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Chapter 71: The Man Who Will Be With Me For The Second Half Of My Life Will Only Be My Husband And No One Else

Lu Chenghe wasn’t prepared, so he was beaten without any time to react. After he realized what was going on, he raised his hands to block the punches and looked less pathetic. However, although his body couldn’t be considered weak, he was helpless against the tall and large Ling Si. To add on, Ling Si was still at the age of a hot-blooded and reckless youth. Seeing that the person he liked was being bullied, Ling Si’s eyes were red. As for Lu Chenghe who received numerous hits, he still wanted to beat up the person above him. Therefore, Lu Chenghe tried his best to block, but he was still suppressed by Ling Si’s bull-like tenacity.

Over on the sidelines, Su Jian was silently rooting for Ling Si. However, he acted like he was trying to stop them from fighting. “Hey, Ling Si, stop fighting! Stop your actions! Listen to me! If you fight, you’re not a good child!” Although his words were full of justice, his actions were too ladylike. He didn’t even try to pull them apart, just pretending to be anxious at where he was standing.

When Su Jian felt that he had watched enough, he finally went up to hold Ling Si back. “Ling Si, stop! Listen to me! Stop fighting!”

Ling Si had received a number of hits too. Fortunately, his face was free of injury. He turned around as he panted, looking at Su Jian with red eyes. “Teacher, he’s bullying you!” In his heart, Su Jian was a married person. However, she was being pressed down by an unknown man and being forced to kiss. The thought that it may be Su Jian who was the one having an affair didn’t come to his mind. His first thought was: An evil person is bullying his teacher! Therefore, blood rushed to his head as he immediately sprinted over!

Su Jian replied, “En, thank you. Are you hurt?” After he finished speaking, he took a careful look at Ling Si. No matter what, he had made use of Ling Si to vent his anger on Lu Chenghe. Ling Si was his student. If Ling Si was injured, he would feel very guilty.

A blush quickly spread on Ling Si’s face. The large man who was as fierce as a leopard just a moment ago became shy immediately. “No, I’m not. Teacher, I’m fine!”

Su Jian replied, “Really? Don’t lie to me.”

Ling Si looked at him with a red face, his eyes shining brightly. “No, I’m not lying to you.”

Su Jian finally relaxed. Turning around, Su Jian saw Lu Chenghe whose face had a bruise and laughed internally. However, he appeared concerned on the surface. “Mr. Lu, are you alright?”

Lu Chenghe’s face was gloomy and he didn’t reply.

Su Jian face looked apologetic. “I’m sorry, my student was immature. However, it was because he thought that I was being bullied, that’s why he…… Because he is still young, he is more impulsive and reckless. Mr. Lu is broadminded, can you forgive him?” After saying so, he grabbed Ling Si’s arm. “Quick, apologize to Mr. Lu immediately.”

Remembering the scene that this man had wanted to kiss Su Jian where he pressed Su Jian on the wall, Ling Si’s eyes were filled with stubbornness and had no desire to apologize. However, when he turned around and saw Su Jian looking at him sadly, he could only say stiffly, “I’m sorry!”

Seeing that Lu Chenghe was still not speaking, Su Jian voiced, “Mr. Lu?”

Lu Chenghe finally said in a deep voice, “I won’t be calculative with a little boy. Jian Jian, how about you accompany me to the hospital to take a look?”

Isn’t it just a simple fight, do you really need to go to the hospital? However, it was Ling Si who made the first move. If he didn’t want to get Ling Si involved, he can’t reject Lu Chenghe for now. Thus, he nodded his head and said, “Alright.”

When Ling Si was about to leave he was still a little worried. He said directly, “Teacher, what should we do if he bullied you when I leave? Why don’t I follow you to the hospital? I was the one who injured him, so I should take responsibility!”

To think that he wanted to take responsibility. Su Jian couldn’t help laughing. He wanted to touch Ling Si’s head, but wasn’t tall enough for it. Thus, he could only settle for Ling Si’s shoulders. He said softly, “Don’t worry. You’ve already beaten him up. He won’t dare to bully me again.”

It was then that Ling Si left with his bag while still feeling worried.

Lu Chenghe got into the car with a gloomy face. Su Jian could only follow him into the car.


Reaching the hospital, Lu Chenghe had just went in for a checkup when Su Jian received a call from An Yize. Su Jian gave Lu Chenghe a glance before he went out to answer the phone.

An Yize said, “Jian Jian, are you home yet?”

“Not yet.” Su Jian continued, “I’m at First Hospital. Have you gotten off work? Come and fetch me after you got off work.”

“Hospital?” An Yize’s voice became pretty obviously anxious. “Why are you at the hospital? Are you feeling unwell?”

“Not me.” Su Jian continued, “It’s… a friend of mine. I accompanied them here for a checkup.”

An Yize’s voice paused. “A female friend or… a male friend?”

When Su Jian heard that, the corner of his lips couldn’t help but raise. “Male friend.”

An Yize, on the other end, didn’t speak for a moment.

Su Jian’s eyes curved into a smile. “Therefore, come here quickly. Be swift!”

An Yize replied, “Wait for me.”

Hearing the beeping sound from the phone after it was hung up, Su Jian suddenly felt that his bad mood that was brought upon by Lu Chenghe earlier improved.

After the checkup was done, Lu Chenghe didn’t have any serious issues. He already knew it. He just wanted to hold Su Jian back. Thus, after the checkup, he held back Su Jian, who had finished his task and was preparing to leave.

“Jian Jian, I’ll send you back.”

“Oh, no need. My husband will be coming to fetch me. I will just wait for him at the entrance.”

Hearing the word “husband” from him, Lu Chenghe’s eyes sank. After a while, he started growing listless. “Jian Jian, you actually hate me, don’t you?”

“What?” Su Jian was stunned. “No no. Why would I hate you for?”

“If you do not hate me, why would you try to hide it from me so much?” Lu Chenghe continued, “Although you’re not willing to admit, I know that you and your husband don’t actually have feelings for each other.”

Su Jian said with a headache, “Mr. Lu, I’ve already told you that my husband and I love each other very much.”

However, Lu Chenghe didn’t believe his words at all, only saying, “Jian Jian, I know that you won’t forgive me so easily, but I wish to tell you that I will always be waiting for you. I know that you have your difficulties. However, have you thought about what your mother would think if she learns about your fake marriage? Auntie’s health isn’t great. She can’t handle such a shock.”

Su Jian’s expression slowly clenched. “What do you mean?” Is this surnamed Lu guy using Mother Su to threaten him?

Lu Chenghe’s expression was gentle, “Jian Jian, I don’t mean anything else. What I wish to say is that if you’re really doing this for your mother’s illness, I can help you out. I don’t want you to suffer from any injustice.

“And what’s the price?” Su Jian continued, “What you’re trying to say is, you will pay the money while I pay using myself?”

Lu Chenghe wasn’t prepared for Su Jian to be so direct and choked for a moment. However, after seeing the disgust in Su Jian’s eyes, he hardened his heart and said, “If you’re going to be with a man either way, why can’t you be with me?”

Su Jian asked with a strange expression, “Are you saying that you want to marry me?”

Lu Chenghe choked for a moment and said with a slightly hesitant expression. “We can try it out first and regain our past feelings…”

Using money to buy your ex-girlfriend, yet you don’t wish to marry… Su Jian suddenly understood the meaning behind Yan Ziwei’s “A bastard who cheated on you”. For some reason, Su Jian suddenly thought of An Yize. At this moment, he suddenly had an extremely good impression of An Yize.

“No need.” Su Jian’s expression became strict and his voice became serious as well. “I don’t know where have you heard the fake marriage information from, but I will tell you that my husband and I truly love each other very much. I love him and he loves me too.”

Su Jian’s eyes were sincere and his expression was serious. His acting reached the peak for an instance. He had almost believed in his own words.

“I may have liked you before, but that was in the past. The first half of my life is over, I’m starting the second half of my life now. And, the man who will be with me for the second half of my life will only be my husband and no one else.”


After Su Jian finished speaking, the surroundings fell silent all of a sudden.

Su Jian praised himself secretly. He felt very satisfied at seeing Lu Chenghe’s face full of shock. However, he soon realized that there was something wrong with Lu Chenghe’s line of sight. Following Lu Chenghe’s line of sight, he turned around and was stunned.

Your mom! Since when was An Yize here? Why did I not realize that he was standing behind me! Recalling himself stealing An Yize’s lines earlier, Su Jian felt uneasy. However, after noticing Lu Chenghe, he quickly reacted. He threw himself over to hug An Yize’s waist. Acting spoiled, he said, “Hubby, why were you so slow?”

An Yize gazed at him, his eyes deep.

Su Jian felt that An Yize wasn’t acting normal, so he hugged his waist and swayed, “Yize?”

An Yize finally raised his hand to rub Su Jian’s hair and replied with an “En”. Then, he looked up towards Lu Chenghe. “This is…”

Lu Chenghe looked at him. “Hello, I’m Lu Chenghe, the person that Jian Jian likes.”

Naturally, An Yize could recognize that the man before him was the ex-boyfriend from Su Jian’s computer screen. Hearing Lu Chenghe’s words, An Yize’s eyebrows twitched. He slightly narrowed his eyes and said slowly, “Hello, I’m Jian Jian’s husband.”

Although both of them looked calm, Su Jian could still feel the tense and aggressive atmosphere between the two. As Su Jian realized that this atmosphere was to due to him, he couldn’t help but feel awkward.

“Uh, Mr. Lu was injured, so I accompanied him to the hospital for a checkup.” Su Jian explained to An Yize.

An Yize lowered his eyes to look at him. “What happened? Did you get injured?”

Su Jian shook his head. “I didn’t. I’m only accompanying Mr. Lu.”

Lu Chenghe said, “Jian Jian had always been the most worried about my matters.”

Su Jian cursed strongly in his heart: Who’s worried about you? If the perpetrator wasn’t my student, why would I accompany you to the hospital? However, he said with a serious face, “It can’t be helped, I’m just so kind. When I see someone in need, I can’t control myself and would want to help. Nowadays, society doesn’t usually practice good manners. Most people wouldn’t even help up an old lady who fell down. I feel that this is wrong. If everyone is like this, how can we build a harmonious society? Hubby, am I right?”

A trace of smile appeared in An Yize’s eyes. “You’re right.

Lu Chenghe: “……”

An Yize looked towards Lu Chenghe. He still felt hostile. However, his tone became much gentler. “I’m familiar with some of the doctors here. Does Mr. Lu need any help?”

Lu Chenghe’s face looked terrible. “No need. I’ve already done my checkup.”

An Yize asked, “Then, does Mr. Lu need me to send you home?”

“I don’t dare to trouble Your Excellency.” Lu Chenghe continued, “I drove here.” After he finished speaking, he looked towards Su Jian. “Jian Jian, why don’t I send you home?”

My husband is still here. Mr. Lu, do you need to be so persistent? Su Jian was about to reply when An Yize said, “No need. Since my wife[1] cause all this trouble, I’m naturally willing to help you till the end. However, I will naturally take care of my wife on my own. Please do not be worried, Your Excellency.”

Su Jian felt a little regretful. Why don’t I have popcorn with me!

The three of them walked together towards the car park. Unexpectedly, their cars were actually parked together.

Lu Chenghe opened the car door. Looking at Su Jian whose hand was held by An Yize, Lu Chenghe said with a low voice, “Jian Jian, you don’t have to spend so much effort to put up a show. Whether you admit it or not, I believe that your feelings towards me—”

Lu Chenghe’s voice suddenly stopped. Because, right before him, Su Jian suddenly raised his hands and held the tall man’s neck. Then, he tiptoed and gave him a kiss!

Lu Chenghe’s whole body stiffened, his eyes burning. However, the two people over there didn’t notice him at all and were engrossed in their kissing.

Su Jian who had his eyes closed: I’ve already told you that we are truly in love, yet you just won’t believe me, forcing me to act out a passionate show. Damn you!

An Yize who was engrossed in the kissing after a moment of shock: Jian Jian said that the man who will be with her for the second half of her life will only be me and no one else……

When the two of them were done kissing, Lu Chenghe had already driven away with his car.

Su Jian was pressed down by An Yize on the car hood. Panting, he looked at An Yize expressionlessly. “Take your hand out.”

An Yize removed his hand from the inside of  Su Jian clothes reluctantly.

Su Jian looked around guiltily. An Yize said by the side, “There’s no one here.”

Su Jian who was already blushing a little blushed even more. However, he still wanted to save his face as usual. “So what if there are people?”

An Yize nodded with a smile. “En, so what if there are people?”

After the two of them got in the car, Su Jian saw An Yize’s eyes holding a smile and feeling comfortable. For some reason, his mood became better as well. However, he still put on an unhappy face on purpose. “What I did just now was for acting. It was only for acting, don’t think too much about it!”

An Yize replied with a smile, “En, I didn’t think too much about it.”

Su Jian replied, “As if! Look at you, you face is full of love!”

An Yize: “……”

Su Jian continued, “He seems to know about our fake marriage.”

An Yize had already known about this through Su Jian’s earlier conversation and his expression became serious as well. “It’s okay. As long as we don’t admit, it would be useless even if the others know about it.”

“But we will divorce eventually. If no one knew about it, we could still act like we had an argument or disagreement. However, if someone already knew that it was a fake marriage in the first place, wouldn’t that be bad?” Su Jian was a little worried. He felt more depressed since Lu Chenghe used mother Su to threaten him.

Hearing the word “divorce”, An Yize’s mood sank slightly and he didn’t speak.

Su Jian said with furrowed brows, “This is weird. How did he know about this?” He usually cooperated so well with An Yize that even their families couldn’t tell. How did Lu Chenghe know about it?

“I don’t know.” An Yize continued, “However, so what if he knows? Other than the beginning being fake, the rest of it is real.”

Su Jian was stunned. This sentence was really true. The marriage certificate is real. It is true that An Yize likes him. Even their * relationship had become real…

Su Jian held his head silently.

An Yize looked at him. “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian’s face looked as lonely as the snow. He gave a long sigh, “Life is really melodramatic…”

Author’s notes: There isn’t really any plot in the main story. The content is mostly about the funny couple’s daily life. Therefore, I don’t have the intention to make a huge plot twist. Basically, the time when Jian Jian and uncle An would be together will be at the ending! Even if there’s the part about give birth and raising their child, it would probably be in the extra chapters.

Looking at it, this story isn’t far from its ending…

SnowTime: Just a dozen or so left of the main story~


[1]Wife – An Yize used an old term to say the word wife as Lu Chenghe used ‘your excellency’ which was also an old term.

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