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Chapter 76: If This Goes On, Will I Just Press An Yize Down On The Bed And Do Him…

The check-up showed that there wasn’t anything wrong with Su Jian’s body. However, the drug could result in some side effects. An Yize did not tell Su Jian about this, lying to Su Jian that the medicine was for curing his appendicitis completely. Su Jian didn’t think much about it either. Treating it as a follow-up after the operation, he obediently finished up the medicine that An Yize gave him.

Of course, when Su Jian learned that it was Ji Yan that drugged him, he couldn’t help but be shocked. If the perpetrator was Li Feifei, he would still find it understandable. Knowing that Ji Yan actually held such malice against him, he felt horrified. No matter how he thought about it, he still couldn’t understand the reason why Ji Yan would do that. He felt even more fearful after recalling Ji Yan’s gentle and graceful image as well her sincere and warm attitude when she talked to him that night.

Su Jian was slightly unable to face the word “female goddess”. His longing for beautiful females was no longer as earnest as before.

Goddamnit! Even if I’m not as earnest for female goddesses like Queen Ji, I shouldn’t be earnest for a man like An Yize!

Su Jian has been distressed lately.

Perhaps it had been a very long abstinence, but once it was broken, Su Jian started wanting to experience it again. As a young man from the new generation, he was naturally not shy or afraid of the topic of sex. On the other hand, he felt that sex was related to the harmony of life as well as the future of humanity. He felt that it was something important. However, whether it was before or after his rebirth, the type of erotic activity he had always imagined was him and a girl as the main leads. But why is it that after he abandoned his virgin boy title, he ended up being interested in a man’s body! *Flips Table*

Su Jian didn’t notice this initially. Although it felt great doing it with An Yize, he didn’t have to intention to continue doing so with An Yize. However, when he returned home, his body felt weird for some reason when he looked at An Yize.

When he saw An Yize’s face, he would remember An Yize’s body dripping with sweat when he was moving above himself.

When he saw An Yize’s lips, he would remember An Yize slowly tasting him with his tongue.

When he saw An Yize’s collarbone, he would remember An Yize suppressing his gasp when he licked it.

When he saw An Yize’s pants… Shit! I can’t think any further!

Su Jian leaned against the wall and started scratching the wall, slightly falling apart.

“Jian Jian?” After coming out from his bath, An Yize carefully called out to him.

Su Jian turned around. When he saw An Yize who was half-naked with only a towel wrapped his bottom half, he felt like turning back around to scratch the wall again.

As the saying goes, happiness comes alone but trouble never comes alone. Ever since they returned from Li family’s banquet, he and An Yize went back to sleeping together. This was because mother An had found out that they were sleeping separately. Mother An didn’t doubt his explanation that they were sleeping separately temporarily due to a small fight, but mother An got someone to remove the sofa in the study room. Therefore, the two of them had no choice but to share the same bed again.

If it was in the past, sleeping together was just as simple as sleeping together. If anything special happened, it would be him waking up in An Yize’s embrace each morning. But now…

Su Jian couldn’t help but gulp down his saliva when he saw a droplet of water drip down from An Yize’s chest to his abs before dropping into the towel.

Namo Amitabha, Om Mani Padme Hum. Form is emptiness, emptiness is form…[1]

Seeing Su Jian look away from him immediately after a glance as well as mumbling something incoherent, An Yize sat beside him with suspicion and asked, “Jian Jian, what are you doing?”

Su Jian properly sat down with his legs crossed. Without looking away from the wall, he replied, “Self-cultivation.”

An Yize: “……”

An Yize leaned forward and lightly kissed Su Jian’s face. With his eyes containing a smile, he asked, “Do you need to me to do dual cultivation[2] with you?”

Su Jian: “……”

Seeing Su Jian’s face slowly turning red, An Yize leaned forward. “Jian Jian…”

Su Jian’s heart jumped after hearing his low and gentle call and his body stiffened from the hot breath that greeted his ears. Seeing that An Yize was slowly approaching, the person with integrity and the * villain in his heart suddenly started fighting again.

* villain: “Dear, go over and remove his towel! There must be a universe hidden within!”

Person with integrity: “Dear, you have to hold on dear! You can still repent for your mistakes! A normal orientation and endless activity are waiting for you!”

Su Jian looked like he was conflicted. Ultimately, when An Yize’s lips were approaching his, he pushed the other person away. Then, he jumped up pathetically and ran into the bathroom.

Lying in the bathtub, Su Jian’s face was drained of energy and his eyes were lifeless. If this goes on, will I just press An Yize down on the bed and do him…

Su Jian held his head with his hands.

However, his mind did not listen to him. The moment he thought about doing An Yize, his powerful brain began working on its own: An Yize was lying beneath him with his hands bounded and eyes blindfolded. As for him, he was pressing down An Yize’s body with An Yize’s thing in him and An Yize’s face before him…

Su Jian, whose body was heating up slowly, moved his hand between his legs. However, when he realized that he no longer had that tool, he took back his hand in shame.

He forced his brain to think of another version—he tied up An Yize’s hand and pressed down on the bed, his face full of fear and eyes tearing up. He shouted pitifully, “Yamete! Yamete!”[2] As for Su Jian, he didn’t pity An Yize at all and pounced on him with a scary smile. Raising his hand, he gave An Yize’s butt a slap which made a crisp sound—Only then did he calm the agitation in his heart.

After finishing his bath in exhaustion, Su Jian came out with wet hair. An Yize looked up towards him. Shaking his head, he got up to take the hair dryer and plugged it in. Then, he patted the seat beside him and said, “Come here.”

Su Jian hesitated for a moment but still went over to sit beside him in the end.

While the hair was being dried, the two of them didn’t speak at all. Listening to the loud buzz of the hairdryer by his ear, Su Jian felt the agitation in his heart gradually disappear. It was slowly replaced by a warm feeling.

Putting the hair dryer down, An Yize took the hair that was hanging down from the side of Su Jian’s face and helped Su Jian tuck it behind his ear. Afterwards, he said with a warm voice, “Done.”

Su Jian longed for a little more. “So fast?”

An Yize’s expression was gentle. Raising his hand to touch Su Jian’s face, he smiled with the corner of his mouth and said, “En.”

Su Jian’s face heated up slightly. He said uneasily, “Thanks… Then, I’m going to bed!” Saying so, he stood up.

An Yize pulled his hand and stood up along with him. Looking at Su Jian with a smile, he said, “I will go to bed with you.”[3]

Su Jian: “……”


While they were sleeping, Su Jian made sure to sleep far away from An Yize.

However, undeniably, An Yize lying on the bed now gave him a better peace of mind compared to the days when he was sleeping alone, even though he had the freedom to roll on the bed whenever he wanted.

With his heart filled with contradicting and troubled thoughts, Su Jian had similar a dream to the one he had two days ago.

His dreams were R-18 like usual. He and An Yize were in the 69 position and attached to each other from the bed to the floor to the bathroom and the terrace. From a normal position to the Italian Chandelier position…

After waking up in the morning, when Su Jian recalled his dream from last night, he didn’t dare to look at An Yize in the face.

On the other hand, it was An Yize who came over and naturally gave him a kiss.

“I will send you to work later.” An Yize rubbed Su Jian’s face lightly with his face, and his gentle voice had a slight hoarseness to it that was present only when waking up.

The impure thoughts in Su Jian’s mind receded a little. He replied helplessly, “Don’t bring up depressing things like work when I just woke up!”

An Yize laughed softly, his chest which was stuck to Su Jian’s face vibrated lightly. “If you don’t want to work, then don’t.”

Su Jian laughed too. “You can say such things because you are a president. I’m not as fortunate as you. If I don’t work, who’s going to feed me?”

An Yize replied gently, “I will feed you.”

Su Jian: “……”

Crawling out of his blanket, Su Jian got off the bed. He couldn’t help but felt uneasy when he saw An Yize changing from his nightgown to his clothes without hiding from Su Jian. However, Su Jian couldn’t help but steal a glance at An Yize’s abs and the area below his abs.

Recalling his dream last night, he was licking these eight abs he had been longing for over and over again…

An Yize suddenly looked over. “Jian Jian, what are you thinking about?”

Su Jian shook his head and replied, “Ah, nothing!”

An Yize: “Your face is red.”

Su Jian: “……”

On their way to work, Su Jian took out his phone while sitting beside An Yize and silently made a post on the forum.

“This poster is a man. Recently, I’ve suddenly become infatuated with a bro’s *. What should I do? Urgent, waiting for replies!”

Unknown whether everyone was holding onto their phones on their way to work or not, but after a short while, replies came flooding into his post.

“OP has bended. Appraisal completed.”

“To think that you are able to make a move on your bro… Well done OP!”

“Poster, how is your bro’s *? Does he have a good figure?”

“Pounce on him bravely OP! Don’t hesitate anymore!”

“The rotten females above, this is enough! OP, how is your brother’s *? Does it taste good? Normally, I like to add some cumin.”

“Hahaha. The chowhound above, that’s enough!”

“OP, you have fallen for your bro. If you like him, just tell him!”


[1]Su Jian is reciting some sutra and mantra to cleanse his inner mind. Amen…

[2]Dual cultivation – In Xianxia stories, this means to cultivate their powers through sex. An Yize is replying jokingly to Su Jian’s ‘Self-cultivation’.

[3]An Yize made a pun here as what he said could mean going to bed with Su Jian or having sex.

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