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Chapter 43: I Am Currently Your Spouse, Shouldn’t You Take Full Responsibility For Me?

Su Jian’s persistence bore fruit—The centremost lady at the reception desk brought him to the floor where the president’s office resided.

However, under the strict interrogation of An Yize’s chief secretary Linda, he had no choice but to reveal his identity.

“Uh, I’m actually your president An’s…spouse, specially here to bring him lunch.” Facing the refined and intelligent beauty, Linda, Su Jian honestly revealed his identity. At the same time, he was silently envious of his spouse’s luck with girls.

The secretaries in president An’s office were all surprised. Linda was the fastest to react, immediately smiling gently and decently. “Hello ma’am, the president is currently discussing some work with director Ji. Do you wish to wait or…”

Director Ji? Gay friend Ji? Su Jian said hurriedly, “No worries, I will wait!”

Linda smiled, “Then, ma’am, please take a rest over here first.”

Su Jian nodded his head. Linda asked about what Su Jian liked, then she personally made a cup of tea for Su Jian.

Su Jian picked up the cup of tea and acted in a dignified manner. However, he felt forced in his heart. He silently thought: Actually, what I want to drink the most right now is coke. But facing this high-level beauty, a cup of tea seems to add more points….

Fiddling with the cup’s lid, the president’s wife started his cordial talk with the president’s secretary. The president’s wife first expressed his kind greeting to the secretaries, then she asked in detail about the secretaries’ working conditions. The president’s wife showed great concern for the secretaries and spoke highly of the secretaries’ contribution to the president and the company’s development. The president’s wife gave her heartfelt thanks to the secretaries for their many years of concern and dedication for the president’s work development and health. The president’s wife expressed that, with the secretaries’ assistance, the president’s working condition and the company would definitely improve to greater heights.

As the president’s wife asked, the president’s secretary explained some of the basic work that the president did. Both parties also exchanged views about the president that everyone had in common. Their discussion was carried out in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. Both parties reached a consensus that it would be better if the president smiled more, and that boiled, sliced meat was the most delicious type of food.

Thus, when Ji Mingfei pushed open the door of the president’s office and came out, what he saw was Su Jian chatting enjoyably with the president’s secretaries and assistants.

“Sister-in-law?” Ji Mingfei was stunned. At the same time, he looked instinctively at An Yize who was in the room, looking down at his work. As for An Yize who had heard his addressing, his eyebrows suddenly furrowed and he stood up quickly.

When president An walked out, what he saw was an unexpected scene: his wife who should have been obediently resting at home, had tied up her hair into a ponytail. Wearing a small pink dress, she was currently sitting cross-legged on a mat on the floor. Her hair was slightly messy and her face was flushed. Holding onto the CPU, she was talking to someone while helping her fix her computer.

An Yize: “……”

As he heard the secretaries addressing “president” respectfully, Su Jian turned around as well, using his hands to wipe off the sweat on his face along the way.

Just now, he was having a very enjoyable chat with the beautiful secretary. Coincidentally, another beauty’s computer had a small problem. He ignored the other’s decline and earnestly requested to help her fix her computer. He himself had learned the computer. In the past, while he was still in school, in order to gain likes from girls, he would earnestly help them fix their computers. However, no matter how many computers he fixed, he never gained any girls, making him feel very disheartened. Now that a beauty needed help, he went up to help the beauty instinctively.

An Yize’s eyebrows involuntarily twitched when he saw the filth staining Su Jian’s face when he wiped it with his hand. “Jian Jian? Why are you here?”

Coincidentally, he had just finished his job. After helping the beauty fix the computer casing, he stood up and patted himself twice. His round eyes carefully observed An Yize. When he saw that An Yize’s condition seemed to be fine, he quickly brought out the thermal lunch box. “I’m here to deliver your food!”

He looked at the large thermal lunch box in front of him, then he looked at the earnest yet dirty small face. An Yize was momentarily silent. By their side, Ji Mingfei timely said, “Hello sister-in-law, we meet again!”

“Hello gay… Mr. Ji!” Su Jian returned his greeting. When he saw Ji Mingfei looking at the thermal lunch box, he could only politely carry on his greeting. “Have you eaten?”

“Haha, not yet. But I still have something to do, so I need to finish that first.” After he finished speaking, he glanced at An Yize with a smile. Then, he said to Su Jian, “Sister-in-law, I will head back to work.”

“Oh, okay!”

Director Ji left while all the secretaries and assistants had also gone back to their seats silently long ago and started working earnestly without caring about anything else. In an instant, only An Yize and Su Jian were left standing in front of the door, looking at each other.

Finally, president An quietly sighed. He held Su Jian’s hand and pulled him into his office.

While Su Jian obediently let himself be pulled, he looked around curiously. An Yize’s office is indeed luxurious. Look at the huge french window, look at the leather sofa that you can tell is expensive in one look, look at the stylish office table, and look at the painting that will give you streams of consciousness!

An Yize placed the thermal lunch box onto the table. Turning around, he was slightly stunned when he saw that Su Jian looked different from her usual self: her hair was up in a ponytail and he could tell that her delicate face had no makeup on with just one glance. But when he saw the dirt on Su Jian’s face, he came back to his senses. He took out his handkerchief and helped the other person wipe away the dirt. He said to Su Jian, “There’s a shower room inside. Go in and take a bath first.”

Your mom, this clean freak is so unbearable!  This surnamed An guy, are you still a man! Does your mom know that you love cleanliness so much? Su Jian silently cursed in his heart, but he didn’t dare to rebuke him, because he saw the stains on An Yize’s handkerchief.

Su Jian went into the shower room obediently. He removed his clothes rapidly and quickly bathed himself. Then, he suddenly realised a very important problem: Your mom, I don’t have a change of clothes! I could wear the clothes I had just removed, but that clean freak An will definitely not allow me to!

After deliberating for a while, Su Jian had no choice but to wrap himself with a bath towel before coming out of the shower room.

An Yize looked up when he heard the door opening: “……”

Su Jian held the towel. With his wet hair hanging loosely, he walked barefooted towards An Yize. “Hey, do you have any clothes? Lend me one first!”

An Yize’s throat moved. His sight faintly moved from the bare collarbone to underneath the bath towel.

Su Jian felt a little embarrassed. He clarified unhappily, “I’ve worn my undergarments!” Those are worn inside anyway and aren’t dirtied. After thinking so just now, he had then worn those important pieces of clothing.

An Yize: “……”

He quietly stood up and silently walked into the lounge in the office. After a while, An Yize took a white shirt out.

Su Jian lifted his hand, wanting to remove the towel to change into the shirt. However, when he noticed An Yize’s deep stare, he suddenly realized what he was doing. Thus, he took the shirt and entered the lounge.

An Yize took the chance and went out. He quietly ordered chief secretary Linda to buy a set of inner and outerwear of Su Jian’s size immediately.

The chief secretary acted according to the orders immediately. Her expression was righteous and respectful, obedient and obeying.

However, once she entered the lift, the refined and intelligent chief secretary had some chaotic thoughts: The two of them only entered for a short while, his majesty’s speed seems a bit too fast….

After changing into An Yize’s shirt, Su Jian came out. An Yize looked up and his throat involuntarily clenched once again. His shirt looked much bigger when it was worn by this little girl, hanging down till her thighs. Under the shirt were two straight slender legs….

An Yize unconsciously lifted his hand to hold his slightly itchy nose.

“Come here.” An Yize forced himself to look at Su Jian’s face when he saw the white shirt getting wet because of her wet hair. It was becoming slightly transparent and started to reveal what was underneath the shirt. However, his voice still had a trace of hoarseness that was mixed in unconsciously.

Su Jian walked barefooted towards the sofa that An Yize was sitting on. He straightened his leg naturally, overlapping his other leg onto the coffee table in front of him.

An Yize had intended on saying something, but he was caught off guard by the little girl’s bold posture and instantly forgot what he wanted to say. “……”

Usually at home, he had met An Yize too many times when he came out of the bathroom with wet hair while in his pajamas. Thus, Su Jian was already used to it. When he saw An Yize staring at him with deep eyes, he didn’t think much about it and only asked, “What’s wrong?”

An Yize coughed lightly. “Why are you not blowing your hair dry again?”

Su Jian’s mood was good when he saw An Yize speaking to himself normally, not ignoring him coldly like this morning. Thus, he spoke less reservedly and laughed. “I am currently your spouse, shouldn’t you take full responsibility for me? You’re also responsible for my hair!”

An Yize’s eyes deepened: “Where else am I responsible for?”

With a smile, Su Jian said, “Only my hair.”

A trace of smile appeared in An Yize’s eye as well. Accepting his fate, he went into the shower room and took out the hairdryer to help Su Jian blow his hair.

Su Jian sat obediently to let him blow his hair. Then, his sight happened to land onto the thermal lunch box on the table. He exclaimed, “You have not eaten yet!” After he finished speaking, he pushed away An Yize’s hand and went to carry the box over.

Although the office floor was well-cleaned, when he saw Su Jian running around barefooted, An Yize still furrowed his eyebrows. Pondering for a moment, he stood up and went to order his assistant to go and buy a pair of female slippers immediately.

When he came back, Su Jian pushed the lunch box towards him. “Quickly eat up!”

An Yize opened the lunch box. “Why did you suddenly think of sending me lunch?”

Su Jian did not want to admit that he was here to apologize, so he said, “Aren’t we currently acting like a loving couple? Sending you lunch is very normal!”

An Yize: “…Good performance, continue putting in more effort.”

Who’s going to put in more effort for you? Su Jian silently cursed. When he saw An Yize picking up the chopsticks to eat, he couldn’t control himself and asked, “Does it taste good?”

An Yize turned around to look at him. “What answer would you like to hear?”

Su Jian stared at him. “There are other answers?”

An Yize couldn’t help but raise his lips, his voice turning gentler as well. “It’s good.”

Su Jian was satisfied. Shaking his feet, he urged, “Then eat faster! It will turn cold soon!”

Seeing An Yize eating focusedly, Su Jian’s mood was great. Thinking for a moment, he suddenly asked, “Yize, what do you like to eat?”

An Yize lifted his head to look at him.

Su Jian continued, “Although Uncle Wang told me a few, I still felt that I should ask you personally. After all, we need to act as a loving couple. This is something I should know.”

However, when An Yize heard his words, he suddenly felt that the tasty food in his mouth had somehow turned bad.

After a moment of silence, president An said, “You should discover this yourself.”

This is clearly accusing me for not being dedicated to my work! Su Jian was not convinced. “Then do you know what I like to eat?

“I know.” Without hesitation, An Yize said a long list of vegetables, fruit, and food names.

Su Jian: “……”

“How did you know?” Su Jian asked after recovering from his shock.

An Yize: “Because I’m your husband.”

Although Su Jian put up an unwilling to admit defeat expression, his heart had a strange sense of warmth.

Thus, the question that came after was asked more gently. “Were you tired because of me last night?”

An Yize stiffened. He turned around and look at him silently.

Su Jian saw that he had obvious eye bags under his eyes. He carefully asked, “You really didn’t sleep for the whole night?”

An Yize’s expression seemed to have worsened. He didn’t say anything.

Su Jian felt bad in his heart. He said honestly, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know I would do that when I’m drunk……”

An Yize suddenly asked, “Do what when you’re drunk?”

Su Jian felt embarrassed. “…Actually, I have completely forgotten.”

Su Jian felt that after he finished his sentence, An Yize’s expression seemed to have worsened further.

After a moment of silence, An Yize said, “You are not allowed to drink again in the future!”

“Why?” Su Jian was a little unhappy.

An Yize looked at him faintly. “Your drunken behavior is bad.”

Su Jian was curious now: “Just what did I do last night?” He remembered that during his university days, when he had broken up with his girlfriend who he had dated for less than two days, he felt hurt. So he went out with his dorm brothers to have some alcohol to forget about his troubles. Afterwards, a few of his brothers told him that when he was drunk, he mistook one of the dorm brothers as his girlfriend. He hugged him, crying and shouting that he wouldn’t break up. He had even bitten that person’s face!

As he thought of that, Su Jian turned silent in horror: Don’t tell me I did that to An Yize last night? Then wouldn’t An Yize try to bite me back! He quickly studied An Yize’s face carefully. Only after seeing that president’s An face was still bright, clean, and free of any teeth marks did Su Jian secretly breathe out a sigh of relief.

However, An Yize did not answer his question. He only said, “Your alcohol tolerance is very low and will get drunk easily. What will you do if you get drunk and meet someone bad?”

Su Jian replied smoothly. “Don’t I have you?”

An Yize: “……”

Although he didn’t know why, Su Jian felt that An Yize’s expression seemed to have improved.

Su Jian continued, “If you’re drunk, I will also take care of you!” I won’t be as petty as you!

An Yize calmly said, “I was never drunk.”

Su Jian choked when he heard that. Unwilling to admit defeat, he thought: What’s so great about that! I, your father, also had great alcohol tolerance back then! He considered trying to make An Yize drunk. He felt that if An Yize was drunk, his drunken act might actually be much more terrible than his. For example, he might even do a Hula dance.

Su Jian silently imagined what An Yize would look like doing a Hula dance. Meanwhile, An Yize had quietly finished the lunch that he had brought over.

When Su Jian came back to his senses, he noticed that the lunch box was completely empty. He was a little surprised as well as a little pleased. Just when he wanted to praise his own cooking, his stomach suddenly growled with a “gugu”.

An Yize paused for a moment, his eyebrows furrowing. “What’s wrong, you haven’t had your lunch?”

Su Jian replied, “I wasn’t that hungry earlier, so I didn’t eat.” However, after watching you eat so pleasantly, I’m suddenly a little hungry.

An Yize said instantly, “Then go and eat now.”

Su Jian’s eyes lit up. “Does your company have a staff canteen?”

An Yize replied with knitted eyebrows, “It does…”

Su Jian asked, “Then can I eat there?”

An Yize answered, “…Yes.”


Su Jian changed into the clothes that Linda had bought and wore the shoes that he had worn earlier. After tidying his hair, he followed An Yize into the lift and headed down.

Noticing that An Yize had been holding his hand this entire time, Su Jian struggled a bit. “Why do you keep holding my hand? It’s not like I can’t walk on my own!”

An Yize: “Because I’m your spouse, I should take full responsibility for you.”

Su Jian: “……”

An Yize held Su Jian’s hand and walked towards the canteen. Along the way, the employees greeted him. At the same time, they secretly sized up the person beside him. When An Yize and Su Jian had walked far enough, they excitedly started gossiping quietly.

Sadly, in a moment of excitement, an unlucky employee accidentally spoke too loudly and exceeded the safe volume. Thus, Su Jian could faintly hear an excited voice. “Hey, who’s that person beside his majesty? Is she his majesty’s daughter? His Majesty’s daughter is already so big?”

Su Jian knew without saying who this “his majesty” was. Su Jian felt awkward when he heard the conversation. However, when he saw An Yize’s expression, he could not help but feel happy.

Su Jian smiled and called sweetly, “Uncle An, what kind of good food do you have here?”

An Yize: “……”

Author’s notes: I saw some of you saying that the progress is slow. However, this author is also helpless! Although the president is ready, with Jian Jian like this, other than slowly adapting, there is no other way! President is such a poor thing!

In order to compensate everyone, this author has completed a very progressive extra:

President An and Jian Jian finally had their great life event.

Su Jian looked at the pregnancy test kit in despair and mourned, “Yize, I’m pregnant!”

President An comforted him gently. “Don’t be upset, come here. I prefer a daughter more. Baby, what about you?”

Su Jian turned his body around and said dazedly, “An Yize, your daughter is crying. Quickly get up and feed her!”

President An said, “Jian Jian, let’s have another child!”

Jian Jian said, “Yize, just now, our son’s teacher just called. He said that our son had pulled another student’s pants, making that person cry. The teacher has asked us parents to go to school. As a father, this is a responsibility you cannot avoid! I won’t be sending you off!”

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