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Side Story 3: Visiting New In-Laws (3)

During his routine calls to his current mother, Su Jian mentioned that he got a godmother. After hearing about her good friend from the past, mother Su(current) was very happy. Not only did she call mother Su(real), she also wanted to find a chance for them to meet up. She asked Su Jian to greet mother Su(real) for her. Su Jian couldn’t ask for more and gladly did so.

With a valid excuse now, Su Jian often visits his parents. The Su parents and Su Jian became closer and they treated him like their daughter.

Naturally, Su Jian was happy with this outcome. The only thing that he was unsatisfied with was his brother’s attitude. It’s not like Su Jie was treating him badly. After all, every time they talked, Su Jie’s expression or tone was like he was talking to someone close to himself. However, Su Jian felt that his brother was often staring at him strangely. He always looked thoughtful, Su Jian didn’t know what he was thinking about.

Today, when Su Jian went to his parents’ neighborhood again, he saw a familiar figure when he walked past the basketball court.

Su Jian didn’t say anything, only looking interestingly at Su Jie playing basketball with a bunch of junior high school students. Seeing such an interesting sight, he couldn’t help but felt like joining in too.

Su Jie then spotted him. Wiping off his sweat, he walked over. He asked with slightly raised brows, “Do you know how to play basketball? Want to give it a try?”

Su Jian didn’t hesitate for long. Putting down the presents for his parents, he lifted his head and replied with a smile, “Okay!”

After giving birth, Su Jian had exercised quite a bit, so he was in decent physical condition. However, he didn’t play basketball for a very long time. Additionally, there was a difference in height between his current body and his previous one. Thus, Su Jian’s movements were initially awkward. Fortunately, he had often played basketball with his brother in the past, so he was familiar with Su Jie’s habit. Thus, they had a tacit understanding with one another. The longer they played, the better they cooperated with each other. They were ultimately able to achieve victory.

After leaving the basketball court, Su Jian sat his butt down on a bench.

Su Jie saw him sitting on the chair with all of his limbs spread out, looking totally unappealing and couldn’t help but purse his lips. He asked, “I’ll go buy a drink, what do you want?”

Su Jian waved his hands lazily and said, “Coke, thanks!”

“Coke?” Su Jie’s had a perplexed expression.

“What’s wrong?” Su Jian looked at him strangely and asked,” Isn’t it normal to drink coke after playing basketball?”

Su Jie didn’t say anything. He looked at Su Jian deeply again before turning around and heading towards a nearby supermarket.

With each person holding a can of coke, they sat next to each other on the bench.

Su Jian hooked on to the tab. However, he might have used too much strength and ended up breaking the tab instead, while the lid was still sealed.

Su Jian, “……”

Su Jie, “…Let me do it.”

After receiving the coke back from Su Jie, Su Jian said embarrassingly, “Thank you.” Then, he tilted his head and started drinking.

He was extremely thirsty. Additionally, Su Jie was someone who he was very familiar with, so he held no reservation and drank as he pleased. Next to him, Su Jie was made speechless by Su Jian’s unruly and bold posture with coke leaking out from his mouth.

Su Jie felt around in his pocket, but couldn’t find any tissues. Thinking for a moment, he stretched out his hand.

“What?” With puffed cheeks, Su Jian looked at him..

“Your mouth is stained.” Su Jie raised his hands to wipe it, but saw Su Jian’s behavior. However, he saw that Su Jian was only stunned for a moment, before he raised his face. Without hiding, Su Jian presented his chin willingly to Su Jie from him to wipe off the stain.

Su Jie who thought the dignified, reserved and teenager looking lady before him would reject him: “……”

After finishing the coke, Su Jian habitually threw the can at a nearby rubbish bin, his posture very serious. However, the can didn’t give him face and landed on the ground with a ‘dong’.

Failing to look cool, Su Jian had no choice but to stand up embarrassingly and ran over. He picked up the can and threw it into the rubbish bin.

Returning to the bench, Su Jian saw Su Jie slightly laughing. Feeling unhappy, Su Jian said, “Why don’t you give it a try?”

Su Jie raised his brows. With a casual throw, the can landed nicely in the rubbish bin.

Su Jian: “……”

Su Jie felt that it was interesting looking at Su Jian’s dejected expression. Thinking for a moment, he randomly said, “You’re quite good at basketball! It’s quite rare to see girls enjoy playing basketball.”

Su Jian was silent for a moment before he quickly thought of an excuse. “Because the person I like enjoys basketball.”

Su Jie was stunned. He asked, “You have someone you like?” Previously, An Yirou had introduced Su Jian as her friend, but she didn’t mention that Su Jian was actually her sister-in-law. Afterwards, when Su Jian was drunk and An Yize came to fetch him, Su Jie happened to be outside taking a call and missed the scene. When they finally met again, Su Jian never brought up that he was married and even had a child. Thus, in Su Jie and the Su parents’ eyes, Su Jian had always been a young lady attending university.

Su Jian nodded his head and thought in his heart: That’s right. Not only you brother, I, have someone I like, I even have a child. Aren’t I fast? Hehe!

Su Jie asked, “What kind of person… is the person you like?”

Su Jian was stunned. He then said proudly, “Taller, richer and more handsome than you!”

Su Jie: “……”

Su Jian started feeling nosy. Using his shoulder, he lightly bumped Su Jie and asked, “Hey, do you have someone you like?” Of course he knew that Su Jie and An Yirou are together. However, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to be direct, so he acted like he didn’t know.

Su Jie nodded his head, “Yes.”

Su Jian’s eyes shone brightly, “Really? Talk about her!”

Seeing him excited, Su Jie felt a little helpless. He said, “She… is a very cute girl.”

Just like that? Su Jian patted Su Jie’s shoulder in disappointment and said, “Bro, you can’t be like this!”

“Like what?”

“Look at you, you can’t even compliment your own girlfriend. How can this be! You should know that girls like listening to sweet nothings…”

“You like it too?”

Su  Jian was excitedly giving guidance but was suddenly interrupted by Su Jie. He was stunned for a moment before he asked, “What?”

Su Jie smiled and said, “Didn’t you say that girls like listening to sweet nothings? Aren’t you a girl? Do you like it too?”

Su Jian corrected his expression and said, “Ah, of course I like it too!”

Su Jie asked, “Which type do you like?”

Su Jian asked in confusion, “Which type?”

Su Jie smiled and said, “I will understand about it before I say it to her.”

Su Jian nodded his head and said, “Oh, I understand!”

Su Jie asked, “What are the things the person you like says that makes you happy?”

“This…” Su Jian thought with a tilted head. Memories of the things An Yize had said before filled his mind.

“Jian Jian, I bought you Three Little Bears.”

“Nevermind. Jian Jian, hand me the baby, I will coax her.”

“Didn’t you like this model a lot? I saw you looking at it online many times. Come, open the box and take a look.”

Actually, An Yize didn’t say many sweet nothings. However, the things he did and said inadvertently made Su Jian feel happy. Su Jian didn’t know how to explain this well.

“Uh,” Su Jian slowly said, “‘Jian Jian’ perhaps…”

“Jian Jian?” Su Jie was stunned, “You’re happy with him just calling your name?”

Of course not. A few nights ago, Su Jian woke up in the middle of the night and heard An Yize calling “Jian Jian” gently in his sleep, before hugging Su Jian into a tighter embrace. Recalling this scene, Su Jian mood suddenly became better. He said, “Yes, I feel very happy when the person I like calls my name! Just like that!”

Su Jie: “……”

Seeing Su Jie look speechless and then start laughing, Su Jian asked in curiosity, “Why are you laughing?”

Su Jie smiled and said, “I’m just thinking that you must really like the person who calls you ‘Jian Jian’.”

If I don’t like him, would I give birth for him? Su Jian felt so strongly and didn’t hide it. Nodding his head, he said, “That’s right, I like him a lot.”

Su Jie stared at him and asked, “I wonder when I can see him?”

Su Jian hasn’t really thought about An Yize meeting his real parents. However, now that he had already got himself a godfather and godmother, it was only a matter of time before they met.

Su Jian replied, “It should be soon.”


At home, he ate a hearty meal prepared by his mother. Then, he accompanied his parents for a chat. Seeing that it was getting late, Su Jian bidded goodbye. Then, he was accompanied by Su Jie once again.

Su Jian accepted the company very naturally and Su Jie didn’t have any objections. However, when they were waiting for the taxi at the entrance of the neighborhood, a car suddenly rushed over. Su Jian was busily talking to Su Jie by his side and didn’t notice. Su Jie, on the other hand, noticed. Widening his eyes in horror, Su Jie quickly pulled Su Jian to the side.

Fortunately, the car passed by the two of them. Although shocked, they were fine.

Hearing the car speeding past, Su Jian was shocked. When he came back to his senses, he realized that Su Jie was hugging him tightly in his embrace to protect him. Su Jian relaxed and also felt happy: He didn’t raise his brother painstakingly for nothing. This is the result of his effort!

Su Jian relaxed and leaned into Su Jie’s embrace, sighing in satisfaction.

Su Jie lowered his eyes to look at the person he was hugging. He patted the person’s back twice to calm her down, but he felt perplexed.

On this side, the brothers were hugging while each in thought. However, they didn’t realize a car was slowly stopping at the side of the road nearby.

Sitting inside the car, An Yize’s expression was cold when he saw the two people hugging.

Su Jian had mentioned to him before about his coincidental meeting with his mother’s good friend as well as the fact the Su Jian had recognized the couple as godmother and godfather. An Yize also knew that Su Jian had been visiting them frequently. This afternoon, Su Jian had called him saying that he will come here. After working a little overtime, An Yize finished his and thought that Su Jian might still be there, so he thought of picking Su Jian up on the way back. However, he didn’t expect to see such a scene.

He wasn’t unaware that the two were hugging due to the urgency of the issue. However, the two had yet to separate even after the danger had passed. This inevitably made his expression sink.

An Yize opened the car door and stepped out of his car.

Su Jie released Su Jian and was helping Su Jian arrange his disheveled hair when he heard a low, male voice by the side. “Jian Jian.”

Su Jie turned around. Facing the indifferent and pressuring tall man, Su Jie brows raised slightly. Su Jie studied An Yize unconsciously.

Seeing An Yize’s sudden appearance, Su Jian asked in surprise, “Yize? Why are you here?”

An Yize hugged Su Jian calmly and said, “Since I was passing by here, I came to fetch you.” After saying so, he nodded towards Su Jie and continued, “Thank you for saving Jian Jian earlier.”

“I’m just doing what I should.” Su Jie wasn’t overwhelmed by An Yize’s imposing aura and was calm. Suddenly looking towards Su Jian, he asked, “It’s him?”

Su Jian understood that Su Jie was asking about the ‘person I like’ that was previously mentioned. Nodding his head, Su Jian said, “Yep. This is my husband, An Yize.”

“Husband?” Su Jie was stunned and found it a little hard to believe. He asked, “You’re married?”

Although Su Jian had long accepted the fact that he became a woman, he still felt embarrassed when his brother asked about him being married to a man. Just as he was about to answer, he heard An Yize say, “Hello, I’m Jian Jian’s legal husband.”

Su Jie welcomed his look. He said, “Hello. I’m her brother, Su Jie.”

Su Jian looked at the both of them alternatingly. He felt awkward looking at the both of them who looked like two national leaders meeting.

“Ah Jie, um, since Yize has come to fetch me, you can go back first.”

Su Jie nodded his head, not forgetting to remind Su Jian in front of An Yize, saying, “Be more careful in the future.”


On their way back, Su Jian asked An Yize, “Yize, what do you think of Ah Jie?”

An Yize was silent for a moment before saying, “Okay.”

Okay? Su Jian was a little disappointed.

Now that brother Su and sister An were in love, he wished to bring the two of them together. However, the An family wasn’t an ordinary family. The two of them had quite different family backgrounds. Although the An family hadn’t cared about Su Jian’s family background so far, that may not be the case for sister An. The An family had more than one son so it may not be much for An Yize to marry a wife of ordinary background. However, An Yirou was the An family’s only daughter. The An parents and brothers doted on her. It was hard to say whether they would like her marriage to his brother.

Since An Yize was his bedfellow, he must get An Yize to stand on the same side as himself! Su Jian decided to let uncle An know about his little brother’s good points and help him gain some good impression. He asked, “Don’t you think that Ah Jie is very handsome?”

An Yize who was currently driving couldn’t help but turn around to look at Su Jian. Then, he looked back in front and said indifferently, “I don’t think so.”

You don’t think so? Su Jian who had the same appearance genes as his little brother was unhappy. If An Yize said that his little brother wasn’t handsome, wasn’t that saying the same for the previous him?

“He’s obviously handsome!” Su Jian continued unyieldingly, “He also has a good temperament! Not to mention, he has a good character. You can tell in one glance that he is a good man worth committing to!”

The traveling car suddenly came to a stop.

Su Jian who was speaking energetically asked in confusion, “Hmm? Why did you stop the car?”

An Yize turned his head over and said, “Come here.”

Su Jian moved over confusedly, “What?”

An Yize suddenly held Su Jian’s face with both hands and bit his lips strongly. Then, as if nothing happened, he let Su Jian go and continued driving.

“Ssssss——” Su Jian held his mouth. Looking flabbergasted, he asked, “What are you doing?”

An Yize looked forward expressionlessly and said, “Hungry.”

“Why would you bite me when you’re hungry?” Su Jian looked puzzled. However, he slowly came to a realization. An evil smile appeared on his face and he said, “Hehe, I understand now!”

An Yize gave him a quick glance before looking forward again. He asked, “What did you understand?”

Su Jian said a little excitedly, “To be honest, I haven’t tried it in the car before. Should we give it a try? Hehehe…”

The car stopped once again. An Yize turned around and asked calmly, “Is that for real?”

Being stared straight at with his dark eyes, Su Jian gulped down his saliva and said, “You, you couldn’t possibly be thinking of doing it now…”

An Yize removed his seatbelt and moved over. Looking at Su Jian at close proximity, he spoke with a deep and slightly hoarse voice, “If I said yes, are you willing?”

The two of them were very close and they could feel each other’s breath. An Yize’s voice that was so low as if it was the sound of breathing reached Su Jian’s face head on. Su Jian felt his body heat up. Steeling his heart, Su Jian hugged An Yize’s neck and threw himself into An Yize’s embrace.  He said bravely, “Come at me, hero!”

An Yize: “……”

Seeing that An Yize was hugging him but not moving, Su Jian felt uncertain. Looking up from An Yize’s embrace, Su Jian was stunned.

It was obviously a very intense moment. Why was An Yize smiling so gently while hugging him? And what’s with that look of relief and satisfaction?  We have yet to start, why was this fellow looking satisfied?

Su Jian couldn’t help but bit An Yize’s lower lip lightly. He asked, “Hey, are you coming or not?”

An Yize lowered his head to kiss him. He said with a smile, “Let’s not. I don’t think we can finish this fast. The baby will cry if we take too long.”

Su Jian blinked his eyes and asked, “The, let’s end it quickly?”

An Yize hugged Su Jian tightly into his embrace. He tilted his head and spoke into Su Jian’s ear with a low and hoarse voice, “That’s impossible.”

Su Jian stiffened as the warm breath entered his ear. He felt his face heat up even more.

He buried his face in An Yize’s bosom and groaned, “Why is life so hard!”

An Yize: “……”

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