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Chapter 77: An Yize’s Waist, An Yize’s Back, An Yize’s Shoulders, An Yize’s Legs

Fallen for him?

Su Jian had a fearful feeling like the gate to a new world has been opened.

I have fallen for An Yize? How is that possible? This is completely absurd hahaha, ha, ha, ha…

Su Jian put on a smile that was uglier than a crying face.

Since the shock was too great, Su Jian was absent minded the whole day during work.

“Little Su, is this your boyfriend? Wow, so handsome!” His colleagues suddenly began showering him with compliments.

It was then Su Jian realised that he had taken out his phone unconsciously and had been staring dazedly at An Yize on the phone screen.

Hearing the voices, a few other colleagues came over, all wanting to take a look at Su Jian’s handsome boyfriend.

“Ah, he’s handsome indeed! Little Su, is he really your boyfriend? You didn’t photoshop an idol’s face did you?”

“Little Su, when will you let us see the real person?”

“Oh right. Little Su, what does he do?”

Su Jian felt so awkward being surrounded by a bunch of female colleagues asking about his boyfriend. He replied vaguely, “En, he’s indeed my… Uh, boyfriend.”

His colleague laughed, “Just look at both of your faces, it’s a match made by heaven! By the way, when will we get to attend your wedding?”

Su Jian showed a stiff smile and didn’t reply. Wedding? We did have our wedding before. But now, what’s approaching should be a divorce…

Su Jian suddenly recalled that his one year contract with An Yize was almost over.

Unknowingly, time passed so quickly. It had been almost a years since his rebirth. And during this period of time, he became closer with An Yize. He got to know him, kiss him, hug him and have…..

Su Jian let out a long sigh.

The An Yize on the screen was glancing at sister Su while turning his face sideways as he turned his face away, eyes indifferent. However, Su Jian remembered that An Yize’s eyes were always deep and gentle when looking at Su Jian.

It’s the end. I’m really infatuated with An Yize’s *. From the bottom half to the top half and now the face…

Su Jian placed his head on the table and knocked on it a few times.

The bell that marked the start of lessons rang. Su Jian carried his books and walked listlessly to the classroom.

“In classical Chinese, the word ‘sit’ had a few different meanings. Everyone, please take note. The first definition is something you do to receive punishment. For example, if you say ‘sitting on law’, it means to receive punishment due to your crimes. Secondly, ‘sit’ can have the same meaning as ‘because.’ For example, stopping the car in order to do [1] some admiring of the night scenery’….

Su Jian had yet to finish his sentence when a few students in the back began laughing strangely. Su Jian listened carefully only to hear a few students repeating softly, “Making love! Making love!”

Su Jian immediately got[2] the joke they were talking about and felt a little awkward. Initially, he had wanted to put up a neutral face and pretend he didn’t understand what they were saying. However, for some reason, An Yize suddenly appeared in his mind.

An Yize’s waist, An Yize’s back, An Yize’s shoulders, An Yize’s legs, as well as his “Jian Jian, I love you” which carried a slight pant……

Teacher Su felt like he was going to collapse soon.

Turning around to face the blackboard, Su Jian pretended that he was concentrating on writing in order to cover up his wretched heart.

“‘Sit’ has one more meaning which is ‘seating arrangement’….

He managed to last until the bell rang, signaling the end of class. Su Jian rushed out of the classroom as if he was escaping.

Returning back to the office, Su Jian headed towards his seat. Once Su Jian sat down, he rested his face on the table and his hands fell down due to a lack of strength. If this goes on, it will become a problem wouldn’t it…

“Beep beep.” A message suddenly came through his phone.

Su Jian raised his head up and took out his phone to take a look. It was actually from An Yize.

“The weather forecast says that it will rain this afternoon.”

The corner of Su Jian’s lips rose unconsciously. He laid on the table and replied to the message.


After a while, his phone rang again due to the message.

“I miss you.”

Su Jian stared at the three words on the screen. After checking the message again, he checked to make sure that it was actually An Yize who sent the message.

What the. There’s no link between the previous message and the current message at all. An Yize must have been possessed by something… Su Jian silently cursed, but there was an inexplicable feeling in his heart.

All his troubles seemed to have disappeared in an instance. Su Jian’s eyes were bright and he started replying An Yize’s message with the corner of his lips raised.

“Uncle An, remember to use the umbrella when it rains.”


When An Yize came back from the restroom, he realised that Ji Mingfei was holding onto his phone with a smile on his face,

“Uncle An? Hahahaha. Your girl actually calls you Uncle An?”

An Yize snatched his phone back and found that aside from the message he sent, there was an additional message sent out but Ji Mingfei. Thus, he stared at him with furrowed brows.

Ji Mingfei said, “It wasn’t my intention to peep on the two of your conversation, I just happened to saw it. But An Yize, wasn’t that message of yours was too simple? You can tell with one glance that Su Jian, this type of little girl like sweet talks. How can your message be so plain! Thus, I sent another message for you.”

An Yize didn’t reply, but his eyes that was looking at Su Jian’s reply was deep and mysterious.

Ji Mingfei held his chin and said, “But that little girl of yours is quite interesting. You said that it is going to rain, so she reminded you to use your umbrella. She’s obviously caring for you!” Seeing a change in An Yize’s reaction, Ji Mingfei laughed, “Why not try texting her a ‘I love you’? I’m quite curious how she will reply this time.”

An Yize paid him no heed and silently replied Su Jian with an ‘Okay.’.”

Ji Mingfei was speechless. He sighed, “Sigh, at this rate, when will you ever get her heart!”

A trace of smile suddenly appeared in An Yize’s eyes. “Soon.”


Naturally, Su Jian wouldn’t have heard what An Yize said. When he returned home at night and face An Yize, he continued feeling tormented.

Therefore, when Su Jian received Yan Ziwei’s invitation, he was very happy.

“Little Jian, I’m free this weekend. Let’s go on a trip to a hotspring!”

Hotspring? Nothing can be greater than seeing a girl naked! Right now, he needed Yan Ziwei grade beauties to rectify his sense of aesthetics and save him from the pit of fire!

When Su Jian hung up the phone, he was very enthusiastic.

An Yize who was by his side asked, “You like going to hotsprings?”

Su Jian nodded and replied, “Yes I do! I like it very much!” Especially since I’m going with a girl!

An Yize said, “We have a hotspring resort. We can go there someday.”

Can you stop it with your richman actions? Su Jian laughed stiffly, “Let’s talk about it next time…” Wouldn’t I be courting death if I go to a hot spring with An Yize now?

An Yize replied, “Then I will make some arrangements.”

Su Jian, “……”

An Yize looked at Su Jian’s hand which was pulling his arm. “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian replied, “I’m going to a hot spring with Ziwei now. We can go to the resort next time.”

A trace of disappointment that was difficult to detect flashed pass An Yize’s eyes, but he still nodded his head.

Su Jian let go of An Yize’s arm. However, An Yize suddenly caught his hands.

Su Jian’s body stiffened and he immediately retracted his hand. His body even shot up and moved back a little.

An Yize was a little surprised and his eyes dimmed visibly.

Seeing An Yize’s eyes, Su Jian couldn’t help but felt bad. Thus, he slowly moved closer to An Yize, secretly looking at him.

An Yize stared fixedly at him. Suddenly, he hugged Su Jian and pushed him down onto the sofa.

In the next instance, Su Jian who hadn’t have the time to feel shocked yet was kissed strongly by An Yize.

Initially, Su Jian had the intention to struggle. But after An Yize licked his ear, his waist began to soften.

The sound of panting was especially clear in the quiet room. Su Jian hugged An Yize’s necked. Being kissed repeatedly by An Yize, Su Jian was starting to feel dizzy.

Su Jian’s top had been undone before he realised and An Yize’s body was resting between Su Jian’s legs.

When An Yize buried himself on Su Jian’s chest, Su Jian couldn’t help but groan and his body moved towards An Yize unconsciously.

Looking at the person below him, An Yize continued licking while slowing moving his hand into Su Jian’s skirt.

Su Jian’s body suddenly jolted and he became clear-headed instantly. “No!”

An Yize’s actions came to a pause and his expression was a little stiff. “Why?”

Su Jian’s mind quickly worked to find a reason. “Um, because… My period is coming soon!”

An Yize quietly replied, “Your period isn’t during this few days.”

What the hell! Su Jian’s eyes widened. Even I don’t remember when’s my own period. How does An Yize remember?

Su Jiuan muttered. “Fine. The real reason is… There’s no condom at home!”

An Yize stiffened. When things first happened between him and Su Jian, everything happened too quickly and there wasn’t enough time to prepare. Afterwards, he didn’t consider using condoms at all. Thus, when Su Jian used this as a reason, he couldn’t think of a rebuttal.

Seeing An Yize’s reaction, Su Jian knew that he had found the right reason. Thus, he continued, “If we did that now, what if, what if…” Your mom! What if I got pregnant?

An Yize replied, “We didn’t have any prevention measure previously too.”

Su Jian was suddenly awake. That’s right. Previously, An Yize and I did it so intensely. An Yize had sent his descendants directly into me. Your mom! Don’t tell me I really won the lottery?

Thinking about the fact that he might get pregnant, Su Jian didn’t have the mind to care about the danger lying before him. Only a horrified was left in him.

Seeing that, An Yize felt perplexed. He asked softly, “Jian Jian, you don’t like kids?”

It’s not that I don’t like them. I quite the little lolis. But if the little loli came out from my stomach, that would be very scary!

Su Jian smiled stiffly, “I haven’t thought of this…”

An Yize was silent for a moment before propping himself up and slowly helping Su Jian button his top.

Su Jian glanced in between An Yize’s legs. Then, he looked up and looked at An Yize’s silent expression.

Although one can’t really tell An Yize’s mood from his expression, Su Jian felt that An Yize seemed a little…sad?

Su Jian couldn’t help but found out that his heart had soften.

Breathing out in frustration, Su Jian furrowed his brows and said to An Yize, “Close your eyes!”

An Yize’s hand paused and he looked towards Su Jian in confusion.

Su Jian stretched his hand to cover An Yize’s eyes. “Listen to me!”

An Yize didn’t say anything and silently closed his eyes.

An Yize breathed in deeply. Then, he concentrated in removing An Yize’s belt.

An Yize’s body jolted slightly.

Su Jian stuck his hand in and reminded fiercely, “Do not open your eyes!”

An Yize nodded.

Su Jian sticked his hand in. When he came into contact with the hot object, he retracted his hand immediately. After mentally preparing himself, he slowly moved his hand in again.

He tried his best to comfort himself: This is nothing. Just treat it as you are servicing yourself like in the past. Just treat An Yize’s thing like it’s yours!

Su Jian held the thing in his hand and started moving while he looked at An Yize’s expression, which had obvious changes and tightly closed eyes.

A sour sense of accomplishment emerged from his heart. This is a technique I practiced for many years. I’m never able to use it in my life again. An Yize is having it for cheap!

Su Jian moved towards An Yize’s ears unconsciously and asked softly, “Is it comfortable?”

An Yize raised his hands and hugged Su Jian. With a hoarse voice, he replied, “En…”

Su Jian felt dissatisfied. This reply doesn’t reflect my skills at all! Lying in An Yize’s embrace, Su Jian said, “Then make some noise for me to hear!”

An Yize, “……”

Su Jian said, “You don’t have to be shy dear. Be obedient. If you like it, let your voice out!”

An Yize, “……”

Author’s notes: Although I feel that I’m already very pure, I still can’t stand being unable to write the things that is happening below the neck. I’m still a little fearful… Better to lay low.

I just realised that so many of you are waiting to abuse Ji Yan after reading the comments! How should I say this. I wasn’t being lazy but my original intention was to stop after the slap. The slap roughly represented Uncle An’s attitude. Of course, some things happened afterwards. However, they were just things such as Uncle An asking for the truth and Ji Yan crying etc. Based on Uncle An’s personality, he definitely wouldn’t twaddle on and would no longer be held back by Ji Yan’s tears. Naturally, he would also not stay long at her home. Therefore, I felt that there was no need to write everything out. Anyway, Ji Yan’s finale is already set—being abandoned by Uncle An. Some of you may feel that this is too easy on her. However, I feel otherwise. There’s no need for her life to be very terrible to be considered it her punishment. On the other hand, it’s this kind of abandonment that is the greatest punishment for her. She was once a holy and noble existence in Uncle An’s heart. But now, she has fallen to being a dust in Uncle An’s heart. She once thought that he would always wait for her, but he will never associate with her again. I remember hearing this once: The most scary thing isn’t being hated, but being treated with indifference. With An Yize’s personality, he wouldn’t hit a woman so easily. Yet, he gave Ji Yan a slap. Ji Yan who understands him should know how he looks at her. For someone like Ji Yan, she probably doesn’t have any true friends. An Yize is most likely the only one who truly treats her well. But now, she had lost this only person and will never have him once again. I believe that Ji Yan understands this, so she would definitely not feel good. The person she likes may not necessarily like her at all. And the person who once loved her most in the world no longer loved her now. All of this was caused by her own hands. Therefore, there’s no need to waste space writing her ending. Uncle An and Jian Jian’s happiness is basically the greatest revenge!


[1]This sentence came from a poem. Su Jian was trying to explain the different meaning of the chinese word ‘Zuo’ when used in different context. However, due to the combinatination of  words, it sounded like he said ‘Zuo Ai’ which means to make love, resulting in the students’ whispering.

[2]Author wrote ‘get’ in english.

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