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Chapter 75: Then, He Suddenly Raised His Hand And Gave Ji Yan’s Face A Slap

When Su Jian woke up, the need to just fall back asleep overwhelmed him.

Then, the memories of warm skin, naked bodies, the position they were in as well as the other crazy memories came flooding in…

Su Jian silently lamented: Damn it.

Below his head was An Yize’s arm, and his face was lying on was An Yize’s chest. Su Jian quietly listened to An Yize’s steady heartbeat. Then, he slowly withdrew his legs which were between An Yize’s legs.

The person who was hugging him moved. Su Jian felt the chest below him vibrate as a voice sounded, “You’re awake?”

Su Jian looked up towards An Yize. An Yize’s hair was slightly disheveled. However, his eyes were clear and he looked very gentle with the morning sunlight shining on his face. Coupled with his low and magnetic voice, he was devoid of his usual indifference. Instead, he had a lazy yet gentle sexy vibe.

Recalling that he had hugged such a face and they did it over and over, he felt chaotic and had the urge to just die.

Seeing Su Jian staring blankly, An Yize came nearer and gave him a kiss. He asked with a gentle voice, “How do you feel? Is it still uncomfortable?”

It would have been better if he hadn’t mentioned it. The moment he mentioned it, Su Jian recalled something and asked doubtfully, “Tell me honestly, when we were at my house that day, did we actually, um, did we…”


Su Jian’s eyes widened immediately. He had been wondering why it had initially hurt so much last night. He had even teared up!

“Then why did you lie to me that time!” Su Jian was angry. If I knew that we didn’t actually do it that time, I wouldn’t have let it go so easily last night. Your mom! The feeling of being shoved into by a hot shovel was simply too… The worst thing was that he was the one who shoved it in himself…

An Yize laughed softly, “I’ve never said that we did something that time. It was you who thought of it that way.”

With your “It’s okay, I don’t mind you molesting me” look, anyone would think that way alright? Su Jian’s heart was filled with anger, and he got up angrily. However, since his waist was aching, he couldn’t help but groan.

An Yize sat up wanting to help him, but Su Jian pushed him back down angrily and humphed, “Don’t move!”

An Yize didn’t move after hearing that, lying on the bed obediently. He didn’t look away from Su Jian’s naked body which was exposed when he left the blankets.

Very quickly, however, his vision turned black. His head was covered by a blanket that Su Jian had thrown.

Immediately, he felt Su Jian pouncing onto his body.

After using a lot of energy to cover An Yize with a blanket and punching him for a while, Su Jian got off An Yize’s body while panting.

An Yize did not resist the punches at all. He laid obediently on the bed and let Su Jian do what he wanted. Once Su Jian stopped, he finally removed the blanket and looked at Su Jian.

Su Jian was catching his breath while lying beside him. Seeing that the person being punched felt better than him who was punching, he felt very unhappy.

An Yize got off the bed and poured a cup of water. Holding Su Jian, he moved the cup of water towards his lips. “Drink some water Jian Jian. Your voice is hoarse.”

Su Jian suddenly remembered something dreadful. He said in defense, “That’s because of my cold and fever!”

A trace of laughter appeared in An Yize’s eyes. “En.”

In reality, during the whole process last night, other than the initial shout due to the unexpected pain, Su Jian had pretty much held his voice in.

Wait a minute. Su Jian recalled that when An Yize initially didn’t even last two minutes, he had said something. He still remembered himself saying “That was fast!” in shock. He even had the time to guess that maybe this was the reason why Queen Ji rejected An Yize and that An Yize was still a golden bachelor.

He remembered that once An Yize heard his comment which wasn’t meant to be ill-intentioned, his face stiffened immediately. Then…

Remembering that An Yize had used his actions to thoroughly prove his comments wrong, Su Jian silently sighed and rubbed his own waist unconsciously.

His waist suddenly felt warm. A hand was stuck on his waist, gently rubbing.

Su Jian humphed through his nose in comfort.

The two of them laid back down on the bed and An Yize hugged Su Jian. Although the two of them were naked, resulting in their skin sticking to each other, Su Jian desired the warmth from An Yize’s body. Additionally, thinking about all the intimate actions they had done, he didn’t want to create problems. He adjusted to a more comfortable position and cuddled.

Remembering the things that happened last night, Su Jian finally found something wrong. Looking towards An Yize, he asked, “I remember you asking me if I had eaten something last night. Don’t tell me… there was something wrong with what I ate?”

An Yize’s eyes slightly darkened. “I suspect that you were drugged by someone.”

Su Jian immediately understood what kind of drug An Yize was talking about. Recalling his condition at that time, he started finding it believable. At the same time, he somehow felt relieved. That’s fortunate. It must have been due to the drug and not him being hungry for An Yize…

Su Jian thought for a moment and asked, “Did you offend someone?”

An Yize shook his head and replied, “No.”

Su Jian continued, “Think carefully. For example, did you start a feud with someone in the mall? Whatever the case is, it’s definitely not because of me. I’ve married you for less than a year and spent the majority of my time at home. I barely know a few people. Where could I find enemies… Hmm?”

An Yize asked, “What did you think of?”

Su Jian said hesitantly, “I suddenly thought of someone.” After considering for a moment, he told An Yize about what Li Feifei had said to him and Ji Yan as well as her relationship with Lu Chenghe.

Su Jian asked, “If we have to talk about it, she seems to be the greatest suspect. Not only does she have a grudge against me, but it was also easy for her to take action.” Poking An Yize, he asked, “What do you think?”

An Yize’s eyes were deep and his voice was low, “I’m not sure. However, I will definitely find out.” Thinking about the consequences if he hadn’t been the one to find Su Jian first, An Yize’s eyes darkened and his hand holding onto Su Jian slightly clenched.

“But, something still doesn’t feel right…” Su Jian was thinking with knitted brows, wholly unguarded against An Yize’s sudden kiss.

“No way, what are you…” Su Jian’s eyes widened.

An Yize slowly moved his body over Su Jian. With his voice as soft as a whisper, he said, “Jian Jian, I love you.”

Su Jian: “……”


After Su Jian fell back asleep, An Yize put on his bathrobe and walked to the terrace to make a quiet phone call.

“Notify me immediately once you have the results.”

An Yize put down his phone from which was by his ear. His face was dark, devoid of the gentleness it had when facing Su Jian earlier.

In his heart, he could guess who would drug Su Jian. He could also guess the reason why Lu Chenghe knew about their fake marriage.


An Yize closed his eyes.

Sitting by the bed, An Yize leaned over to look at the person on the bed. Stretching his hand over, he gently rubbed the cute face that was still faintly blushing.

Then, he lowered his head and gave Su Jian’s forehead a gentle kiss.


“It has an aphrodisiac effect and it’s easy for the user to become dependant on it. There’s also a chance of addiction. From another point of view, it’s somewhat like a drug. It will also damage one’s body…”

When An Yize hung up his phone, ‘sullen’ was no longer enough to describe his face.

After calming down, he gave Su Jian a call.

Su Jian who answered the call asked in surprised, “Go to the hospital? What for?”

An Yize replied warmly, “Didn’t you have an appendicitis surgery? The doctor encouraged you to go back for a check up after a period of time.

“Really? Why don’t I remember?”

“Yes. I will fetch you in the afternoon.”

“Oh, okay.”

He had just hung up, but his phone rang again.

An Yize stared at the flashing name on his phone screen, and his expression became perplexed in an instant. He let his phone ring for quite a while before he slowly picked up the call.

The sound from the other side of the phone was as gentle as usual. “Xiao Ze, I have a movie that is releasing soon. I have kept a ticket for you, but I’m not feeling so well. Why not you come to my house? I’ll give you the ticket.”


An Yize had gone to Ji Yan’s house numerous times but never had his mood been so bad.

Ji Yan who came to open the door also noticed something wrong. She asked in concern, “Xiao Ze, what’s wrong?”

An Yize shook his head and replied, “Nothing. You’re sick?”

Ji Yan gave a soft cough and answered, “It’s nothing, just a cold.

If it was in the past, An Yize would definitely ask about the illness and urge Ji Yan to take her medicine after learning that she was sick. But now, An Yize didn’t say anything at all, and he looked indifferent.

A feeling of dejectedness flashed pass Ji Yan’s eyes.

Entering the house, the two of them conversed a little. However, it was mostly Ji Yan speaking. An Yize only replied with a few ‘En.’

Ji Yan stared at him and asked gently, “You seem unhappy today. Xiao Ze, did something happen?”

An Yize was silent for a moment before replying, “Nothing. It’s just that Jian Jian is feeling unwell, so I feel a little worried.”

JI Yan smiled somewhat forcefully. “Oh, is that so? What’ wrong with Ms. Su? I’ve heard that she had surgery. How is she now? We are all very concerned about her.”

An Yize slowly asked, “We?”

Ji Yan smiled lightly. “Oh, Mr. Lu and I. I think you saw him before during the banquet. Mr. Lu is also very concerned about Ms. Su. After all, he and Ms. Su were…”

An Yize suddenly felt his heart clench, but he didn’t know whether it was due to pain.

Then, he suddenly raised his hand and gave Ji Yan’s face a slap.

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