you feel it?”

An Yize: “Then, did you take your medicines today?”

Su Jian: “……”


“Where’s Jian Jian?”

“The mistress has gone to the greenhouse.”

When An Yize arrived at the greenhouse, he saw Su Jian who was sleeping soundly on a rattan chair in the greenhouse with a book covering his face.

An Yize walked over and held Su Jian by the neck and the knees. He was about to carry Su Jian into the house when the person in his embrace suddenly opened his eyes.

“Yize… You’re back?”

An Yize stopped his action. Sitting beside Su Jian, he asked, “Why are you sleeping here? What if you catch a cold?”

Su Jian rubbed his eyes and said, “I won’t. There’s plenty of sunlight here.”

An Yize held Su Jian in his embrace. Lowering his head, he asked, “How do you feel today?”

“Okay.” Su Jian looked up at An Yize. Then, his expression turned resentful. He said, “Your majesty, you haven’t been doting me recently.”[2]

“How can that be?” An Yize continued calmly and naturally, “Naturally, I dote on my love the most.”

“In that case, your majesty, I would like the eat some cake!” Su Jian said shrewdly.

“No.” An Yize replied unhesitantly.

Su Jian looked at him sadly and said, “Your majesty, you really don’t dote on me anymore! When my figure was great, you dote on me so much and let me eat all the ‘Three Little Bears’ I want to. Now that I’m fat, you dislike me!”

Feeling troubled, An Yize explained, “Jian Jian, the doctor said you should cut down on sugary food when you’re pregnant.”

“But the baby wants to eat. Isn’t that right, baby?” Su Jian lowered his head and asked his belly. Then, he acted like a baby and answered with a young voice, “Yes father!”

An Yize replied helplessly, “Alright, just a little.”

Su Jian smiled brightly and said, “Your majesty, you’re the best!”

An Yize’s eyes were smiling. Adjusting his posture, he let Su Jian lean onto him more comfortably. Su Jian laid lazily in his embrace and they continued talking.

“Yize, let’s think of a name for our baby?”

“It’s still too early.”

“Not really. We have two babies now, of course we would have to start early.”

“What names would you like?”

“Let me think. Well, let’s name one An Yi and the other An Le.”

“……” An Yize who was not used to hearing a normal name when he was expecting a non-human name like “An Digua”[3] was silent.

“How is it? Give me some of your opinions. Does it not sound nice? I feel that it sounds rather nice. Our child doesn’t need to be so excellent, as long as his life is peaceful and happy.”


The sun shone down with a shower of light, creating a warm and peaceful atmosphere. The flowers bloomed quietly and the sunlight seemed to contain a faint scent of a flower.

Su Jian suddenly felt that such a life wasn’t so bad.

“Yize, are you happy?”


“Look at Mingfei. He’s also over thirty years old, around the same age as you, but is still celebrating Singles’ Day. Then, look at you. You have a daughter and even two sons. You’re a winner in life, don’t you feel happy?”

“I do. But I’m a winner in life because I have you.”


“Jian Jian, thank you for making my life complete.”



“I’m not quite used to you being so expressive. Don’t tell me you intend to act as the expressive president today?”


—Side Story “Interest” Complete—


[1]They are speaking using ancient terms here. Italics indicates the words that are in ancient form.

[2]They are speaking using ancient terms again.

[3]An Digua – An Sweet Potato.

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