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Chapter 44: You Want To Teach Me How To Dance?

Uncle An took Su Jian to the restaurant that was exclusively for those at higher levels at the company with a dark expression. Su Jian happily ordered a mix of his favorite dishes. In passing, he asked An Yize, “Do you want to order?”

Then without waiting for An Yize to answer, he happily said, “You just ate so much, you’re probably full. Let me help you enjoy, then!”

An Yize: “……”

He was just happily eating when another person suddenly arrived. Su Jian looked up and realized that Ji Mingfei had come over.

“I just finished working and came over to eat. I didn’t expect you would also be here.” Ji Mingfei sounded so honest as if he hadn’t accidentally heard through the grapevine that his majesty carried the empress to eat at the restaurant and came over to observe with the gossip in mind.

Su Jian eagerly said, “Then let’s eat together!”

Ji Mingfei sat down at the two-person table. He laughingly said, “Alright!”

Su Jian saw that An Yize was in a bad mood then saw how warmly Ji Mingfei smiled at An Yize. He then said discreetly, “You guys just chat amongst yourselves! I won’t hold you back! Just pretend I don’t exist!”

Ji Mingfei stared blankly. However, An Yize knew that Su Jian probably was reading too much into it. When he thought of Su Jian’s opinion that he was “homosexual”, An Yize felt his chest start to get stuffy again.

Ji Mingfei grinned, “When I chat with Yize at the office, we only talk about work. It’s not easy for us to get together in leisure so I don’t want to chat anymore!”

Only talking about work and not feelings… A bellyful of love can only be stored in the heart. The lover is nearby but cannot be embraced. Contrived melodrama has always been heartbreaking! Su Jian was silently moved by gay-friend Ji’s bitter tragedy and sent a sympathetic glance towards gay-friend Ji.

Having begun to be able to understand his glances, president An’s mouth twitched.

Completely unaware that he had already been labeled as a miserable gay guy secretly in love with his friend, Ji Mingfei was still giddily laughing. He started conversing with Su Jian. “I just saw sister-in-law help Linda and them fix their computers. Does sister-in-law have an interest in that area?”

Su Jian said carelessly, “It’s alright.”

Ji Mingfei smiled, “Other than those studying computer science, I haven’t met many girls who can fix their own computers. Sister-in-law is amazing!”

Su Jian modestly replied, “You flatter me.”

The two of them started talking eagerly. Throughout the course of their conversation, Su Jian discovered that he and gay-friend Ji were very compatible. Not only did gay-friend Ji have some insight into IT, he also liked the same sports teams. The two of them chatted while eating, talking about science and technology all the way to sports to the general welfare of people to gossip. They chatted rather happily.

President An was expressionless. From beginning to end, he was the very figure of a silent, beautiful man.

Right as he shoved in the last mouthful of rice and was about to respond to Ji Mingfei, Su Jian suddenly felt his throat close up and a wave of nausea rushed over him. He hurriedly covered his mouth then leaned his body over to the side.

After covering his mouth and retching a few times, Su Jian felt his stomach protest. He stood up and said to the two men, “I’m going to the bathroom now!”

An Yize gave him directions to the bathroom and frowned with concern in his eyes. Ji Mingfei looked towards the direction of Su Jian’s back as she ran towards the bathroom. He put his hand on his chin thoughtfully.

“Sister-in-law couldn’t be…pregnant, right?” Ji Mingfei looked towards An Yize.

The quiet beautiful man immediately became a quiet beautiful man with a dark expression.

Seeing the other’s unhappy expression, Ji Mingfei understood. “Even now, you guys haven’t…”

An Yize replied, “We’re not really a couple.”

Ji Mingfei silently sighed, Virgin men are the death of me, but said out loud, “What do you really think of her?”

An Yize didn’t say anything.

Ji Mingfei understood and patted his shoulder. “Since you like her, then sex her up! Right now she is your lawfully wedded wife. You naturally are the most qualified!”

An Yize couldn’t help but think of that night that he had been pleasantly surprised and full of thoughts of starting anew before that word ‘mom’ stabbed him in the heart like a bolt out of the blue, keeping him up all night.

Ji Mingfei said, “Since you like her, then tell her clearly. In the past, you only knew how to wait for Ji Yan, but a good woman isn’t one you wait for. If you like a woman, then you need to show some initiative and chase her!”

An Yize replied, “Jian Jian, she…I’m worried that if I tell her, she will avoid me.” When he thought of how Su Jian had said in earnest to “promise to definitely not fall in love with one another,” An Yize felt a bit worried.

Ji Mingfei stared blankly at him. “If that’s so, then don’t say anything. Just directly use actions to express your feelings!”

An Yize asked, “What actions?”

Ji Mingfei laughed, “Women typically fantasize about being a princess, hoping to ultimately meet their own prince. Your Su-girly—with one look, I can tell that she’s the type of young, obedient girl who has that type of princess fantasy. You should work hard at making her wish a reality! Aren’t you going to have a 30th birthday dinner party in a few days? At that time, make her into your princess, turn yourself into her prince…she will definitely start to feel the first stirrings of love!”


Naturally, Su Jian didn’t know what they had schemed so he was a bit surprised hearing An Yize ask him if he knew how to dance while they were lying in bed.

“What kind of dance?”

“Waltz. You know how?”

“…No.” Su Jian became curious. “Why do you suddenly ask this?”

An Yize replied, “In a few days, there will be a dinner party. I need you to dance with me then.”

Su Jian was awkwardly astonished. “What kind of dinner party requires me to dance with you? His expression became pitiful. “Is it okay if I don’t participate?”

An Yize said woodenly, “It’s my 30th birthday dinner party. You have to attend.”

Su Jian opened his eyes wide, “Ah! You haven’t turned 30 yet?!”

Recently having become more sensitive about age, Uncle An’s face darkened. “…Not yet.”

Su Jian silently sighed in his mind: The wealthy are really wealthy. Turning 30 warrants a huge dinner party. Then, he asked, wincing, “What do I do if I don’t know how to?”

An Yize asked, “Then what do you know?”

Su Jian tried to recall the time when he was in high school and he skipped self-study. He coincidentally saw a bunch of seniors square dancing. Thus, in a fit of boredom, he also danced along. In the end, he was so into it that he almost became best friends with the elderly man dancing next to him. When he thought of that past, he said, “In the past I’ve…line-danced before.”

An Yize shook his head. “Forget it. I’ll find a teacher to teach you tomorrow.”


The next day was a Sunday. Su Jian started waiting as soon as he woke up. Finally, he waited until after lunch, but he still didn’t see the teacher that An Yize had mentioned.

Su Jian went to find An Yize. “Didn’t you say that there was going to be a teacher coming to teach me how to dance?”

An Yize pulled him towards the piano room with an ‘en’.

Su Jian curiously asked, “Has the teacher already arrived?” But when he entered the huge piano room, he discovered that other than a huge grand piano, there was not a sign of anyone else. He disappointedly said, “I don’t see anyone!”

An Yize said tersely, “Me.”

At first, Su Jian froze. Then as understanding began to filter through his brain, he glared as he said, “The teacher you mentioned was yourself? You are going to teach me how to dance?”

An Yize emitted another ‘en’.

Su Jian turned to leave. Your mom! He thought he was going to greet a gorgeous, graceful beauty, but he would never have thought that the one he was waiting for was An Yize: a coarse man of tall stature! His interest immediately waned.

However, An Yize held him back.

Su Jian wasn’t able to struggle free and could only try to find another avenue of escape. “Does it have to be me who dances with you? Can’t you dance with Xiao Rou?”

An Yize continued to be terse. “No.”

Su Jian gloomily stated, “If I dance poorly, it’s your reputation that is going to get harmed!”

An Yize calmly replied, “And your reputation too.”

Su Jian: “……”

Since he couldn’t run away, Su Jian stopped struggling. He spread his arms and said with all the righteousness of a martyr, “Come at me!”

An Yize grabbed his waist and held his hand.

“Put your other hand on my shoulder,” An Yize reminded.

Su Jian tried the position but felt a bit awkward. He thought for a moment then suddenly dragged An Yize by his arm. He rushed forward with a hot-blooded posture akin to a ‘revolutionary youth fighting forward’.

An Yize: “……”

Su Jian suddenly had an epiphany. “Eh? I say! Do we have to dance the waltz? It’s so tacky! I think at your birthday dinner party, if we can dance a more elegant dance, it would definitely raise the wow factor!”

An Yize repeated slowly, “elegant?”

Su Jian excitedly replied, “Yes! Like…Like a Uighur dance or something!” He imagined An Yize wearing a small hat dancing an Uighur dance in front of everyone. Su Jian felt that this idea should be ‘liked’ 32 times!

An Yize nodded, “Okay.”

Su Jian stared blankly, then his face lit up. “Really?”

An Yize made an ‘en’ sound: “As long as you are willing to dance it.”

Su Jian: “…”

Since he couldn’t escape from his fate, Su Jian could only be resigned to learn from An Yize.

An Yize was a very patient teacher, but Su Jian was an irritable student.

After stepping on An Yize’s foot once more, Su Jian quit. “I think I should change teachers! Your feet are too big and keep getting in my way!”

An Yize: “……”

Su Jian asked, “Who else at home knows how to dance this?”

An Yize replied, “My mom.”

Su Jian: “……”

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