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Chapter 72: Could It Be That I Really Have To Consider An Yize?

Lu Chenghe never appeared again afterward, so Su Jian slowly relaxed.

No matter what, he would never want a suitor like this. At this moment, he suddenly felt fortunate that he had married An Yize. If he wasn’t married, wouldn’t many more male suitors be approaching because of sister Su’s face and figure?

Staying in the room alone at night, Su Jian contentedly browsed the internet on his computer. Just as he was feeling bored, he saw someone on the page mentioning a forum he used to visit in the past.

Su Jian became slightly excited. Speaking of which, I haven’t gone to this forum which is essential to a man ever since I became a woman!

After finding the forum and browsing through, Su Jian queued up behind a large number of hungry man and left a comment, “The good host will have a peaceful life.”

The downloading speed was pretty fast. After a while, the video had finished downloading. Su Jian put on his earpiece and looked around carefully. After confirming that it was safe, he played the video with excitement. The last time he had watched a video, it had left a deep shadow in him. He had no recollection of what had happened in the video, and he also had an unbearable memory afterward! And now, he finally found the advantage of having a room to himself. At least he could watch it with ease, and he wouldn’t have to be worried about “mixing about” with An Yize again.

However, he soon felt depressed. He realized that the images which used to excite him in the past don’t seem to excite him as much now. Of course, he still liked the female actors’ body, and he felt moved when they “harmonised.” However, why the hell was he recalling the actions between An Yize and himself on that certain night!

The expression of Su Jian in front of the computer screen was quite distorted.

Unable to continue watching the hardworking male actors and hot female actors, Su Jian skipped forward in the video. Fortunately, the later performance of the two female actors didn’t make him recall his unbearable memories as much.

The two female actors on the screen had excellent faces and bodies, very pleasing to one’s eyes. Su Jian watched in interest at first, but he soon started feeling depressed. In the past, there were times where he had seen such videos showing the interactions between two woman. Back then, he felt very excited while watching it. Now that he had become a woman himself, he still felt interested in watching it, but he can no longer feel excited. Speaking truthfully, he had what the girls have now. As for what the girls do to each other…

Su Jian suddenly thought of a question: If he really had to find a woman to live with in the future, isn’t this be the image he should expect?

Su Jian furrowed his brows. He switched off his laptop with a troubled face and laid onto the bed.

With his hands acting as the pillow and his leg crossed, Su Jian finally started seriously thinking about his future married life.

Based on instinct, he would naturally still think of girls first. He would want to find a girl he likes, and the two of them can be together…

However, he is now a woman. Forget mentioning whether the girl he likes would accept him or not. Even though there are women who like other women in this world, would other people accept them? For example, sister Su’s family or even his own family?

Mother Su’s health isn’t great; she can’t take such a shock. Although he hadn’t thought of when he would tell his parents about his rebirth, he would have to get close to them eventually. His parents have always wanted to have a grandchild. If his conservative parents see that he had become a woman, would they force him to find a man?

Recalling the fact that his mother had once cruelly said, “It doesn’t matter who you find as long as I can have a grandchild.”, Su Jian felt that his prediction might really come true.

Then, what if I really found a man?

An unknown man was definitely a no, Su Jian couldn’t even bear to think about it. Thus, Su Jian started filtering out the people he knows. It was definitely a no for normal friends as well. It needs to be at least a “brother” grade. Su Jian thought of some of his brothers in his previous life. He thought: Those fellows are okay as brothers. However, if they were to be my partner, they seem a little… Su Jian thought of the things they had always talked about in the past. The word “miserable” silently appeared in his mind.

Additionally, Su Jian couldn’t imagine the image of him being together with those fellows in that direction. There were times when they touched each other intimately as they messed around as a joke. However, if he was to be pinned down by any of them to be their wife… Su Jian shivered, silently shaking off the goose bumps that appeared on his body.

Su Jian then thought of the people he knew after his rebirth. There were only a few men he knew after his revival. Of course, he wouldn’t even bother thinking about someone like Lu Chenghe. Li Mingfei had someone he likes and is also An Yize’s gay friend, so he cannot be considered as well. Ye Lang is An Yize’s second brother, so he has to be eliminated. After rounds and rounds of selection, An Yize seemed to be his only choice.

Su Jian thought about it seriously and suddenly realized that An Yize was his best choice.

An Yize’s appearance was good so he still liked him. The two of them wouldn’t have to be concerned about how their relatives or friends think about them. They have also done it and An Yize is the only male who he doesn’t feel disgusted doing intimate actions with. He also quite liked An Yize’s family…

Could it be that I really have to consider An Yize?

Su Jian felt troubled. He rolled around the bed silently and his body ended up in the ‘orz’ position.

Su Jian looked towards the study room involuntarily. If he were to talk about it, naturally, he didn’t hate An Yize. Not only did he not hate him, but he also had a pretty good impression of An Yize. However, this good impression is only limited to being friends. It feels like it would be forced if they brought it up to another level.

If An Yize really likes me and I stay together with An Yize because he likes me, wouldn’t I be using him?

He wasn’t trying to flaunt himself as a kind person. However, at this moment, he couldn’t bear to do that to An Yize.

An Yize… He is better off with someone who genuinely likes him…


Su Jian who came to this conclusion didn’t feel relaxed. Instead, his thoughts were in a mess. It was unknown whether it was due to his mood, but his tummy started feeling uncomfortable.

He tossed and turned around on the bed but ultimately couldn’t fall asleep. On the other hand, his tummy started to hurt more and more.

Initially, Su Jian had stretched out his hands to rub his tummy. However, it was useless, and his pain intensified instead. Su Jian bore with it for a while, but he couldn’t take the pain in the end. Thus, he could only hold his stomach and went to knock on the door of the study room.


The door of the study room opened very quickly. “Jian Jian?”

It was so painful that Su Jian couldn’t hold on anymore. He leaned instinctively onto An Yize, “Yize, my tummy hurts. Do you have some medicine…”

An Yize knitted his brows when he saw Su Jian’s pale face. When he felt Su Jian’s body temperature, his heart jumped. Raising his hand and placing it on Su Jian’s forehead, his brows furrowed deeply immediately. “Jian Jian, you have a fever!”

Su Jian said weakly, “Help me find some medicine…”

“No need, I will bring you to the hospital!” After he said so, he grabbed a blanket from the side and wrapped up Su Jian who was in his pajamas. Then, he carried Su Jian princess style.

Su Jian was muddled from the pain and couldn’t afford to care about it. Therefore, he obediently let An Yize carry him.

An Yize placed Su Jian on the car seat and helped him with the blanket. He said softly, “Jian Jian, bear with it for a moment.” Then, he started up the car with a heavy face.

Since the car was fast, it didn’t take long to reach the hospital. An Yize carried Su Jian out of the car and walked into the hospital with quick steps.

The results of the diagnosis were acute appendicitis. Su Jian needed an immediate operation.

Seeing the unconcealed anxiety in An Yize’s cold face, Su Jian who was still conscious said softly, “It’s okay, this isn’t a serious illness… The doctor also mentioned that the operation isn’t major…”

An Yize held his hand in his palm. “I know. You don’t have to be afraid too.”

Su Jian replied, “Why would I be afraid… Sss—It hurts…”

An Yize clenched his hand. “Bear with it. The operation is starting immediately. I will be waiting for you outside.”

Su Jian pulled out a smile. “En. After I come out, I will still be a good man…”

An Yize: “……”

The operation didn’t take too long. After a while, Su Jian was pushed out of the operation room into the VIP ward. However, the anesthetic still hadn’t worn off, so he was still weak, quietly mumbling something. An Yize lowered his head and moved closer to his mouth and realized that he was actually mumbling the word “Yize.”

An Yize’s eyes flashed. Holding onto Su Jian’s hand, he sat down slowly by Su Jian’s side.

Su Jian didn’t know what he did when he was muddled. When he woke up, he only felt that his wound hurt. He looked around slowly, and his sight landed on An Yize in front of the hospital bed.

He realized that An Yize was still wearing his pajamas.

Warmth spread in his heart. Su Jian couldn’t help but laugh when he stared at An Yize’s Doraemon pajamas that Su Jian had bought on a whim when he was accompanying An Yirou to go shopping.

Seeing that he was happy, the corner of An Yize’s lips raised as well. He said helplessly, “You were the one who bought it.”

Su Jian asked, “You don’t like it?”

An Yize replied, “That’s not true. However, do you think that this suits me?”

Su Jian laughed. “Of course it suits you! Not to mention, Doraemon is so great. With it, you can fulfill your wishes!”

An Yize looked at him, his eyes had a trace of a smile and were deep. “Really?”

Su Jian felt slightly uneasy being looked at by An Yize. Thus, he changed the topic. “Are you not going to work?”

An Yize replied, “You need to stay in the hospital. I will be with you for the next few days.”

“Actually, you don’t have to stay here, my problem isn’t major. Not to mention, there are nurses around…”

“I’m your husband.”


Su Jian was very depressed since he couldn’t eat or drink straight away after an operation. When he could eat, he looked forward to it earnestly.

Looking at the food An Yize brought in, Su Jian asked with a smile, “Don’t tell me you cooked that?”

An Yize shook his head. “No.”

Su Jian said jokingly,” Aren’t you my husband? Shouldn’t you be making me a meal filled with love right now?”

An Yize replied, “I can’t cook well. You’re now sick and you need nourishment.”

An Yize’s expression during the explanation was too serious, so Su Jian started feeling a little uneasy instead and he looked away.


During the day, Mother An came over to visit Su Jian. Although she looked unhappy because she got the news late, Su Jian could still see her concern for him. When she learned that An Yize was staying for the night to accompany Su Jian, she didn’t say anything about it, only nagging at Su Jian to quickly recover.

Su Jian looked at An Yize who was lying on the accompanying bed beside and sighed. When he was reborn, the first time he saw An Yize was also in a hospital ward. However, back then, how could he have expected that he and An Yize would one day change from rivals to friends?

“Yize.” Su Jian suddenly called out.

“En?” An Yize turned sideways to look at him.

Su Jian hesitated for a moment before asking softly, “You… really like me?”

An Yize didn’t say anything, only looking at him silently with his pair of deep black eyes.

Su Jian asked awkwardly, “You… which part of me do you like?”

An Yize replied quietly, “Will you change it if I say it out?”

Su Jian laughed, “I can’t say for sure. What if you said that you liked my face? I can’t possibly disfigure myself right?

An Yize replied, “It’s true that I like your face.”

Su Jian found it difficult to continue laughing. Although he had guessed that An Yize would like sister Su’s appearance and figure, for some reason, he still felt uncomfortable when An Yize said it so straightforwardly.

Su Jian laughed, “Very good. However, I’m not as shallow as you. If I liked you, it wouldn’t be your face that I like.” I will only like your money.

An Yize continued his previous sentence unhurriedly, “If you don’t have a face, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be easy to like you. Therefore, your face is important.”

Su Jian: “……” What do you mean by “don’t have a face”! An Yize, are you trying to insult me through wordplay?

Su Jian thought for a moment and continued, “If, I’m saying if, one day, you woke up and realized that you have become a woman…” Seeing An Yize look over, he explained, “Two days ago, I read a novel, and it was written this way. It sounds interesting!”


“I’m saying, suppose you suddenly became a woman and can only be together with a man, what would you do?”

An Yize looked at him. “I became a woman. What about you?”

“Me?” Su Jian was stunned. “Me… Of course I’ve changed as well. I became a man! Look, didn’t you say that you like me just now? Then, if I became a man and you became a woman, would you still like me?”

An Yize sank into silence.

Su Jian felt a little agitated for some reason. “I would be willing to earn money to feed you, take care of you when you are sick, help you with food when you eat and warm the blanket for you to sleep. However, you would have to be together with a man. Would you be willing?”

An Yize replied, “This won’t become a reality, so don’t overthink it. Quickly sleep.”

Su Jian was suddenly stubborn and wanted to know the answer persistently. “I’m saying if. What if it happens? Are you willing or not?”

An Yize gazed at him sighed, “Fine. If it’s you, I think I might be willing.”

Su Jian: “……”

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