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Chapter 45: You Really Don’t Have Much Experience Gifting A Birthday Present To A Man!

Even though it was a long and winding road, Su Jian finally danced in a somewhat acceptable manner under An Yize’s perseverance.

After practicing one more time, Su Jian raised his eyes and looked at An Yize. “How was it?”

An Yize nodded, “Not bad.”

Su Jian said confidently, “I really have a gift for dancing!”

An Yize: “……”

Before bed, Su Jian suddenly thought of a problem.

“Speaking of it, don’t I have to prepare a gift for you for your 30th birthday?”

An Yize shot him a glance. “What do you think?”

Su Jian felt a little down. “Alright… But I don’t know what I should give you.”

An Yize’s expression softened. “As long as it carries your good intentions, it’ll be fine.”

Su Jian pondered for a bit, then asked, “What do others tend to give you? Like, your parents or something?”

An Yize thought back for a moment. “Mom and Dad gave me some real estate last year.”

Su Jian: “……”

When he was faced with Su Jian’s prolonged silence, An Yize was surprised. “Jian Jian?”

Su Jian responded, “I was just calculating how long it is until my birthday.”

An Yize replied, “It’ll be a few months. Why?”

Su Jian replied, “Will you give me a present for my birthday as well?”

An Yize nodded. “What would you like?”

Su Jian replied, “I don’t want anything at all. Look, why don’t we do this? Since I have to give you something, and you will be giving me something, going back and forth like this seems so troublesome! Why don’t we get a strip of paper and write the word “present” on it? On your birthday, I’ll gift it to you. When it’s my birthday, you can return it to me. Then neither of us will owe the other. It’ll be economical and advantageous for both of us! How awesome!”

An Yize: “……”


Su Jian felt that it was a good idea, but An Yize vehemently disagreed. Not only was he against it, he looked a bit unhappy.

Su Jian felt a little down. In fact, he specifically really didn’t have any experience in buying a birthday present for a man. In the past, on his close bros’ birthdays, everyone would just get together to eat something, sing some songs, or go to an escape room or something. They pretty much didn’t give gifts. Yet, he had to give An Yize a gift. It was actually pretty difficult. Besides, An Yize had received birthday gifts previously that were so extravagant, how could he, who was temporarily unemployed and had to depend on An Yize’s support, be able to afford it?

He couldn’t think of a good solution by himself so Su Jian went to get advice from An Yirou.

When An Yirou understood what he was asking, she enthusiastically said, “Don’t worry, third sister-in-law! Just let me handle the problem of a gift. I’ll definitely pick a gift that third brother will like for you!”

Su Jian felt at ease. He pondered over it then shamefully directed, “Um, don’t make it too expensive. Your third brother said that the most important thing was good intention.”

An Yirou said happily, “I understand. Third sister-in-law, just wait for the good news!”


Not long thereafter, An Yize’s 30th birthday arrived.

The night before, Su Jian especially picked a calming novel to read.

An Yize noticed the late hour then looked at the person on the other side of the bed who was engrossed in her phone. He frowned then said quietly, “Jian Jian. It’s late. You’re not going to go to bed?”

Su Jian turned towards him with sparkling eyes. “Aren’t you up as well?”

An Yize reached out and took the phone from his hands. “I’m going to sleep soon. You should sleep, too.”

Su Jian protested. He propped himself up to snatch it back. An Yize shifted his arm and Su Jian lost his balance. He fell onto An Yize’s body.

At that moment, their eyes met.

An Yize’s breathing sped up while Su Jian just blinked.

“Yize, look at the time quickly!”

An Yize’s entire attention was focused on the softness on his body. He stared blankly before coming back to his senses. He silently bent his elbow and looked at the phone in his hand.

It was almost midnight… As soon as he heard Su Jian speak, the phone was quickly snatched back by Su Jian.

Su Jian who had successfully snatched the phone looked at the screen. When he saw the neat, even 00:00 on the screen, his eyes happily started to curve in a smile.

“Uncle An,” he leaned over slightly and beamed at An Yize, “Happy 30th birthday!”

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