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Side Story 2: Visiting New In-Laws (2)

Today, Su Jian visited his old neighborhood again.

Ever since he had a child, although he didn’t have a sudden burst of motherly instinct like a woman, he definitely felt that he had changed. In the past, children were just the early stage of the human form to him, and looked very cute. However, most of the time, brats made him very irritated, so he looked at children neutrally. He didn’t hate them, but he also didn’t particularly like them. However, ever since Su Jian had his own baby, he felt wonderful thinking about how the baby had the same blood flowing in her as him. Describing the feeling, it would be, “It seems that I have simultaneously grown strong and gained a weakness.”

Another change in him was his mentality towards his parents.

Back then, there was no doubt he loved his parents. However, it was only after he had a child and became a parent himself that he truly understood how his parents felt. When he heard his parents voice through the phone, there were many times Su Jian wanted to tell the truth. But when he saw the cradle by his side, he held himself back ultimately.

Su Jian walked familiarly into the neighborhood. Very soon, he saw a familiar figure.

There was a woman in front, heading home while carrying two large bags of vegetables. Who else could that be but his mother?

Su Jian was excited. He quickly rushed forward and said, “Auntie, let me help you carry!”

Mother Su was stunned as she looked at the woman who suddenly appeared. She said, “No need…”

Su Jian had already taken the bag from her enthusiastically. “Need! Auntie, just let me do it!”

Mother Su couldn’t beat his stubbornness and could only let go. She said in gratitude, “Thank you very much.”

Su Jian helped mother Su carried her things to her house and mother Su invited him into the house for a drink. Naturally, Su Jian gladly accepted the invitation. However, as he saw the familiar furnishing in the house and felt the familiar atmosphere he hadn’t experienced for so long, he couldn’t help but felt teary.

“Here, have a drink.” Mother Su poured a cup of water and passed it to Su Jian.

Su Jian quickly received it with both hands. Holding the cup of water in his hands, Su Jian saw mother Su looking at him carefully. His heart couldn’t help but stiffen. He asked, “What’s wrong auntie?”

Mother Su said, “I didn’t notice this earlier. Now that I look at you closely, you seem familiar…”

Su Jian thought that it was normal if mother Su found his face familiar since he appeared at his own funeral before. However, he didn’t really want to mention the funeral as it would upset his mother. He was about to answer when he heard his mother asked, “Girl, do you know Yang Shufen?”

Yang Shufen? Isn’t that the name of sister Su’s mother? Su Jian nodded dazedly and replied, “Yes. She is my… mother.”

“So you really are Shufen’s daughter!” Mother Su said in pleasant surprise, “No wonder I found your face so familiar, especially these two braids. It was the same as your mother back in those years!”

Su Jian looked down at his braids quietly. These braids were done by An Yirou. He felt that this hairstyle was pretty good, so he headed out with it. He didn’t expect that it would become a tool for recognition.

Sister Su’s mother actually knew my mother! Su Jian was a little stupified by this dramatic development. He asked, “Auntie, you know my mother?”

“I do! Your mother and I were good friends when we were students!” Mother Su enthusiastically pulled Su Jian to sit down and continued, “However, I think your mother married afterward and left the province. I didn’t have any way to contact your mother. How is she now? Is her health okay?”

Su Jian didn’t want to let his mother worry, so he answered vaguely, “My mother is doing quite well. Auntie, you can rest assured.”

Mother Su looked at Su Jian and smiled while lamenting, “You look a lot like your mother, especially that pair of round eyes. Since earlier, I’ve felt that you look familiar, but I just couldn’t remember. Oh right, girl, what’s your name?”

Su Jian pursed his lips and said softly, “…Su Jian.”

Mother Su was stunned and her expression was a little downcast. Seeing Su Jian looking at her in concern, she lifted her mood slightly and explained, “My eldest son also has the same name. However, he has already…”

Su Jian didn’t want his mother to remember the sad memories, so he hurriedly said, “That’s amazing! Auntie, you were good friends with my mother in the past. Now, you and her child both have the same name. This is fate!”

Mother Su’s expression improved a little. She said, “Your mother liked to write stories back when we attended school. I remember now. In your mother’s favorite story, the female lead was called Su Jian. I liked that story as well. We even joked around, saying that if we gave birth to a girl, we will name her that…”

Su Jian felt a little resentful: Mother, were you treating me as a girl when you raised me?

“My younger son was named by his father. Unexpectedly, not only did we thought of the name together, even the surname was the same. Talking about it, it really is fate.” Mother Su lamented with a smile, looking at Su Jian more gently and kindly.

“Indeed!” Su Jian raised his hand, wanting to hug mother Su. However, he paused and changed to hugging mother Su’s arm. He said warmly, “This kind of fate is so rare, how can I not call you ‘godmother[1]’!

Previously, he had been trying to think of a reason to approach his parents. Unexpectedly, an excellent reason has appeared. He definitely needs to catch hold of this opportunity! Su Jian said enthusiastically,  “You and my mother are good friends, and I even have the same name as your child. Godmother, I hope you don’t dislike me!”

Mother Su liked the idea as well. She laughed and said, “How can I dislike you? As long as your mother agrees, I couldn’t ask for more.”


Although “godmother” felt more distant than “mother”, Su Jian still felt happy with this sudden development.

Mother Su looked happy as well, wanting Su Jian to stay for dinner. Naturally, Su Jian agreed happily. He cheerfully helped mother Su with the cooking in the kitchen.

Mother Su grew more fond of him seeing his skillful and neat movement when chopping the vegetables, giving him a round of compliments. Liking it, Su Jian said happily, “Then, let me cook for you next time! However, please cook today godmother, I wish to taste your cooking!”

Mother Su laughed and said, “What a sweet talker, how flattering! Having a daughter is the best. My two sons only know how to anger me, ugh…”

Su Jian felt very guilty. Although he knew how to cook, he had always stayed in his room to play back in the past, waiting for his mother to call him out to eat. Sometimes, he wouldn’t move despite being called a few times. Because he didn’t want to hear his mother’s nagging, he didn’t talk to his mother often. Now that he thought about it, he felt very regretful.

Thus, Su Jian tried his best to talk to mother Su, picking words that mother Su liked to hear to make her happy. While they were spending the time harmoniously, someone knocked on the door.

Su Jian took the initiative as he said, “Godmother, I will open the door!”

Su Jian reached the living room and opened the door. The next moment, both the person standing inside and outside were stunned.

Su Jie looked up at his house number again. After checking that it was correct, he then looked at Su Jian in surprise again. “Su Jian? Why are you here?”

Because I’m your brother! Su Jian smiled brightly and said, “Brother, you’re back?”

Su Jie: “……”

After learning about what lead to the current situation, Su Jie looked at Su Jian perplexedly and said, “Who would have thought that our family would have such a relationship.”

Su Jian smiled and said, “I find it miraculous too.” Bro, after you and Xiao Rou get together, our relationship will become even more miraculous.

After a while, father Su returned home. Father Su, however, did remember Su Jian showing up at the funeral. After knowing that Su Jian had been involved in the same traffic accident as their son, the couple lamented and were downcast. Su Jian and Su Jie busily tried to comfort the two of them. Su Jian then said sincerely, “Godfather and godmother, I’m called Su Jian as well. I will take care of the two of you in elder brother’s place from now on.”

Mother Su held Su Jian’s hand and said with a happy smile, “For some reason, I like this girl very much.”

Su Jian replied, “Because I’m likable!”

Both father Su and mother Su started laughing. On the other hand, Su Jie stared at Su Jian and said with a smile, “Indeed, you seem strangely familiar.”

Su Jian’s heart stiffened, but he appeared calm on the surface as he replied, “That’s probably because I’m especially approachable.”

Su Jie: “……”

When they were eating, Su Jian helped father and mother Su enthusiastically with getting the food. When he looked up, he realized that Su Jie was looking at him once again. Pausing for a moment, he helped Su Jie with the food as well.

Su Jie looked at Su Jian helping his parents get their favorite foods. Then he looked at his own bowl and asked, “How did you know that I like to eat chicken feet?”

Su Jian’s hand paused for a moment. He smiled and said, “I guessed it based on your appearance.”

Su Jie: “……”

As they were eating, mother Su started asking about sister Su’s mother as well as Su Jian himself. Su Jian answered all of the questions obediently. Feeling satisfied, mother Su said with a laugh, “Speaking of which, back then, I joked with your mother saying that we gave birth to a girl and a boy, they would marry…”

Su Jian choked. He looked at Su Jie unconsciously, only to see that Su Jie was looking stunned as well.

Fortunately, mother Su started talking about something else and Su Jian breathed a sigh of relief. What the hell! Let’s not mention that he was already married to uncle An and had a baby. Even if he wasn’t married, he wouldn’t marry his brother. That would be like being struck by heavenly thunder for nine days!

After the family finished eating, mother Su started tidying the table. Su Jian volunteered enthusiastically to wash the dishes. Mother Su didn’t allow him, but Su Jian kept wanting to wash the dishes. He said passionately, “Godmother, just let me do it! I especially love to wash the dishes! If I don’t, I will feel very uncomfortable!”

Mother Su replied, “Even so, you can’t. How can I let you wash the dishes? Xiao Jie, quickly go wash the dishes!”

Hearing this, Su Jian immediately let it go and said, “Alright, then I won’t fight with Xiao Jie.

Su Jie: “……”


After accompanying his parents to watch the TV for a while, his phone rang.

“Jian Jian, where are you now?”

Su Jian then realized that it was already late. He replied vaguely, “I’m currently outside, I’ll be back soon.”

Although he wanted to stay here, it was obviously not feasible. Therefore, after staying with his parents for a while more, Su Jian had to leave reluctantly.

Mother Su asked Su Jie to send him off and Su Jian didn’t reject the idea. After they left the house, Su Jian walked in front familiarly. At a certain crossroad, he took a shortcut habitually. Su Jie followed behind him and said, “Su Jian, you seem very familiar with our neighborhood?”

Su Jian coughed lightly and thought of an excuse, “Not really. However, I did come for a house visit before, so I recognize the path.” Pausing for a moment, he continued, “Say, I’ve already called your parents godfather and godmother. You’re only addressing me as ‘ Su Jian’?”

Su Jie was silent for a moment before he said, “Sister?”

Su Jian choked. “I, I think you should continue calling me Su Jian!”

After reaching the entrance of the neighborhood, Su Jian suddenly remembered that there was a duck neck shop in front. Having a sudden craving for duck neck, he made a turn and head over to the shop. He said, “I want to buy a duck neck first.”

Su Jie asked thoughtfully,” How did you know that there was a duck neck shop in front?”

Su Jian paused for a moment and said, “I saw it when I came here previously. What about it?”


Su Jie accompanied him as he bought a duck neck and even waited for a taxi with him. When Su Jian boarded the taxi, Su Jie lowered his head by the taxi and said to him with a smile, “When you reach home, remember to call or text me, sister.”

Su Jian: “……”


When he entered the house, Su Jian saw An Yize seated in the hall, reading some documents.

Su Jian spoke loudly towards him, saying, “I’m back!” Looking around, he asked, “Is the baby asleep?”

An Yize put down his documents and looked up. He said, “Come here.”

“Why?” Su Jian didn’t stop moving as he said, “I’ll go take a look at the baby first.”

Pushing the door to the room open, he approached the cradle. After taking a good look at the baby sleeping soundly in the cradle, he lowered his head to kiss the baby. He then straightened his back in satisfaction.

However, when he turned around, he fell into an embrace.

An Yize hugged him. Lowering his head, he kissed Su Jian on the lips.

Su Jian hugged his waist and they had a deep kiss. Then, he leaned in An Yize’s embrace and sighed blissfully.



“I’m very happy today!”

“Oh? Why?”

“Uh, because I picked up five dollars when I went out today!”



When they went to bed, An Yize suddenly asked, “Where did you go just now?”

Is this the legendary act of investigation? Su Jian smiled and said, “What do you think? Of course, I went on a date with a handsome man and started a harem.”

An Yize: “……”

Su Jian raised his hand and touched An Yize’s face. He said, “Aye, I couldn’t help it. Who asked that guy to be more handsome, younger and softer than you. Tch…”

“However,” Su Jian hugged An Yize’s neck and said, “No matter what, my empress will always be you, my imperial consort. Even if I have an imperial harem of three thousand beauties, you will always be my favorite… Ah!”

Empress An didn’t say anything and silently started working.

As for majesty Su, he was soon unable to bear it and pleaded for mercy.

“Yize… Yize… Don’t…”


“Ah? What’s incorrect…”


“Hub- Hubby.

“Still incorrect.”

“I don’t know…”

“Just who is the imperial consort?”

“…… I was wrong your majesty, please forgive me!”

“There’s no death penalty, but you can escape punishment.”



The next day, when An Yize walked past the room, he realized that Su Jian was in the room squatting beside the cradle, whispering to the baby while rubbing his waist.

“My child, why don’t we work together and dethrone your father, the despicable majesty! When that happens, you will be the queen while I become the queen mother and help you manage the state affairs!”

An Yize: “……”


[1]Godmother – The godparents in Chinese culture is different from that in Christianity. In Chinese culture, godparent act as a parent figure of the child if their relationships are close enough, though they don’t necessarily raise the child. To become a godparent, there is some kind of ceremony and needs consent of involving parties.

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