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Chapter 70: How Did Lu Chenghe Know That His Marriage With An Yize Was Fake?

In the party hall, everyone was dressed gorgeously and wine flowed freely.

Ji Yan was wearing an elegant black dress and held Li Mingyi’s arm, weaving through the crowd in the banquet. Her attitude was dignified and she had an appropriate smile on her face, looking gentle and elegant.

Halfway through the banquet, Li Mingyi was pulled aside by some businessmen for a discussion. Therefore, she had to retreat. She walked elegantly through the crowd and arrived at the restroom.

She was reapplying her makeup when another person appeared in the mirror. Ji Yan’s hands paused, then she turned around with a warm and elegant smile. “Feifei.”

The only miss of the Li family, Li Feifei, glanced at her disapprovingly and said impolitely, “My second brother has always liked young and beautiful woman. What’s the point of putting on such a thick makeup when you’re already so old? Did you think that my second brother would still like a hag like you who is over thirty years old?”

Ji Yan didn’t get angry and only replied with a smile. “Feifei, I know that you have something against me. However, we will be a family in the future. We will have to ultimately get along .”

“A family? Who’ll be a family with you?” Li Feifei didn’t bother hiding her disdain. “Did you really think that you can marry yourself into the Li family with your status? Don’t think that you are a miss of the Ji family just because of your surname. Xinya is the only miss of the Ji family!”

Ji Yan smiled and said, “Feifei, I know you are good friends with Xinya. However, I think you are misunderstanding something…”

“Misunderstanding?” Li Feifei was a straightforward person. When she heard Ji Yan’s words, she said in anger, “You knew that Xinya liked my second brother, yet you purposely seduced my second brother. You did something so shameless and you said that I have misunderstood you?”

Ji Yan replied, “Love cannot be forced by anyone. Feifei, you are Mingyi’s sister and you understand him. If he really didn’t like me, how can I force him?” Pausing for a moment, she added, “It’s just like you and Mr. Lu. If he didn’t have feelings for you, he probably wouldn’t look at you that way.”

Li Feifei stiffened. With anger gradually being seen on her face, she asked as a trace of light appeared in her eyes. “Chenghe? In what way does he look at me?”

Ji Yan replied warmly, “Feifei, didn’t you realize that the way Mr. Lu looks at you is very warm and gentle? If a man looks at a woman this way, he must have that person in his heart. Since you like Mr. Lu, I think that you would probably understand me and Mingyi. Love cannot be forced, neither can you control it.”

Li Feifei gave her a “humph” and no longer spoke.

Ji Yan looked at her gentle and graceful back view as she left. Ji Yan’s lips held a warm and gentle smile. However, a trace of cold light flashed past her eyes.

Returning to the banquet hall, Ji Yan saw that Li Mingyi was still surrounded by people. Thus, she didn’t go over but instead exchanged greetings elegantly with a few male guests who specially came up to her to strike a conversation. When she looked up and saw Lu Chenghe who was walking towards a quiet area, her eyes followed him and she also headed towards that direction.

“Mr. Lu.”

At her greeting, Lu Chenghe who had been staring at Su Jian’s picture on his phone was shocked out of his trance. Looking up immediately, he saw Ji Yan standing limpidly by his side. He smiled and asked, “Miss Ji? Why are you here as well?”

Ji Yan brushed away a branch that had reached her cheeks and smiled. “I came out to take a breather just like Mr. Lu.” Her line of sight moved down naturally. “This is… Xiao Jian?”

Lu Chenghe was stunned. “You know Jian Jian as well?”

“Jian Jian?” Ji Yan repeated lightly. “It seems like Mr. Lu has a good relationship with Xiao Jian.”

Lu Chenghe didn’t say anything, not admitting or denying.

Ji Yan said lightly, “Please forgive me if I’m being impolite. Don’t tell me, Mr. Lu towards Xiao Jian is…”

Lu Chenghe replied with a low voice, “That was in the past… However, she’s married now.”

“Married?” Ji Yan was stunned. “From what I’ve heard, Xiao Jian had a fake marriage with someone for the sake of acting as a fake couple… Ah!” As if she realized she had said something she shouldn’t have, she shut her mouth immediately.

Lu Chenghe’s eyes lit up. “Miss Ji, was what you said true?”

Ji Yan smiled forcefully. “No, I…” Seeing Lu Chenghe staring at her with clear eyes, she looked slightly relaxed. “Mr. Lu, this is Xiao Jian’s secret. Please do not spread it around. I’m acquainted with Xiao Jian. Her fake marriage with someone else wasn’t due to her own choice. If she knew that I told someone else her secret, she…”

“I understand. Please be rest assured, Miss Ji. I will be sure not to let Jian Jian know.”

“En. I trust that Mr. Lu wouldn’t make things difficult for me. After all, if Xiao Jian knew how careless I was, she would definitely be angry at me.”

Lu Chenghe’s emotions changed greatly. The sadness he felt when he was looking at Su Jian’s photo earlier disappeared into thin air. Ji Yan looked at him and smiled, saying, “Mr. Lu is indeed outstanding. Not just Xiao Jian, even Feifei adores you very much and perhaps much more than Su Jian. I’ve heard that Feifei had attempted suicide for Mr. Lu before?”

Lu Chenghe smiled and said, “That was just Feifei being willful.” Recalling that incident, he couldn’t help but feel listless.

He and Su Jian knew each other in university. He was her senior and this female junior of his had the face and figure that were his type. Additionally, she cherished him a lot. Therefore, it didn’t take long for them to become a couple. After the two of them started dating, their relationship wasn’t bad. Su Jian was obedient and smart, not willful and clingy. She was also very gentle, thoughtful and caring of him. To add on, with her beautiful and obedient small face, Lu Chenghe really liked her for a period of time. However, although Su Jian was very good in many areas, she was conservative, never letting him to reach the last step. After being rejected for quite a few times during his excited moments, Lu Chenghe gradually started feeling dissatisfied with her.

At this moment, Li Feifei appeared.

Li Feifei had always liked Lu Chenghe very much. Even though she knew that Lu Chenghe had a girlfriend, she never gave up. According to her, when a man and woman loved each other, it depended on each party’s willingness. As long as Lu Chenghe hasn’t married Su Jian, everyone had a chance for a fair competition. Initially, Lu Chenghe wasn’t really interested in Li Feifei. When compared to the beautiful, obedient and smart Su Jian, Li Feifei’s looks, figure and temperament was too inferior. However, when he chanced upon the fact that Li Feifei was actually the miss of the Li family, he started to waver. His own family background wasn’t bad. But when compared to the Li family, it was naturally lacking. Since Li Feifei was the only miss of the Li family, she was doted upon by her parents and brothers. If he really got together with her, he would definitely benefit.

Although it was alluring, he wasn’t completely willing to use his feelings to exchange for those benefits. Therefore, even though he was slightly wavering, he didn’t agree to Li Feifei. Unexpectedly, after he rejected Li Feifei, Li Feifei actually attempted to commit suicide. Although it was unsuccessful, it still shocked him. When he rushed over, Li Feifei had just woken up. The first thing she said when she saw him was: “Chenghe, I love you. I love you to the point I can die for you. In this world, there won’t be any other woman who would love you as much as I do. Not even Su Jian.”

Lu Chenghe admitted that he was really shocked. Afterwards, his heart slowly opened up after seeing Li Feifei’s worshipping love for him. Su Jian was obedient and smart. However, she was too smart sometimes. On the contrary, Feifei would act spoiled like a normal girl and also loved to be close to him. When she expressed her love, it was straightforward and unrestrained. It felt refreshing and it greatly satisfied his pride as a man. And finally, the final factor which made him decide to break up with Su Jian was Li Feifei’s performance on bed. When dealing with *, Li Feifei wasn’t hesitant. She was bold and *. She dared to say everything and dared to do everything. Other than the fact that she wasn’t a virgin, everything else was perfect.

Even still, when he had to break up with Su Jian, he couldn’t bear to do it. He understood Su Jian’s character. If he wanted to break, no matter how sad Su Jian was, she wouldn’t continue pestering him. He didn’t have to worry about the aftermath. However, no matter what, he had some feelings for Su Jian. He also knew that Su Jian loved him wholeheartedly. Therefore, he ultimately couldn’t bear to do it.

Thus, he never said that he didn’t love Su Jian. He only said that Li Feifei needed him more and he had no choice.

After graduation, he went overseas with Li Feifei. The two of them were still together. However, as the time passed by, he started to get tired of Li Feifei’s willfulness. He couldn’t help but miss the obedient and smart Su Jian.

When he returned, other than learning from his old friend that Su Jian had went to another city after she graduated, he didn’t know anything else about Su Jian’s situation. Unexpectedly, when he went out for a business trip, he had coincidentally met Su Jian on the street in the rain.

Su Jian’s amnesia had made him very shocked. Su Jian’s marriage was an even greater blow to him. And now, he was once again excited after knowing that Su Jian’s marriage was actually fake.

He believed that based on Su Jian’s deep love for him in the past, he would still be in her heart! As long as he doesn’t give up, Su Jian would definitely come back to him!

Seeing the light in Lu Chenghe’s eyes, Ji Yan smiled. “Mr. Lu, why don’t we head in? Feifei seemed to be looking for you earlier.”

Lu Chenghe nodded his head. “En.”

When Ji Yan saw the slight trace of annoyance in Lu Chenghe’s eyes when she mentioned Li Feifei, the corners of her lips raised up slightly.


Su Jian’s mood wasn’t bad these few days.

Firstly, his work was going well. Although it wasn’t as smooth initially, he slowly got the hang of it after teaching for a while. His colleagues were very good. After knowing that he had lost his memories, they helped him selflessly, making him feel that he was improving very quickly. As for him, he slowly discovered the fun in being a teacher. Although the students were a little too lively, it was quite interesting watching the youths jumping about every day and teasing them occasionally.

Next, his family life was very comfortable. Although his mother-in-law was acting spoiled like a young girl as usual, he could clearly feel that she was treating him much better than before. However, he was baffled by the decoction of unknown origin that she forced him to drink every day, saying that it was to prepare his body for pregnancy. As for his husband An Yize, although he was still sleeping in the study room, they weren’t locked into a cold war like before. Their interaction seemed to return to the way it was before Mount Hua. It was natural and casual, making him feel much more relaxed.

Hence, when Su Jian got off work today and came out of school, his eyes were carrying a smile and he was even softly humming a song.

However, he didn’t walk far before he couldn’t continue smiling.

Lu Chenghe got off his car. He walked over while hugging a bouquet of lilies and smiled gently at Su Jian. “Jian Jian.”

Su Jian didn’t accept the lilies that were passed over. He asked awkwardly, “Why is Mr. Lu here?”

“I came here just to find you.” Lu Chenghe continued, “Jian Jian, I know that your favorite flower isn’t the rose but the lily. Therefore, I specially picked some lilies that were just flown here. See if you like them.”

Su Jian felt a headache. “Mr. Lu. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve lost my memories. I don’t remember anything in the past. I don’t like lilies as well…”

“Then which flower do you like?” Lu Chenghe’s voice was very warm.

Su Jian replied, “Cauliflower.”

Lu Chenghe: “……”

Su Jian looked around. Although the area was blocked by trees and was a considerable distance away from the crowd, it was still quite close to the school. He didn’t want the children to see a man giving him flowers. Thus, he said, “If Mr. Lu has nothing else to say, I will head back first.”

Lu Chenghe stretched out his hand to hold him back, sighing, “Jian Jian, are you still angry at me?”

Su Jian flung his hand away. “I’m not angry at you.”

“Then why are you ignoring me?” Lu Chenghe looked at him and continued, “Jian Jian, you know how I feel towards you…”

Su Jian interrupted him hurriedly, “Mr. Lu, I’ve mentioned before that I’m married!”

“Jian Jian, I love you. Nothing else matters. I don’t care whether you are married or not.”

Su Jian stared blankly. The development is a bit too fast! The ex came back to ask for a reconciliation while an old love wants to seduce a married person to an adultery. What is wrong with An Yize’s and his luck recently!

Su Jian had yet to return to his sense when he heard Lu Chenghe continue, “Additionally, I know that you didn’t marry him for real. You and your husband have a fake marriage, am I right?”

Su Jian was truly shocked this time. How did Lu Chenghe know that his marriage with An Yize was fake? Where did he get that information from?

Lu Chenghe was more certain when he saw Su Jian staring at him with wide eyes with unconcealed shock. He said gently, “Jian Jian, I know…”

After a moment of being shocked, Su Jian quickly came back to his senses. Quickly thinking of a plan, he acted confused as he interrupted the other person, “Fake marriage? Where did you hear that from? My husband and I married after falling in love. How could it be a fake marriage?”

Lu Chenghe replied, “Jian Jian, I know everything. You mother is gravely ill. I don’t know what sort of agreement you had with your husband, but you have me now. If you really need money, I can help you.”

Su Jian was silently shocked. Lu Chenghe actually knew that mother Su is ill. Looks like he had investigated. He also managed to guess about eighty to ninety percent of the truth. Things are looking bad!

Su Jian felt depressed in his heart. Although he was indeed with An Yize for money, he was still dedicated to being professional in his work. Also, what’s with the “I can help you too”? Buying me to be together with Mr. Lu? Then I might as well stay with An Yize! At least I’ve known An Yize for a long time and we are familiar with working with each other. If I changed to another man… Su Jian recalled the things that An Yize had done to him. He suddenly realized that if it was changed to another man, he couldn’t accept it at all.

Seeing that Su Jian was stunned still, Lu Chenghe placed the flowers on the car hood and approached him. “Jian Jian, I know that you still love me. We loved each other so much in the past, how could you have forgotten about me? You’re only angry at me.” After he finished speaking, he lowered his head and reached down for a kiss on Su Jian’s lips.

Su Jian started struggling under the shock. However, it was futile since Lu Chenghe seemed to know that he would struggle. Pressing his hands down, he pushed Su Jian lightly to the wall behind. Although the action looked gentle, he exerted a lot of strength. Su Jian couldn’t escape no matter how he struggled.

“Jian Jian, you are still as shy as ever.” Lu Chenghe’s lips were coming closer and closer. However, his voice which contained a trace of laughter was very gentle.

Your mom! Who’s shy! I’m angry alright! Su Jian stared at him with wide eyes, feeling very depressed in his heart. I can let it pass if I’m kissed by An Yize. At least I won’t feel disgusted! What’s with this Mr. Lu!

Seeing Lu Chenghe’s lips getting closer and closer, Su Jian felt uncomfortable from the bottom of his heart. He was about to struggle with his full strength when the pressure above him suddenly lessened. Lu Chenghe who was originally pressing him fell to the side.

Su Jian was stunned. Then, he realized that Ling Si had run over without him noticing.

“You dare to bully teacher?” Ling Si delivered another punch towards Lu Chenghe’s face. Although Lu Chenghe tried his best to avoid it, he still received a heavy punch on his shoulders.

Su Jian thought silently in his heart: Good punch!

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