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Chapter 54: The Students in Class Two are Especially Famous For Their Liveliness In Our Department

The end of the holidays slowly arrived. After two days, Sister An returned to school. While Su Jian had yet to finish feeling sad, the day to work arrived.

The night before he started working, Su Jian laid on the bed and kept flipping around.

Seeing that, An Yize asked, “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian honestly said, “I have to start working tomorrow. I feel a little nervous.” If it was an ordinary job, he wouldn’t be worried. However, this time, he had to be a teacher. As an upright youth, he was a little worried that he would drag the students down due to his incompetence and irresponsibility.

However, An Yize thought that Su Jian was feeling nervous having to meet strangers with his amnesia. He touched Su Jian’s face, “I remembered that you once said that your students are quite fond of you.”

That’s the worst, okay? Su Jian wrinkled his face, “What if I go back this time and they stop liking me?” Actually, he wasn’t really concerned about a bunch of teenagers liking him or not. However, it was not a good thing if the previous and the current was too different.

An Yize replied, “That won’t happen.”

Su Jian’s heart calmed down slightly. He cast a glance at An Yize, “You sure are confident about me.”

An Yize did not say anything and only gently patted him. “Sleep.”

Su Jian closed his eyes obediently. An Yize stared at him for a while before pulling the blanket higher over him.

Although he was feeling worried before his sleep, Su Jian slept extremely soundly. In the morning, An Yize had to wake him up.

“Morning…” Su Jian greeted him dazedly. Then he closed his eyes and buried his face in An Yize’s embrace, continuing his sleep.

An Yize shook him. “Jian Jian, wake up. Don’t you have work today?”

Su Jian continued staying still. After a while, he suddenly shot up. With messy hair, he exclaimed, “Oh right! I almost forgot!” Saying so, he jumped down the bed with flying speed.

When An Yize saw him hurrying, almost knocking into the washroom door, he said with knitted brows, “No need to rush, I will send you to school later.”

Su Jian did not look back, but he stretched his hand backwards, showing An Yize a thumbs up.

A trace of smile appeared in An Yize’s eyes. He got up neither quickly nor slowly.

After tidying themselves and finishing their breakfast, the two of them prepared to go to work.

Mother An said with a straight face, “Why are you so energetic for work? A woman should be staying at home, helping her husband and educating her children.” Sister An had left first and now Su Jian was leaving too. To add on, father An had been going out a lot recently. The originally lively house suddenly quietened down. No one was accompanying mother An to watch the television drama, making her feel unhappy.

Su Jian said with a wry smile, “But mom, Yize is also going to work. Therefore, he doesn’t need me to take care of him. Moreover, we don’t have any children. There’s no need for me to educate them.”

Mother An stared at his belly and raged, “Then the two of you should quickly give birth to a child! You’ve been married for almost half a year, why is there still no news from you!”

Su Jian felt awkward and cast a glance at An Yize. An Yize said indifferently, “Mom, Jian Jian and I do not plan to have a child yet.”

“How can that do?” Mother An was  not satisfied, “Xiao Ze, from now on, contraception is not allowed for the two of you!”

Su Jian: “……”

After getting in An Yize’s car, Su Jian still felt perplexed. “Why do dad and mom keep mentioning this recently?”

An Yize replied, “All the elderlies wish to have their grandchildren. This is very normal.”

Su Jian asked, “Then what should we do?”

An Yize suddenly asked him, “Jian Jian, do you like kids?”

Su Jian shook his head decisively. “I don’t!” Pinching a little loli or something could be considered quite cute. However, raising his own disobedient kid was another matter!

An Yize did not say anything again.

However, Su Jian continued thinking. “Why don’t we think of a solution? Otherwise, it’s not good for dad and mom to keep asking.”

An Yize asked, “What solution?”

Su Jian glanced at him and said cautiously, “Why don’t, we say that, ahem, your thing, has a little problem…”

An Yize turned his head around silently and looked at him.

Su Jian felt a little guilty as well. He said hesitantly, “In these recent years, there seems to be quite a few men that are infertile, so it’s not considered strange.”

Seeing that An Yize was still staring at him with an expressionless face, Su Jian bit the bullet. “If you are unwilling to carry this burden alone, I will accompany you then. We can just say that both of us are infertile. That should do right?”

An Yize: “……”

As Su Jian saw that An Yize’s expression wasn’t too great so he lightly coughed and changed the topic. “Yize, when will we be moving back?”

An Yize’s eyebrows moved. “Why did you ask about this all of a sudden?”

Su Jian replied, “When we needed to stayed here previously, it was because my leg was inconvenient. Now that I have recovered, there’s no need for someone to take care of me anymore.”

An Yize’s stayed calm and collected. “Is it bad staying here?”

Su Jian tilted his head. “Well, that’s not true.”

The house here was large. There was a garden and there was even a swimming pool. Naturally, the living conditions were better than the residence that An Yize was living in previously. To add on, there were housekeepers and maids in the house. There was no need for him to do anything at all. To be able to live lazily without doing anything had always been his dream. Looking at it today, he didn’t hate it at all. However…

“However, there are too many people here. Ultimately, it is not as free as the previous residence.” For example, being requested to not use contraceptives and etc…

An Yize guessed what he was thinking about and said, “You don’t have to worry about the matters of having a child. Dad and mom are just asking casually, you don’t have to mind it. We have only been married for half a year. Not having a child is very normal.”

Su Jian said, “Actually, it’s not just the matter about having a child. There are more people here which means more eyes watching us. It’s quite troublesome to always have to act.”

An Yize asked, “Are you always acting?”

Su Jian thought for a moment and suddenly realised that other than the initial days, he actually hadn’t acted much recently. Other than faking his relationship with An Yize, he usually got along with An Yize and the An family naturally. This included showing affection with An Yize. After getting used to it, he acted naturally with the mindset of it being fun. To add on, he was now becoming more and more familiar with An Yize. When he needed to show affection, there was completely no need for him to deliberately prepare himself. Moreover, his heart was no longer in conflict.

“Uh, that’s not true.” Su Jian replied honestly.

An Yize said: “You are working now. There is chauffeur here that can drive you there and back. It will be more convenient.”

Su Jian asked, “Is the previous residence far from my workplace?”

“I think you will have to take the train or public transport if you don’t drive.”

“So troublesome? Then, did I drive previously?”

An Yize shook his head.

“Why?” There are so many cars in the garage. Don’t tell me An Yize was being stingy and wasn’t willing to let sister Su drive?

“Because you don’t have a driver’s license.”

“……” Su Jian felt aggrieved. Actually, he knew how to drive. However, since sister Su didn’t have a driver’s license, he could only look at An Yize’s luxury car and sigh.

Seeing that he was depressed, An Yize said, “Moreover, Xiao Rou has went back to school. Now, mom will be alone at home. If we say that we want to leave, she will definitely not allow it.”

Su Jian heaved out a sigh.

An Yize furrowed his brows. “Do you feel very uncomfortable living here?”

“I don’t feel so.” Su Jian shook his head. Honestly speaking, the An family treated him pretty well. Even Elder Rong who was demonstrating her power to him initially was now getting along with him quite harmoniously. The housekeepers and maids were also very respectful and looked after him. After his rebirth, his had no way of contacting his previous family, friends, and sister Su’s family, as her acquaintances were all strangers to him. Other than An Yize and Yan Zi Wei, he did not have contacts with anyone else at all. As for here, it was crowded and lively and they got along well without scruples. In conclusion, he was much happier here than the previous place.

An Yize said, “If that’s the case, then let’s continue staying here for now. Afterall, it is more convenient.”

Su Jian nodded his head. “Alright.”

An Yize’s heart slightly relaxed and he said warmly, “Your workplace is right in front. We’ll be there soon.”


An Yize stopped his car before the school gate. Before Su Jian got off, he told Su Jian, “I might have to work overtime today. Remember to call the chauffeur to fetch you.”

Su Jian replied with an “oh”. After waving at An Yize, he got off the car.

An Yize sat in the car and watched him enter the school building. Only then did he start his car and start driving to the office.

Su Jian asked around and found the location of his office. He stood outside and hesitated for a moment before going in.

Several female teachers were already seated by the table inside the office. Seeing him enter, everyone went over enthusiastically to greet him.

All the colleagues knew that he had lost his memory due to the car accident. Fortunately, they only showed their concern for his physical condition and did not purposely ask about his amnesia. Su Jian’s heart relaxed slightly. After carefully talking to them for a while, he roughly understood some of his work situation.

He was currently in charge of teaching second year class two and twenty-two literature and he had two lessons to conduct today. Fortunately, both his lessons today were in the afternoon. In the morning, he could go to the other teachers’ class to listen and learn.

Su Jian asked Ms. Qin who was sitting next to him. “Ms. Qin, the students of these two classes, um, are they obedient?”

Ms. Qin said laughingly, “The two classes of yours have relatively good grades and the students are not boring either. Especially the students in class two, they are famous for their liveliness in our department.”

Liveliness? Su Jian pondered for a moment and felt being lively was better than being dull. In case he couldn’t continue his teaching, it wouldn’t be too awkward.


Nevertheless, after classes ended, Su Jian then realized that if the children were too lively, it would also be very exhausting.

Because he was afraid of dealing with students, even though Su Jian knew that he should head to class early, he only entered the classroom slowly just when the bell rang.

Seeing him enter, the students started making a commotion. When he stood on the podium, he wasn’t sure which student shouted a “class stand”. Then, the whole class suddenly stood up uniformly and shouted with full energy. “Welcome welcome! A warm welcome! Su Su has returned, we are very happy[1]!” It was then followed by a round of applause.

Su Jian: “……”

After he finally got the little brats to sit down, Su Jian said, “Why do I feel that this phrase seems wrong? Isn’t the phrase we are very happy meant for expressing the people’s satisfaction when a villain has suffered a setback or is being punished? Who is the pro who wrote this speech?”

The students started jeering immediately. “Lin Yang! It was Lin Yang who wrote it!”

Su Jian laughed, “Who is Lin Yang?”

A tall and bright student at the back stood up a little embarrassedly.

Su Jian said, “Although you used the wrong idiom, I would still like to thank you.”

Lin Yang touched his head and said, “In that case teacher, can I change it to ‘Su Su has returned, it is something to celebrate[2]’?”

What does Tan Guan Xiang Qing[3] mean? Su Jian was feeling awkward when some of the students started slapping their tables and laughing. “Tan Guan Xiang Qing? Hahaha Lin Yang, Tan Guan Xiang Qing also talks about villains!”

In his heart, Su Jian was actually completely confused. However, he put up a “I know everything” calm smile. When he saw the situation, he took his chance to say, “Lin Yang’s deskmate, why don’t you tell Lin Yang what ‘Tan Guan Xiang Qing’ means.”

The deskmate immediately stood up with flying speed and said proudly, “Isn’t it saying when a person gets to be an officer or is promoted, his associates also benefit from it and gets to be an officer too? Thus it is something worth celebrating or congratulating together?” After he finished speaking, he turned his head and smirked at Lin Yang. “Lin Yang, the teacher said it earlier. It’s a derogatory term!”

Su Jian quietly noted down the meaning in his mind. However, on the surface, he gave Lin Yang a warm smile. “It’s okay. Just remember it in the future. Lin Yang you can take a seat.”

Lin Yang’s face slightly reddened and he sat down with lowered head.

Su Jian sighed in his heart: Although children of seventeen to eighteen years old don’t look as young anymore, they are still ultimately pure. They actually feel embarrassed being lectured by their teacher. This sure makes me miss the young days!

Su Jian returned to the podium. Opening the textbook, he cleared his throat. “Students, today we will start a new lesson on ‘Pi Pa Xing’.”

Because he had heard the other teachers’ lessons this morning, Su Jian who had secretly decided to plagiarise was still a little confident for his life’s first lesson. Thus, he opened his textbook and started reading the “author’s introduction” out loud according to the course outline. “The author is Bai Juyi and his literary name is Le Tian. His nickname is Fragrant Hill’s hermit, as well as reciter Mr. Drunk. He was a renowned realism poet from the Tang dynasty alongside Yuan Zhen who was another renowned poet of the same generation, they were known as ‘Yuan Bai’…”

“Teacher, I have a question!” Suddenly, a female voice emerged.

Su Jian was stared blankly. “Please speak.”

The girl asked in high spirits, “Teacher, I’ve heard that Yuan Zhen’s and Bai Juyi’s relationship isn’t simple. Is that true?”

Su Jian ‘haha’ed in his heart: Miss, what do you mean by ‘relationship isn’t simple’? And what’s with that undignified smile on your face?

However, he still kept a dignified look. “No. The two of them initiated the new Yue Fu movement. Therefore, they have a joint name in the history of literature. I’ll reach that part soon.”

“Teacher, I’ve seen it too!” Another female by the side voiced her thoughts as well. “I have seen a post before. It listed many works where they sing with each other, making others unable to bear looking!”

What do you mean by unable to bear looking? Su Jian was feeling frustrated. However, on the surface, he gently said, “I don’t think I’ve seen this before.”

“Then teacher, I will say it out for you. It left a really deep impression on me, I can still remember quite a bit!” The girl said energetically, “I still remember that one of them mentioned that when Yuan Zhen received Bai Juyi’s letter, he saw the letter and cried. I think it goes like this: ‘When a faraway letter came in… what came first were his tears. His wife and was surprised and his daughter asked why he was crying. This was something not commonly seen so it should be a letter from Jiang Zhou Si Ma[4]’ Another one was talking about Bai Juyi saying that he dreamt about Yuan Zhen every day. Then, Yuan Zhen replied to him with a poem. What the poem was trying to say generally was: ‘I am sick and wished to dream of you. But because I’m too anxious, I couldn’t dream of you.’ Oh, I remembered! It was: ‘Seperated by numerous mountains and rivers, we can only meet in our dreams. I’m feeling weak because of my sickness, yet I only dreamt about people I don’t think about, not you!’ A more exaggerated one is Bai Juyi’s ‘Book with Yuan Wei Zhi[5]’. I remembered that I have done this classical piece before, let me flip… Oh, here it is! The opening is: ‘Wei Zhi, Wei Zhi, it has been three years since we last met; it has been two years since we last wrote a letter for each other. Just how many days do we have in life? We are so far apart! Moreover, we have such a close relationship. We are so far away from each other. Although we can’t be with each other, we should not forget each other. We each have our own responsibilities and cannot meet each other, but we will turn old together. Wei Zhi, Wei Zhi, what do you think! What do you think! This is the reality, what do you think!’ The conclusion was another lyrical poem: ‘Wei Zhi, Wei Zhi! This is how I feel, do you know of this!’ Teacher, please evaluate this!”

Su Jian: “……” Children these days sure know a lot, haha.

“This student is knowledgeable and has a good memory, she deserves to be praised. However, Bai Juyi and Yuan Zhen most probably only had a good relationship. Don’t think too much about it.”

“That’s right!” Su Jian had just finished his sentence when another girl continued. “Yuan Zhen, this heartbreaker abandoned his first love to fawn on the rich and the powerful. He also loved the new and hated the old, abandoning Xue Tao. How is he worthy of the great Le Tian!”

A male refuted: “That can’t be true. Wasn’t ‘No other waters could impress me for I’ve seen the vast seas’ written by Yuan Zhen?”

The girls lamented, “That’s why we say that boys are hypocritical!”

“Bai Juyi isn’t any better is he?” Another girl joined in the war. “Didn’t he write a poem criticizing Guan Panpan that she could only stay loyal to her dead husband but is not willing to die with her husband? This caused Guan Panpan to starve herself to death!”[6]

A boy by the side weakly said, “Why have I heard that the part about forcing Guan Panpan to death was fabricated by the later generation?”

Su Jian: “……”


The lesson ended in a lively manner. After the lesson, Su Jian was already numb when he heard two male students humming “Jiang Zhou Si Ma’s tears and sweat that has drenched his green chinese gown, is the top executive official attire,” and then shouting that they should go to the toilet together.

However, during the lesson, Su Jian noticed that a girl was resting on the table, sleeping. Su Jian gently woke her up a few times, yet she still slept again. Bearing the responsibility of a teacher, Su Jian secretly called her to the side of a corridor after the lesson. He showed his concern to the female student warmly, “Are you very tired attending lesson? Sleep earlier tonight or else it will delay your studies if you keep sleeping in class. What if you can’t get into a university?”

The girl started laughing, “Teacher, you don’t have to worry about me. It’s fine even if I can’t get into a university. I will be marrying into a wealthy family afterwards anyway!”

Su Jian: “……”


When it was almost time to get off work, Su Jian received a call from An Yize saying that he was waiting for him outside the school gate.

After he got off work, Su Jian got on the car. Feeling a little surprised, he asked, “Didn’t you say that you have to work overtime?”

An Yize smiled, “I finished it ahead of schedule. How was work today?”

Su Jian silently stiffened. Then, he looked at the bunch of students walking out of the school gate following the sound of the school bell and sighed.

“My heart feels so tired. I feel that I won’t love it anymore…”

Author’s notes: Xixi, Unmoving Star and Winter, the cup of Beibei for the landmine! Hug and kiss!

Jian Jian finally met someone that could make him feel frustrated. The students are an example! There may be some of you who find that it is too exaggerated. However, what this author would like to say is that: In this chapter, during Jian Jian’s lesson, the Yuan Bai debate, and after his lesson, the incident about the marrying into a wealthy family are all experiences that this author’s good friend who is a literature teacher had went through. It is absolutely true! At that time, this author could not help but lament: High school boys and girls these day sure are impressive. This author is getting old…


[1]We are very happy – The students used an idiom which expressed that they are very happy. However they chose an idiom which had the wrong context for their happiness.

[2]It is something to celebrate – Similar to [1], the context of the idiom is wrong.

[3]Tan Guan Xiang Qing – This actually means ‘it is something to celebrate’ which is the word in [2]. Since Su Jian did not understand the word, it is left in it’s chinese form to show that he did not understand.

[4]Jiang Zhou Si Ma – Another nickname of Bai Juyi

[5]Wei Zhi – Yuan Zhen’s literary name.

[6] : Translation: Bai Juyi once went to Xuzhou for sightseeing so he went to visit his friend at the same time. That friend, Zhang Yin, was a local military governor of Xuzhou. When he heard that the great poet Bai was coming, he certainly had to show his hospitality. Zhang Yin set up a feast at “Swallow House”. This was the place Zhang Yin assigned his concubine, Guan Panpan, to. It was elegant and sentimental, the best choice for entertaining a literati like Bai Juyi. Guan Panpan was originally a popular Geisha. As she and Zhang Yin both loved each other, Zhang Yin bought her and made her a concubine. As the hostess, she came and performed a song. What she sang was Bai Juyi’s “Chang Xiang Si”. Bai Juyi had a deep impression on this talented beauty. However, an unforeseen situation occurred. After a few years, Zhang Yin died of sickness. All his wives sold his items and left. Only Guan Panpan stayed behind, guarding the “Swallow House” on her own. She depended on reminiscing her happy memories with Zhang Yin to live her slow and lonely nights. When Bai Juyi learned about this, he thought that Guan Panpan who was living alone in the empty house was bound to be tormented by lovesickness. Feeling that way, he wrote a poem: “Not minding the amount of gold to buy beauties, he obtained a few beautiful ladies with figures as beautiful as flowers. Dedicated to teaching songs and dances, if one day one died, no one would follow.” When Guan Panpan saw the poem, especially the last sentence “If one day one died, no one would follow.”, she thought that the great poet was blaming her for not following Zhang Yin in death. She felt so indignant to the point that she had no more attachment with life so she starved herself to death. When Bai Juji learned that Guan Panpan died because of his poem, he felt very guilty and regretful. When he was old, he dismissed his concubine Fan Su and Xiao Man in fear of a repetition of Guan Panpan’s tragedy.

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