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Chapter 46: I Can’t Keep Letting An Yize Kiss Me Repeatedly!

An Yize suddenly understood and felt perplexed. “You stayed awake for this?”

Su Jian refused to admit, “Of course not!” In actual fact, initially, he happened to remember that it was An Yize’s 30th birthday the next day. Thus, he purposely reminded himself about it. At the beginning, he had wanted to use An Yize’s age to attack him as he was recently concerned about his age. However, after waiting for a while, this matter became an exciting little secret hidden in his heart. At the moment when the clock struck zero, he had forgotten his plan to attack An Yize. He only stole the chance to be the first to wish An Yize a happy birthday at the most perfect moment.

An Yize looked at him deeply. Suddenly, his body moved and at the next moment, Su Jian was pressed under him.

“Hey, what are you…nnn…”

An Yize didn’t kiss for long and soon released Su Jian.

Su Jian panted slightly. He had yet to return to his senses when the man pressing him down on him said, “This is a return gift.”

Su Jian glared at him and said angrily, “I only want a five million dollar cheque as my return gift!” Your mom! If I knew the return gift would be so lame, I should have also wished for this for the annoying An god: “At 30 years old you will have erectile dysfunction!”

An Yize ignored his angry words. He looked downwards with a deep expression. “Jian Jian, thank you.”

His expression was so gentle and his tone was so sincere that Su Jian froze momentarily. However, Su Jian soon came back to his senses and said helplessly, “Get off my body already! You are very heavy!”

An Yize lips raised. He turned over and laid at his side.

Once he gained his freedom, Su Jian jumped to the other side of the bed immediately, distancing himself from An Yize.

Seeing that An Yize was not making any movement, Su Jian soon relaxed. However, after a moment, he suddenly realized: Why should I be afraid of this fellow? He was the one that forced a kiss on me! Thinking about this point, he suddenly came to a realisation—An Yize forced a kiss on him again!

Although it wasn’t as shocking as the first time, Su Jian was still enraged.

He couldn’t win An Yize in a fight, and neither could he scold him. Su Jian felt aggrieved. Thinking about it, he suddenly pounced over. While An Yize had yet to react, he lowered his head and bit An Yize’s lip.

An Yize: “……”

After successfully wounding An Yize and expecting that he would lose his image in front of everyone during his birthday party tomorrow, Su Jian’s anger was vented and he quickly fell asleep.

President An, whose lips was bitten, touched his slightly painful lips. He couldn’t sleep for the night.


Su Jian saw the wound on An Yize’s lip after waking up the next morning. Additionally, he also saw two dark circles under An Yize’s eyes. Su Jian thought: An Yize is not doing well. He felt relieved!

After breakfast, in order to prevent a misunderstanding like the previous time, Su Jian explained before everyone else got suspicious. “Yesterday night, while An Yize was eating, he actually bit his mouth. He is so careless!”

An Yize looked at him silently and didn’t say anything.

However, An Yirou stared at his brother’s lips meaningfully. “Third brother, just how did you eat to be able to bit your upper lips?” After speaking, she even stuck out her teeth to test it out.

An Yize still remained silent.

An Yirou felt that she understood.

By their side, the An parents looked at each other and roughly understood.

Thus, father An gave a small cough and said lovingly, “Xiao Jian…”

Su Jian hastily answered but suddenly had a bad omen.

Indeed, father An continued, “Seeing that you and Xiao Ze are so loving, we feel rest assured. Now that we are talking about this, when do the two of you intend to have a child?”

Su Jian: “……”


Su Jian, who was still shocked about needing to have a child was still out of his mind when An Yirou called him.

“Third sister-in-law, Uncle Wang said that your dress and jewelry have arrived in your room. Won’t you take a look?” An Yirou said with a smile.

“What?” Su Jian was a little ignorant. “What dress and jewelry?”

“It’s for third brother’s birthday party tonight!” An Yirou smiled, “I have heard that third brother personally chose everything for you!”

Su Jian was totally unaware of this, so he was pulled by An Yirou into the room.

While they were walking, An Yirou said, “Later on, a stylist will be coming over. Speaking of which, I’m looking forward to seeing how third sister-in-law will look like when you wear the dress. I wonder what type of dress third brother chose for you.”

After a while, the stylist really came. He helped Su Jian with his makeup and his hairstyle.

Though Su Jian was unwilling in his heart, he could only sit obediently to let the stylist do his job.

Fortunately, the result was good. Su Jian looked at himself in the mirror and raised his brows. The girl in the mirror with long and slightly curled hair dressed in a white yarn dress also showed a weird expression.

Su Jian turned around and at this moment, the door was opened. Su Jian tilted his head slightly to look, but he saw An Yize walking in.

Lifting his eyes to look over, An Yize’s sight paused.

The stylist by the side smiled, “I wonder, how does third young master think about it?”

An Yize’s sight landed on Su Jian. He said, “Not bad.”

The stylist smiled and retreated. The room was left to An Yize and Su Jian.

An Yize did not look away and kept looking at Su Jian. Su Jian felt uncomfortable under his stare. He retreated unconsciously. However, that one step caused him to stagger.

I really admire the majority of females. Just how do they walk as if they are flying when they wear high heels! Su Jian complained in his heart.

An Yize went forward immediately to support him and asked with concern, “What’s wrong? Are the heels not fitting?”

Su Jian shook his head. “No. The heels are too high. I’m not used to it.”

An Yize said, “You should be able to get used to it after awhile, but still be careful.”

Su Jian moved his legs and worriedly asked, “What if I fall down in at the party?”

An Yize replied, “Just stand back up.”

Su Jian: “……”

Looking at the round eyes staring at him, An Yize couldn’t control his smile. “It’s okay. I will help you then.”

Su Jian thought: Humph! This is your birthday party anyway! If I fall, it’s your face that will be lost!

Thinking like this, Su Jian was no longer worried. An Yize rubbed his hair gently and asked, “Do you like it?”

Su Jian was stunned. “Like what?”

An Yize held his shoulder and gently turned him around to face the mirror. “Do you like the clothes?”

Su Jian coughed lightly. “I feel that the necklace looks the best!” In actuality, not only the necklace, but he also felt that the earrings and bracelet were beautiful. This was because you could tell that they were very expensive with one glance!

An Yize held his shoulder from behind. Looking at him in the mirror, An Yize smiled, “It’s good that you like it.”

After hesitating for a moment, Su Jian couldn’t control himself and asked, “Will all these belong to me after the party?”

An Yize smiled, “Naturally.”

Immediately, a large smile appeared on Su Jian’s face. Turning around, he faced An Yize and said, “Yize, thank you!”

Looking at the little girl’s bright eyes, An Yize’s heart softened. Looking down, he noticed the other’s empty finger and remembered an important matter. He took out a small velvet box. A simple and elegant ring could be seen in it after opening the box.

An Yize pulled Su Jian’s left hand over and carefully slipped the ring onto his ring finger.

When he was done putting on the ring, Su Jian withdrew his hand with a “whiz”. He held his hand in front of his face and observed it carefully.

This ring looks very expensive as well….

Su Jian asked happily, “Is this for me as well?”

An Yize replied, “This is our wedding ring.” Saying so, he raised his left hand. On his ring finger was a wedding ring of the same design.

Su Jian unconsciously stretched out his hand and placed it on An Yize’s hand for comparison. He thought: A male ring is still the best, it looks so much bigger!

An Yize took the chance to hold his hand.

Su Jian froze. “What are you doing?”

An Yize held his hand and headed out. “The party is starting, let’s go.”


The An’s family status in the city was not low. An Yize was the third young master of the An family, as well as the president of CMI. Thus, many guests attended his 30th birthday party.

The guests consisted of people from major companies that worked with CMI as well as important figures that had a personal friendship with An Yize. Additionally, there were sons and daughters of families that were friends of the An family.

Su Jian did not know anyone. However, when he saw Ji Yan, his eyes lit up.

To think that they could even invite Queen Ji. An Yize sure is highly regarded! Su Jian remembered that Ji Yan was An Yize’s idol. Thinking about the fact that An Yize could actually invite his idol to his house for his birthday party, Su Jian was once again renewed of his understanding of a “rich man”.

When the party started, as usual, there was a talk. Su Jian did not pay attention to what An Yize said. His two eyes kept looking at Ji Yan.

He wasn’t sure if Ji Yan would perform for that old manAn Yize, but maybe she’d sing a song. However, he still planned out everything. He would ask for Ji Yan’s autograph later. For such a famous celebrity, this was such a rare chance! However, he did not have an autograph book with him, and neither did he have Ji Yan’s picture. Looks like he would have to remember to ask the housekeeper uncle to print a few pictures of Ji Yan later!

Su Jian was thinking whether he should print five or ten pictures when he suddenly heard An Yize’s voice. “Jian Jian?”

Su Jian came back to his senses. He looked over and saw An Yize smiling, holding his hand out towards him.

Are we going to start dancing? Su Jian was a little ignorant. He subconsciously took his hand.

With a pull, Su Jian’s waist was hugged by An Yize.

Su Jian looked up slightly. An Yize was also looking down at him. His voice was as gentle as his eyes. “Don’t be afraid, leave everything to me.”

Su Jian placed one hand on his shoulder, while his other rested obediently in An Yize’s hand. He strictly and softly reminded, “Remember to hold me tight later. I’m still not used to the heels, I’m worried that I will fall!”

An Yize nodded his head silently.

The two began to dance with the melodious music and the guests watched.

Deep within his heart, Su Jian was still a little nervous. After all, other than the time where his teacher painted his face red during Children’s Day when he was in primary school and made him perform, he had never performed in front of someone else ever since.

Su Jian counted the beat in his heart. “In—In—Out—”

He was dancing seriously and carefully, so he did not notice the originally small distance between him and An Yize gradually become smaller.

“Jian Jian, look at me,” An Yize suddenly said.

Su Jian looked up at him ignorantly. The other person’s eyes were dark and deep, and he could vaguely see his own shadow.

An Yize’s head suddenly stooped down.

Su Jian was surprised and struggled instinctively. However, An Yize suppressed his struggle. At the same time, An Yize held his tongue.

Su Jian: “……”

Fortunately, Su Jian remembered that there were still people around. Everyone was still looking at them—Your mom! Why did An Yize not pay attention to this! Forget about being kissed privately, he’s now kissing in public….

Su Jian wept without tears, but he couldn’t did not resist in the slightest—How unlucky to have to act lovingly!

Su Jian’s body turned stiff, but he ultimately closed his eyes obediently.

Then, he felt the hand holding his waist slightly tighten.

Initially, Su Jian was still thinking: I can’t keep letting An Yize kiss me repeatedly. Looks like I have to charge An Yize for special actions… However, after a while, Su Jian felt his body soften and his mind was dazed.

The soft music flowed by his body, as if softening the whole place. There were many people around him, looking. However, Su Jian gradually could no longer feel them. His hand slowly moved up to hug An Yize’s neck.

How should I say this? This feels…quite comfortable….

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