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Chapter 53: “You Can’t Possibly Take Care Of Me Forever Could You?” “Why Not?”

Su Jian panted as he sat up and suddenly realized that An Yize who had fallen off the bed had no signs of movement after a long while.

Su Jian started getting worried. Don’t tell me it got ruined by the kick?

When he thought of this possibility, he couldn’t help but felt a little guilty. As a man, he knew how painful it was being kicked there. Being kicked there when it was at its hardest point was a torturous pain and one would rather die. There was also the fear of not being able to reproduce ever again. Most importantly, it would be the loss of a man’s pride…

Su Jian put himself in his shoes. He silently felt that kick of his seemed to be too cruel. No matter what he said, although An Yize’s actions earlier weren’t very kind, he did enjoy it. Cough…

Su Jian stuck his head out and asked cautiously, “Yize, are you… okay?”

An Yize got up from the floor with great difficulty. Silently laying back down onto the bed, he turned away from Su Jian with his back facing Su Jian and didn’t reply.

Su Jian moved over cautiously. Stretching out his fingers, he poked An Yize’s back.

An Yize still did not make any sound.

Su Jian said behind him, “Although I scared you on purpose, you’re the one who wanted me to wear this clothes as a gift for you. You didn’t set a rule on when I should wear it.”

An Yize still did not move.

Su Jian poked him again. Scrunching his eyebrows, he said, “Fine. Even if it was my fault for scaring you, you shouldn’t execute your revenge this way!”

An Yize turned around helplessly and sighed. “This is not my revenge.”

Initially, Su Jian was happy. However, he soon restrained from showing his happiness and humphed. “You’re finally willing to talk? I even thought you were asleep!”

An Yize did not speak once again.

Su Jian asked in embarrassment, “Is it… very painful?”

An Yize answered silently, “What do you think?”

Su Jian replied, “Isn’t that because you got turned… Wait. Did you just say that this wasn’t your revenge?”

An Yize replied with an “En”.

Su Jian was a little surprised. “You really like this type?”

An Yize didn’t say anything.

Su Jian instantly took it as his silent acknowledgement. Enlightened, he said, “Alright, I understand.”

Within the dark, An Yize looked at him. “Really?”

Su Jian replied, “Really.”


Once the two of them stopped talking, they went to sleep. When they woke up the next morning, they were sticking to each other as intimately as always.

Experiencing this for a few months, Su Jian was already numb to this scene and was used to it. Adjusting himself into a more comfortable position in An Yize’s embrace, he intended to sleep for a while more.

However, while he was moving, his leg happened to bump into something.

When Su Jian first bumped into it, he felt awkward. However, as time passed, other than feeling a little envious, he no longer felt much about it.

However, when Su Jian bumped into it today, he first stiffened before he gradually felt relieved.

Su Jian looked up and realised that An Yize was already awake so he smiled at him faintly. “Yize.”

An Yize’s voice still sounded low and hoarse as he just woke up. “Yes?”

Su Jian withdrew his leg and said happily, “It seems like there’s nothing wrong with it. Look, it can still stand.”

An Yize: “……”


The employees at CMI president’s office noticed that his majesty’s mood today looked terrible. Thus, when Director Ji entered the president’s office, they kindheartedly informed him.

Ji Mingfei expressed his appreciation to them and entered the president’s office. After he  finished discussing work with An Yize, he suddenly asked in curiosity, “Yize, how’s your progress with sister-in-law?”

There weren’t any major changes in An Yize’s expression. However, Ji Mingfei who was familiar with him still noticed that his face which was originally indifferent had sunk.

Ji Mingfei exclaimed in surprise, “Are you serious? During your birthday night, you confessed by playing the piano and you also saved a damsel in distress. Was she really not moved?”

An Yize recalled Su Jian’s reaction which was acting as a ghost as well as giving him a flying kick. A tired look silently appeared on his face.

When Ji Mingfei saw that, he roughly understood. He said hastily, “Yize, you don’t have to feel discouraged. Based on my observation, that little girl Su Jian should probably feel something for you, it’s just that she might be unaware of it. The two of you are a special case. I’m afraid you will have to spend more time and use more methods to slowly move her!”

An Yize asked, “What methods?”

Ji Mingfei held his chin and said, “For example… do what she likes! You can think about what she likes and give it to her. Girls are usually easily moved at times like this. If you add in your confession in a timely manner, there will be a higher chance for success.”

An Yize thought carefully.


Back in his room at night, An Yize took a bath. When he came out, he noticed that Su Jian who had already taken his bath was not lying on the bed, using his computer or phone as usual. Instead, he was reading a book with great concentration.

An Yize glanced at it silently, only to see a few large words on the cover page—High School Literature Teaching Plan.

An Yize sat beside Su Jian. When he saw Su Jian’s knitted brows and Su Jian’s small face full of confusion, his eyes couldn’t help but soften. His heart moved and he suddenly moved over to kiss Su Jian between his brows.

Su Jian instantly revealed his eyes from behind the book. With a baffled look, he asked, “What are you doing?”

An Yize looked towards his book. “Why are you looking at this?”

Su Jian’s attention was immediately diverted by him. He answered, “The school called me saying that school is starting soon. They asked me if I could go back and work.”

An Yize asked, “How did you answer?”

Su Jian replied, “My leg has recovered and I have rested for such a long time. I feel that it’s time to get back to work.”

An Yize’s eyebrows distorted. “But you lost your memories. Will you be able to adapt to work?”

“I’m not sure.” Su Jian continued, “If I have lost my memories, it should only be my own past. I still remember the knowledge that I have learnt. As for my position and colleagues, I have no memories of them.”

An Yize asked, “Then, do you still wish to go back and work?”

Su Jian answered, “How can I decide on this? If I don’t work, how will I feed and dress myself?”

An Yize replied, “You’re not working now and you’re still well fed and dressed.”

Su Jian replied, “You’re taking care of me now, of course there is no issue. However, you can’t possibly take care of me forever could you?”

An Yize calmly replied, “Why not?”

Su Jian was stunned for a moment before he suddenly stretched out his hands. “That is what you said! I only want a cheque. No need for too much, five million will do! Thank you!”

An Yize: “……”

Su Jian saw him stiffen and laughed, “I knew it! Let’s be serious. Although I’m currently eating and staying for free at your house, if you calculate it, we will divorce in a few months time. At that time, I would ultimately have to take care of myself wouldn’t I? In these past few years, the prices have been rising everyday. The housing prices are unbelievably high as well. If I don’t work, how will I live on?”

An Yize’s mood sank slightly.

Su Jian saw that his expression looked bad so he nudged him. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” An Yize hid the uncomfortable mood he felt after hearing the word “divorce” and asked, “When will you start working?”

Su Jian stretched himself. “Soon. School will start next Monday.”

Thinking about the fact that he would be a teacher once school started, he would be standing in front a bunch of half grown kids and educating them. Su Jian couldn’t help but feel a little guilty and worried. Pondering for a moment, he turned around and asked An Yize, “Yize, what were you like when you were in high school?”

“High school?” An Yize continued, “Which aspect are you talking about?”

Su Jian thought for a while. “For example, your studies.”

An Yize calmly replied, “Top three in my grade.”

Su Jian’s eye bulged. “Always?”

An Yize nodded his head.

Su Jian’s heart slightly soured. Although he and An Yize went to the same university ultimately, even his best results in high school couldn’t bring him to top three.

If I can’t compete with my results, then I will compete with my conduct! Su Jian asked with ill intentions, “When you were in high school, did you ever write love letters for the girls?”

An Yize’s reply was very straightforward. “No.”

“Are you lying?” Su Jian did not believe it. “Just how many guys are there in high school that have not written a love letter for a girl?”

An Yize replied faintly, “I have only received love letters from others.”

Su Jian: “……”

Suppressing the envy, jealousy, and hate in his heart, Su Jian sourly said, “Then, how many have you agreed to?”

An Yize replied, “None.”

Su Jian spit out two words. “Haha.”

An Yize asked, “What are you laughing for?”

Which eye of yours saw that I was laughing? Feeling depressed, Su Jian asked, “Is your personality in high school the same as now?” He felt that with An Yize’s personality, there wouldn’t be any girls that would like him. If he had really received love letters, it only proved that the people in the world judged others by their appearance alone.

An Yize replied, “Back then, I was more rash.”

“Rash?” Su Jian couldn’t help but feel curious. The An Yize he knew was someone who always had a facial paralysis that couldn’t be moved by the eight winds[1]. He really couldn’t imagine what An Yize looked like when he was being rash. “What are you like when you are rash?”

An Yize looked at him. “You really want to know?”

Su Jian nodded his head.

An Yize looked at Su Jian silently and suddenly pinned Su Jian under his body. Lowering his head, An Yize pressed his lips against Su Jian’s.

Su Jian was shocked. He immediately shouted, “Don’t be rash!”

An Yize laughed in spite of himself and positioned his face very closely to Su Jian’s.

Su Jian started laughing too. “Are you not afraid that I will give you another Foshan Shadow kick[2]?”

An Yize held down his leg firmly. “Try if you can.”

Su Jian moved to try it. Seeing that his legs were completely locked still by An Yize, having no way to move at all, he could only surrender. “Fine, I know you have a lot of strength. Quickly get up. I just remembered I have a gift for you.”

“Gift?” An Yize was stunned, but he didn’t move away.

Su Jian said smilingly. “Yup. I feel that you will definitely like it!”

An Yize moved away from the top of his body and laid beside him. Su Jian sat up immediately and climbed down the bed.

After climbing down the bed, Su Jian took something out and climbed back up the bed immediately.

“For you!” Su Jian passed the plastic bag in his hand to An Yize.

An Yize asked in hesitation, “What is this?”

Su Jian laughed, “Won’t you know once you take a look?”

An Yize glanced at him and stretched out his hand to take the bag. Then he took out the items in the bag.

Inside the bag was a stack of printed photographs. However, the photographs weren’t of sceneries or people that An Yize knew. Instead, they were pieces of still photographs.

On the photographs were gruesome female ghosts from horror films that looked very mournful.

Su Jian who was by his side said, “I saw that you seemed to like this kind of thing so I specially chose some classic ones for you. Do you like it?” Since you could even make a move on me when I had that face last night, I guess you have this kind of taste. Therefore, I have specially helped you find some photos. Next time, you can just satisfy yourself with that. No need to thank me.

An Yize: “……”


[1]Eight wind – Success, failure, defame, fame, praise, ridicule, pain and joy

[2]Foshan Shadow kick – One of the martial art stunt by Wong Fei-hung which is a blindingly fast kick where the opponent is unaware of the strike until it occurred.

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